Apple TV vs. cable – Enjoy online entertainment

If you are a fan of watching various television shows, you have to choose a cable provider or streaming service. Both Apple TV and Cable can give you access to different channels such as Hulu and Netflix.

Though cable companies have been providing different services for years, many people nowadays like focusing on streaming players such as Apple TV. If you don’t know which option you should go for, this guide will help. Read on!

What are the differences between cable and Apple TV?

Apple TV
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Airplay feature
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Apple TV vs. cable- How do they compare?


The type of content you can access from Apple TV is somehow different from what Cable TV offers. Though both options have streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, iTunes services are only available on Apple TV and absent on cable TV. Apple TV focuses on offering on-demand programs, while cable focuses on live programming. Since most people prefer the comprehensive content on Apple TV, this streaming player is better than what cable companies offer.


Choosing Apple TV lets you enjoy the Airplay feature. This lets you can mirror content from a small device to a large screen and enjoy quality streaming.  The package of Apple TV also comes with a Siri remote that facilitates voice control. Not every cable TV incorporates such features into their digital boxes. Apple TV can, therefore, offer you a better streaming experience compared to cable.


One of the considerations you should make before choosing such devices is how convenient they are. Though Apple TV has a bulky design, it does not limit you so much in regards to location. You only require reliable internet to use this streaming player. On the other hand, cable TV is limiting since the companies that offer such services have strict geographic restrictions. You may not be able to obtain different cable services in particular small towns. Choosing Apple TV is, therefore, more convenient than cable.


One of the reasons many people are replacing cable with Apple TV is the difference in pricing. Apart from the initial cost, you have to pay for cable packages; you may incur high subscription costs over time. Since cable companies operating from different states have varying prices, you should research this before choosing cable TV. Though Apple TV is not the cheapest streaming device on the market, it is much cheaper than cable. With this streaming player, you don’t have to incur charges that keep going up every month. Apple TV has a more affordable cost than cable.

Apple TV vs. cable – A comparison overview

Apple TV

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Since Apple introduced Apple TV back in 2017, many people have been saving up for this set-top box. It is a highly ranked streaming device that can change how you watch your TV. This streaming device brings content from the internet to your TV. It incorporates different technologies includes HDR and 4K, to help you enjoy high-quality streaming.

It delivers rich and vibrant colors to boost your streaming experience. According to the manufacturer, Apple TV supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10. Through Apple TV, you can access even 4K movies through the iTunes store. This makes it unique since not many streaming devices give you access to iTunes. Even if you have never utilized any other streaming device before, you should not experience many difficulties with Apple TV. This is an easy to set up streamer that you can attach to your TV through the HDMI cable.

Since this streaming device contains a fusion chip, it delivers an excellent performance. With Apple TV, you don’t have to wait for long for apps to load. It is a fast streaming player that you can use without experiencing any lag issues. Apple TV not only includes a Gigabit Ethernet port but also a Siri remote that you can use to control your viewing.

The remote allows you to navigate the interface with ease and even access voice searches. If you enjoy playing different games, the available remote can also act as a game controller. Do you enjoy downloading content from the internet? If yes, this streaming player gives you enough space to download content and apps. It has a storage space of up to 64 GB.


  • Excellent CPU performance
  • Offers 4K and HDR support
  • Adequate storage capacity
  • Comes with Siri voice remote
  • Facilitates screen mirroring


  • Has a bulky design

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Apple TV specs

Operating system
Apple tvOS
Channels available
Arrow Video channel, BFIplayer classics, CBS All Access, Hallmax Movies Now, Netflix, Noggin
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


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Over the years, various cable companies have come up to offer services to people in various locations. When you choose to work with a cable company, you have to pay a lot of cash to access different channels. Cable companies have been offering different households in the US with video signals. They give one access to even local networks.

If you enjoy watching live programs, you should consider paying for cable services.  Most sports fans prefer cable since they can watch different matches live from the comfort of their homes. You will also enjoy the music channels and DVR service available through cable.

Many people who have been relying on Cable TV reveal that they enjoy enhanced programming. The cable channels are packaged together then delivered to homes via a digital box. Before you start thinking of cable services, you should know that these don’t work in all locations.

If you are in one of the big towns, you can easily find a suitable cable service provider to give you a good package. On the website of cable service providers, you should enter your zip code to see if you are eligible for cable TV. The service provider you select will then perform a professional installation as soon as you make the required payments.


  • Offers live programming
  • Numerous channels
  • DVR service


  • Relies on location
  • It is expensive

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Cable specs

Local broadcast from FOX, PBS, ABS, CBC and NBC, educational programs, sports programs, weather and local news
4K and HDR functionality
Limited to particular cable providers
YouTube TV


The internet is full of channels that you cannot get on a traditional TV without using certain services. Cable providers and streaming service providers promise to help you access all this content without visiting a cinema. You can choose to work with any cable company or go for a streaming device such as Apple TV.

Verdict: Apple TV vs. cable

After carefully comparing Apple TV against Cable, we understood why many people choose the streaming device. Though Cable TV has access to different content types, it cannot offer you the same streaming experience level as Apple TV. Choosing to work with a cable company can make you spend so much money in the long run. Apple TV, on the other hand, is cheaper and has more channels. We liked the advanced technologies used in this streaming player, excellent performance, and adequate storage capacity. All this compelled us to declare Apple TV as the clear winner.


Which companies offer cable services?

Some of the popular cable providers include Verizon, RCN, Comcast, and Cox.

What kind of interface does Apple TV have?

Most customers are impressed with the excellent interface used in this streaming player. It has an easy to navigate interface that contains sharp texts and vibrant images.

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