Xfinity vs Fios – which internet service provider will fully satisfy your internet needs

Xfinity vs Fios

We all look for the most affordable Internet Service providers who will deliver good internet connection throughout the month. Don’t we?

Xfinity and Fios are both internet service provider companies that will provide you with fast download speeds efficiently. Without doubt you will always enjoy a smooth streaming experience when you subscribe to either of these Internet Service Providers. In addition to this, they also have well thought data plans that got you covered for whatever purpose that you may need the internet for. This is because you will get reliable download speeds throughout their various data packages. Well, the good news is that even their premium packages are not as pricey as other internet service providers.

When to use Xfinity Internet Service Provider

Are you looking for an internet service provider that will offer you flexibility? If so, Xfinity might just be the solution for you. This is because it offers you a wide variety of data plans that you can choose from. Their data plans are also very affordable and at the same time deliver fast download speeds which means that you will definitely get good value for your money.

When to use Fios Internet Service Provider

This internet service provider is well known for their great and efficient customer service. They have really specialized on how to handle their clients which is a major selling point for their internet services. So this is definitely a good option to consider if you really value how internet service providers treat their subscribers.

Xfinity vs Fios Feature comparison

Xfinity (Winner)
No. of data plans
Price range
$29.99- $299.95
$39.99- $79.99
Download speeds
25Mbps – 2000Mbps
200Mbps- 940Mbps

How we evaluate Xfinity and Fios

These two internet service providers are similar in the sense that they all deliver internet services to your home. However, they do have a couple of features that differentiate them. Therefore, we follow a certain criteria in order to give you a detailed evaluation of both Xfinity and Fios Internet service providers:

  • of data packages– includes the variety of data plans offered by the internet service provider.
  • Cost– the amount of money you are supposed to pay to subscribe to their data plans.
  • Contract – whether you are supposed to sign a yearly contract to subscribe to their services.
  • Download speeds–how fast data is transmitted.

Xfinity vs Fios- A comparison Overview

Xfinity Review

Without doubt, Xfinity is among the best Internet Service Providers in the land. This is because they don’t compromise when it comes to delivering high quality internet services to your home. I really admire one aspect about the Xfinity Company when it comes to internet connection, and that is how they actually provide you with the download speeds that they guarantee you before you actually choose a particular data plan. To be honest it makes you feel like indeed you have invested your money on the right Internet Service Providers.

Data plan 
Download speeds 
Price per month
Connection Type 
Performance starter
Performance Select
Performance pro
Blast! Pro
Extreme Pro
$74.99/ $60 for 2 years
$84.99/ $70 for 2 years
Gigabit pro


As you can see, one of the major strongholds with Xfinity is that they offer you a wide variety of data package that you can actually choose from. Of course, this will depend on how much you are willing to spend and the purpose you’ll need the internet connection for. The performance starter data plan is ideal for you if you usually connect few devices to the internet. This is because this data plan provides you with download speeds of up to 25Mbps which allows you to connect up to 5 devices and enjoy smooth internet connection. You will notice sluggish internet connection the moment you connect more than 5 devices due to slower download speeds. On the other hand, the Gigabit Pro data plan is not only suitable for home use, but can also provide you sufficient internet connection at your office. This is because it has download speeds of up to 2000Mbps and can support up to 30 devices without losing its efficiency. It is actually very costly to purchase this data plan, but for sure it’s worth every penny. Xfinity also requires you to sign a yearly contract in order for you to subscribe to their monthly internet services.


  • Fast download speeds.
  • Wide variety of data plans.
  • Also offers TV bundles.
  • They offer reliable internet connection.


  • Poor customer service.

Fios Review

The first thought that comes to my head when we look at Verizon Fios Internet service providers is customer service. Yes, that’s right! They offer great customer service to all their subscribers which will always make you feel at home. And this is not even all, as they also provide you with affordable data plans that you can choose from even if you are on a tight budget.

Data plan
Download speeds
Upload speeds
Price per month
Internet 200/ 200
Internet 400/400
Fios Gigabit connection


Verizon Fios provides you with the Internet 200/200 data plan if you are not willing to spend too much on internet connection. With download and upload speeds of up to 200Mbps, this data plan will enable you to comfortably work at home through emails and online video conferences. Come to think of it, this data plan is actually quite a bargain as most of the other internet service providers charge you more than $39.99 for data plans with 200Mbps. However, you should opt for the Gigabit connection data plan if you are looking for internet connection that will cater for your family needs. This is because it provides you with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps which allows you to connect multiple devices and enjoy a seamless streaming experience throughout the month. At $79.99, you’ll agree with me that this data plan is also reasonably priced, especially for what it offers.

Verizon Fios also don’t compel you to sign a contract when you subscribe to their services, which in my opinion, is very convenient. Contracts will always tie you down to a particular internet service provider throughout the year and impose a fee on you when you cancel the contract pre- maturely. With Fios, they allow you to change internet service providers any time without charging you for it. They also don’t have data caps on their data plans which is very key as you don’t have to worry about hitting your monthly data usage limit every month.


  • No data caps.
  • Data plans are very affordable.
  • Fast download and upload speeds.
  • Contract free.


  • It is not available in all areas.

How does Xfinity and Fios compare?

No. of data plans

Without doubt, an internet service provider that has a number of data plans will definitely offer you much more flexibility. Here, Xfinity has more data plans as compared to Fios. With 7 data plans that you can choose from, Xfinity offers you a variety of data plans that will fully satisfy your internet needs throughout. Fios on the other hand, only comes with 3 data plans.

Price range

One of the most important aspects that you should always look at before subscribing to a particular internet service provider is the cost of their data packages.Fios data packages are more affordable as compared to Xfinity data packages. This is because their data packages range from $39.99 for their lowest package to $79.99 for their premium package, which is actually very affordable even when you are working with a tight budget. The Xfinity data packages are a bit costly especially when we look at their premium package which is $299.95 per month.

Download speeds

Well, to be honest, both of these internet providers provide you with fast and reliable download speeds throughout their data packages. However, the premium data package of Xfinity provides you with faster download speeds as compared to the Fios’ premium package. The Gigabit Pro data plan comes with 2000Mbps which allows you to enjoy a stable internet connection even when you have multiple device connected to the internet. On the other hand, Fios Gigabit connection comes with download speeds of up to 940Mbps which is also pretty fast but not as fast as its competitor.


Fios internet service provider is definitely a good option to consider especially if you value an internet service provider with great customer service throughout. However, the Xfinity is the clear winner because they not only offer you a variety of data plans, but also comes with faster download speeds as compared to Fios. Xfinity will definitely satisfy your internet needs a home.


How much is installation fee for Fios?

Well, it will cost you $99 for them to set it up for you. However, it can be set up for you free of charge if you order online.

Do I need to sign a contract in order to subscribe to Xfinity services?

Yes, Xfinity requires you to sign a renewable one year contract in order to access their services.



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