Android TV vs. Roku – Discover how you can smarten up your home

Whether you enjoy streaming content or gaming, you need to invest in a great device that will enhance your experience and give you value for your cash. Some of the streaming boxes that can manage these include Roku and Android TV.

Though Android TV and Roku are designed to do the same thing, they have many differences. Since these devices serve differing groups, you should understand your specific needs before choosing either of them. While Android TV is meant for power users, Roku fits most beginners. Read through our guide to find out how these two streaming boxes differ.

What are the differences between Roku and Android TV?

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Android TV vs. Roku – How do they compare


Do you love watching different movies and TV shows from time to time? If yes, you should focus on Roku. This is a device that focuses on offering you loads of content that you cannot exhaust. For instance, you can use Roku to access different streaming apps. This device also offers some small channels that are not available on Android TV. Therefore, it can prevent you from getting bored since you can always access any content at no additional cost. Roku has more content compared to Android TV.

User interface

The manufacturers of these two devices use differing approaches in terms of user interfaces. Roku tries to keeps the interface as straightforward as possible so that even a beginner will not struggle to operate it. The home screen portrays a list of the apps installed. Android TV, on the other hand, does not have a straightforward interface. Though it looks modern and visually appealing, it can confuse some beginners. The straightforward interface of Roku, therefore, makes it a better performer compared to Android TV.

Voice control features

Though both Roku and Android TV offers a voice feature, they have some differences. While Roku integrates with both Google Assistant and Alexa, Android TV comes with a built-in Google Assistant. The Google Assistant included in Android TV gives you a better experience since you can utilize it when you want to find out about the weather or control different smart home devices. Android TV, therefore, offers better voice control capabilities compared to Roku.

Android TV vs. Roku- A comparison overview

Android TV

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Android is one of the few operating systems that have managed to dominate the world of smart devices. Most tech-savvy people choose Android TV over other devices due to its excellent quality. You can use this device to access services such as Amazon Prime Video, Google play music, or Netflix. By giving you access to the Google Play app, Android TV allows you to find numerous apps. It also delivers large text so that you don’t have to keep on straining your eyes every time you navigate the apps.

Since Android TV works with Google Assistant, it enables you to control it with your voice. One of the things that make this streaming box stand out is the use of Chromecast technology. This gives you the ability to cast different videos from your smartphone. Android TV also supports various TV features, including HDR, Dolby Atmos, and 4K UltraHD.

For you to start using this device, you need a Google account. Most users like the straightforward setup process since it is not time-consuming. Once you have set it up and get to the home screen, you can now go through the interface as you use the included remote. This has different buttons that enable you to control the device. Since the remote contains a mic button, it facilitates a hands-free experience.

One of the unique features that Android TV comes with is the smart home commands. This gives you the ability to control various smart home devices as you please. If you enjoy playing particular games, you should consider purchasing an Android TV. This TV is equipped with Nvidia Shield, which makes it ideal for gaming.


  • Allows you to play different games
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • Offers 4K HD streaming
  • Allows you to cast content from different devices like a smartphone


  • It is expensive

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Android TV specs

Operating system
Android OS
FXNow, HBONOW, Disney, Hulu and Netflix
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality

Roku overview

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If you are not new to smart devices, you may be familiar with Roku. The company behind this brand has come up with different devices at a varying price point. Roku devices are not only readily available but also beginner-friendly. The Roku interface is all about personalization and simplicity. Roku offers a simple to navigate menu to help you organize different apps with ease and adjust various settings based on your preference. Roku also allows you to search for different TV shows and movies with ease.

You should not have any problem trying to access the Roku channel using the Roku device. If you are looking to watch numerous free TV episodes and movies, you should consider Roku since it has more than 10,000 of them. It also gives you the option of signing up for some premium content.

When you purchase Roku, your package comes with a remote that has the voice command option. You can use the remote to search for your preferred type of content or open different apps. If you want to enjoy enhanced capabilities, you should choose the Roku Ultra device. This model has a remote that contains the finder function, headphone jack, and shortcut buttons that you can program. You can therefore enjoy private listening while using Roku.

Some of the services Roku gives you access to include Sling TV, ESPN+, Netflix, and Hulu. Unfortunately, you should not expect any small home control functions from Roku. Despite this, the device offers 4K video streaming capabilities.


  • The remote has advanced features
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Delivers 4K streaming
  • It is pocket friendly
  • Integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Does not support Dolby Vision

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Roku specs

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu and Spotify
Operating system
Roku OS
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


Roku and Android TV are both excellent streaming boxes that keep many people entertained. They both receive a lot of praise from customers due to their outstanding performance. Despite this, Roku and Android TV have significant differences that make them target different groups of people.

Verdict: So, which is better? Android TV or Roku

After taking our time to compare these streaming boxes, we found out that both of them had their merits and drawbacks. Both devices captivate people’s attention because Roku has diverse content such as YouTube TV and is user-friendly, while Android TV has excellent voice control features. Based on our preferences, we choose Roku to be the winner since it is pocket-friendly, easy to use, has a voice control remote, and offers 4K and HDR functionality.


How can I set up Android TV?

If you have any Android device, you probably already have a Google account. You need to use this account to set you the Android TV.

Which games can you access using Android TV?

This streaming box allows you to access popular titles such as Final fantasy, Crossy Road, Airborne, and Grand Theft Auto. You can access such games via Google play store.

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