U- Verse vs DIRECTV – Which TV service Provider provides you with a wider variety of TV channels

U- Verse vs DIRECTV

Are you intending to subscribe to a TV service provider but you still don’t know which TV service provider to choose? Well, you should definitely consider either AT&T U- Verse or DIRECTV.

This is because U- Verse and DIRECTV are both TV service providers who will guarantee you TV plans that consist of a lot of channels. And not just any channels, as they provide you with all the popular channels that are regularly watched by everyone. Sports, comedy, and drama you name it! These two TV service providers will always get you covered and enable you to enjoy your favourite shows at the comfort of your couch.

When to use AT&T U- Verse

This TV service provider offers you with TV packages that consist of a lot of channels. In my opinion, I feel like U-Verse really thought out their data packages well. This is because their packages consist of all the premium channels you and your children would frequently watch and a couple of extra channels. Basically, you won’t have to worry about missing a particular channel that you love tuning to because U-Verse always got you covered!

When to use DIRECTV

Are you a big fan of sports who values a TV service provider that provides you with all the necessary sports TV channels? Then DIRECTV may just be your go- to TV service provider. Their packages not only consist of a number of sports channels, but they also have an exclusive package called the NFL Sunday package. This package will allow you to keep track of the whole NFL season at home.

AT&T U- Verse vs DIRECTV Feature comparison

AT&T U- Verse (Winner)
No. of TV plans
Cost per month
$35- $110
$60- $135
No. of TV channels
180- 550
155- 330
Image quality
SD and HD
SD, HD and 4K

How we evaluate U- Verse vs DIRECTV

You’ll agree with me that both AT&T U-Verse and DIRECTV are both great TV service providers who will fully satisfy your TV needs. However, there are a number of key features that we take into consideration in order to come up with a proper evaluation:

  • of TV plans– the number of packages that are provided by the TV service provider.
  • Cost per month– this is the monthly cost that you pay when you subscribe to one of their TV packages.
  • of TV channels– we also look at the number of channels that you will have access to when you subscribe to their TV packages.
  • Image quality– we consider the video quality that will be displayed on your screen which include: SD, HD and 4K definition.

U- Verse vs DIRECTV- A comparison overview

AT&T U- Verse review

AT&T is a well-known brand in the communications sector not only in the United States but also across the world. This is especially due to their reliable phone services. However, this is not all as they also provide all their customers with reliable TV services throughout the year. They use both Fiber- optics and Cable depending on the area where you live which guarantees high quality TV connection without any buffer. In addition to this, U- Verse also provide you with a variety of TV plans at budget- friendly prices which is a major key selling point for their services.

TV package
Cost per month
No. of TV channels
U- Family

Without doubt the prices of U-Verse are great value for your money. This is because even the U-Family TV package, which is their lowest package, comes with 180+ channels at only $35 per month. And it’s not just any randomly selected channels. You will be able to watch premium channels such as HBO and majority of the Kids’ channels for your kids making it quite a bargain. Additionally, you will be given a DVR which can record up to 460 hours of SD videos and 165 hours for videos in HD.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing you favourite show when you are at work, as you just leave the DVR on record and watch your show when you get back home. Unfortunately, U-Verse TV services don’t support 4K definition but their AT&T U- Verse app will enable you to use your smartphone as a remote which is pretty cool! And also very convenient as you will be able to multitask easily.


  • Offers a wide variety of TV packages.
  • TV packages are very affordable.
  • DVR has a large amount of storage space.
  • Reliable TV services.


  • Doesn’t support 4K definition.

DIRECTV review

Let’s dive straight into the goodies offered by DIRECTV. The first thing that you will note when you lay your eyes on their data plans will definitely be the variety of package they have to offer. Yes that’s right! They have six TV packages which you can choose from depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend on TV services. In addition to this, you won’t even be required to pay any installation fee when you first subscribe to their services unlike most TV service providers.

TV package
Cost per month
No. of channels

One major advantage that comes with DIRECTV is that their services also support 4K streaming through their DIRECTV app. This app enables you to connect your device to the TV and comfortably stream videos. It is not only easy to set up but also compatible with a number of devices.  DIRECTV is also a favourite for sports fans because it comes with an exclusive package known as the NFL Sunday Ticket. This channel showcases the whole NFL season and is actually free to new subscribers who subscribe to the Choice TV package and above! And this is not even all, as you will also receive great customer services when you subscribe to their TV services. However, you shouldn’t forget that you will be required to pen down a two year contract when subscribing to one of their TV packages.


  • It is suitable for sports fans.
  • Offers a large number of channels.
  • Supports 4K video quality.
  • User- friendly software.


  • Prices hike after the first year of subscription.

How does AT&T U- Verse and DIRECTV compare?

Monthly cost

TV service providers deliver their TV services to their customers at different monthly prices. The truth is that they will always try be competitive in order to maintain their clients. Here, AT&T U-Verse offer you TV services at more affordable prices as compared to DIRECTV. Their monthly prices range from $35 to $110 while DIRECTV prices range from $60 to $135. This definitely shows you that you will end up saving some money if you subscribe to AT&T U-Verse TV services.

Number of channels

You’ll agree with me that the more the number of channels offered to you, the less the chances that you will miss a channel that has your favourite show. Well in this comparison, AT&T U-Verse comes with TV plans that consists of more channels as compared to DIRECTV’s TV plans. They provide you with up to 550+ channels while DIRECTV provide you with up to 330+ channels. You will definitely be able to enjoy all your favourite shows when you have all these channels at your disposal.

Display quality

Do you enjoy watching your videos on high resolution settings as much as I do? Well if you do, then DIRECTV might just be the right choice for you. This is because DIRECTV supports 4K definition streaming while AT&T U-Verse can only support up to HD definition. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy great display quality when you subscribe to the TV plans of U-Verse.


DIRECTV is an internet service provider that will allow you to enjoy your best shows in 4K which is the highest definition. However, the overall winner in this comparison is AT&T U-Verse because they will provide you with TV services at really affordable prices. And this is not all, as they also provide you with a wider variety of channels.


How much is installation fee for DIRECTV TV services?

The good news is that it is absolutely free to install their equipment in your home.

What is the storage space of the AT&T U- Verse DVR?

Their DVR has a 1TB storage space which allows you to record up to 165 hours of HD videos and 460 hours for SD videos.


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