TV Buddy vs. Chrome Cast: Which is the better streaming device for you?

With a streaming device, you can watch your favorite series and movies without a fuss at the comfort of your home. TV Buddy and Chrome Cast both do this albeit in different ways as you are about to see.

Hi there. I hope by now you have already ditched the box or stick you have been using to stream your series and movies. This is because there are many quality and recent streaming devices that will simply revolutionize your experience. Nowadays, you can easily access the latest movies on Netflix, HBO (you name it) even if your TV is not the latest model. A streaming device like TV Buddy and Chrome Cast are all you need to experience fast and affordable streaming in your home.

When to use TV Buddy

With TV Buddy, you get a streaming device that works by mirroring your preferred platform (smartphone or tablet) to your TV. Unlike Chrome Cast, it does not work by casting but it is still quite unique in its own rights. When using TV Buddy, you get to watch HD videos on your TV through the HDMI cable. It works with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz both geared for a seamless watching experience. You are also assured of an ad-free experience as well as no tracking of the shows you are into.

Note that TV Buddy has a new and improved version called TV Fix Caster that is simply a breeze to connect and use.

When to use Chrome Cast

When using Chrome Cast, you can expect a fully immersive experience that is synced with Google. It works by casting whatever you want to your TV and uses the apps you have on your phone to search for content as well as control the playback. Chrome Cast also supports Google Assistant as well as any Google smart home like the Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Mini.

TV Buddy vs. Chrome Cast Feature comparison

TV Buddy
Chrome Cast (Winner)
Price range
$49.95-174.83 depending on if you want 1-4 devices


Download speeds
100- 1000Mbps
100- 940Mbps
Connection type
Data cap
HD and 4K Ultra
2.4GHz and 5GHz
Only 2.4GHZ

How we evaluate TV Buddy and Chrome Cast

TV Buddy and Chrome Cast both have their own hallmarks from their casting features to their intuitive abilities. So they are both formidable players in the market but we do have a criterion to easily set them apart. Understanding these standards will help you see which one is best for you:

  • Type of technology- Does it mirror or cast? Does it do both perhaps?
  • Set-up- it is always good to know beforehand how easy it is to set up and use the device you are going for so we have evaluated them on that ground too
  • Resolution- the higher the resolution, the better your viewing experience as you get larger and better quality images
  • Accessibility to other platforms-the best streaming device is one which lets you access many apps with it like YouTube and Netflix
  • Customer service- whenever you bump into any issues when using yor preferred device, it is always good to be assured of helpful customer service
  • Cost- we are always looking at what is the best value for your money

TV Buddy vs. Chrome Cast- A comparison overview

TV Buddy overview

If you are looking to mirror your phone on your TV then the TV Buddy is what you need. Simply put, it displays whatever it is on your phone screen to your TV. From movies to TV shows, TV Buddy can handle them all. It comes in various photo formats from JPEG to GIFs as well as various video formats like MKV and AVI. Coupled together, you get a device that can offer up 1080p HD screening on all kinds of platforms from Netflix, YouTube to the History Channel and NBC News.

As for its packaging, you get the device as well as the power cord. Together, you have quite a few steps to go through. First, you need to plug in the devices to the TV Buddy using their USB ports and then plug in the cord into your TV or outlet. Once you have done this, you have to plug in the HDMI cord to your TV and then connect TV Buddy to your Wi-Fi. Through the TV Buddy site, you can access all your device’s settings as well as enter your password for the complete set up with the caster. After this you can start casting by selecting the HDMI port by using the ‘source’ button on your TV remote. Like I said, it does take quite a bit to have TV Buddy set up but it comes with a detailed instruction manual on the specific steps to follow. Once connected, you can even stream music on your favorite platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.


  • Fast processing speeds for minimal buffering
  • Works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Streams in HD
  • Supports a wide range of services


  • Pricey
  • Rather detailed setup process

Chrome Cast overview


Google Chrome Cast, also known as Chrome Cast is another intuitive addition to the market by Google. It is a streaming device which when connected to your phone and your TV you can mirror or cast your favorite series and movies. For me, it is one of my favorite gadgets because I can easily access my TV and watch Netflix without having to drop my phone. You can also audio stream from Spotify, Google Music or any other platform to your TV.

Chrome Cast also stands out when you see the kind of resolution you get with it. It has two models: the Chrome Cast Ultra for $69.00 and Chrome Cast for $35.00. You can even get the Google Chrome Cast third generation for less than 30 dollars. The perks of going for the Ultra model are that it supports both HDR and 4K Ultra HD for the most surreal viewing experience. It also works with an Ethernet cable as well as Wi-Fi for an all-round experience. If you have a TV that supports high resolution, why not go for the best you can get?

To add, Chrome Cast has both mirroring and casting features. This means that you can still use your phone on other apps without interrupting what is running on your TV. Whichever of these you settle for, the set up process is a breeze. All you need to do is plug into a HDMI port in your TV then use Google Home on your phone to connect to the internet. The only downer with Chrome Cast is that you really have a look at which apps work with the device. This is because it does not have an on-screen interface that you can use to easily swipe through.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Conveniently designed for set up and use


  • Does not have an on-screen interface for easier use

How do TV Buddy and Chrome Cast Compare?


Truth be told, everyone likes a good bargain. With Chrome Cast, you get a device that is jammed with quality features yet it is sold at a much cheaper price than TV Buddy. TV Buddy is sold for up to $175 while you can get Chrome Cast for $69 even the Ultra model.

Type of technology

One of the stark differences between TV Buddy and Chrome Cast is how they work on your TV. With TV Buddy, it simply mirrors what you have on your phone. This means you need to always remain on the screen you want to be shown on the TV. Chrome Cast has better technology because you can do both casting and mirroring on it. So, you can use your phone on other interfaces while your series still runs on your TV.


Both TV Buddy and Chrome Cast deliver on good quality imaging on your TV directly sent from your smart phone and tablet. However, Chrome Cast goes a notch higher by offering both 4K and HDR resolution with the Chrome Cast Ultra device.

Accessibility to other platforms

A rigid streaming device is the last thing you would need. Here, TV Buddy easily wins out because of its wide accessibility to many platforms including Netflix, HBO and even NBC News. Chrome Cast is rather limited to the Google Play Store apps as well as other selected ones.

Bottom line

TV Buddy and Chrome Cast are both quality screen-mirroring devices that you can use to watch your phone videos on your TV. However, when it comes down to it, Chrome Cast is easily the better option. It is jammed with many features like casting and 4K resolution yet it does not come at a really high price tag like TV Buddy.


What is the ideal internet speed for streaming movies and TV shows with these devices?

It all depends on the minimum recommended speed on the app you want. For example, you need 5Mbps for standard streaming on Netflix and 25Mbps for Disney 4K.

What happens if I have a data plan with my internet service provider?

Just be sure you monitor your usage in case you have data caps.

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