Xfinity vs Century Link – Which provider offers reliable internet services

There is nothing better than a reliable internet connection in your home. Especially if you are frequently carrying a lot of tasks at home that require internet.

Well, Xfinity and Century Link are both internet service providers that got you covered every day of the month. And this is not even all, as they also give you the option of a contract – free subscription which most people prefer. In addition to this they also come with a variety of data plans that you can choose from which guarantees you great flexibility.

When to use Xfinity internet service provider

This internet service provider delivers internet connection that you can always rely on throughout the month. So you can definitely consider looking at their data plans and see if they suit your internet needs. Xfinity definitely got you covered if you are looking for an internet service provider that will deliver fast and reliable internet connection.

When to use Century Link Internet service provider

Century Link on the other hand is a very good internet service provider that provides you with data packages that are very affordable. And the good thing about them is that they don’t compromise on the quality of internet connection even when they charge low prices for their internet services. Well, in a nutshell this is a good choice to consider if you are working with a tight budget.

Xfinity vs Century Link Feature comparison

Xfinity (Winner)
Century Link
No. of data packages
Download speeds
25Mbps- 2000Mbps
15Mbps- 940 Mbps
Connection type
Cable/ Fiber
DSL/ Fiber
Data cap
Price range
$29.99- $299.95
$49- $65

How we evaluate Xfinity and Century Link

These two internet service providers will consistently provide you with reliable internet connection throughout the month. However, there is a specific criteria that we follow in order to help you understand why one is better than the other:

  • of data packages– the variety of data plans offered by the internet service providers.
  • Download speeds– this is how fast data is transmitted through their networks.
  • Connection type– there are various connection types so we distinguish which one is used by both internet service providers.
  • Price range– cost of their data plans.
  • Data cap– we look if there are any data usage limits that come with the various data plans.

Xfinity vs Century Link- A comparison overview

Xfinity review

Xfinity is one of the most known internet service providers in the United States. And this is because they will always deliver what the guarantee you when you subscribe to their internet services. Already sounds like good value for your hard-earned money yeah? Well, it sure is because they will always provide you with the same data speeds that they showcase on their data packages. Not any less, not any more. This is the kind of internet reliability that comes with this well- known brand.

Data plan 
Download speeds 
Price per month
Connection Type 
Performance starter
Performance Select
Performance pro
Blast! Pro
Extreme Pro
$74.99 / $60 for 2 years
$84.99/ $70 for 2 years
Gigabit pro


Xfinity offers a you a wide variety of data packages that you can choose from, depending on your budget of course. The Performance starter data package is the most affordable package as it will only cost you $29.99 per month. It is definitely a good deal as you will have 25Mbps at your disposal which is enough to sustain HD video streaming on upto 5devices at a go. However, you should consider to subscribe to the Gigabit pro data package if you intend an internet connection that will constantly be under heavy use. For sure, this data package is a bit costly but its download speeds may convince you otherwise. This is because it comes with 2000 Mbps which enables you to enjoy a smooth internet experience throughout even when there are multiple devices to the internet. Gigabit Pro can support up to 30 devices which makes it ideal even for office use. These data packages also come with a 1TB monthly data cap, however you can pay an extra $50 every month in order to enjoy unlimited internet connection in your home. It is also important to note that you are required to sign a yearly contract in order to subscribe to Xfinity’s internet services. However, you can opt not to sign the contract and pay an extra $10 every month.

Century Link review

Without doubt this internet service provider boasts a good variety of data plans which are also very affordable to everyone. A lot of people normally assume that affordable internet service providers compromise on the quality of internet connection. Well, I honestly don’t know how true this is but one thing for sure is that this is not the case with Century Link. This internet service provider not only supplies you with budget- friendly data plans, but also guarantees you fast and reliable download speeds throughout the month.

Data plan
Download speed
Connection type
15Mbps data plan
20Mbps data plan
40Mbps data plan
80Mbps data plan
100Mbps data plan
CenturyLink Fiber internet


As you can see, Century Link doesn’t compromise on internet connection as they actually use two different internet connection types depending on the data plans you purchase. The 15Mbps data plan provides you with download speeds of up to 15Mbps which is suitable for you especially if you live alone and don’t use the internet often. You’ll definitely be able to browse through social media sites and comfortably send emails to your family members and colleagues without encountering any problems. However, if you intend to use the internet for family use, you’d rather opt for the Century Link Fiber internet data plan. This data plan provides you with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps which allows you to comfortably stream 4K videos even when the kids are online gaming in the next room. It uses the Fiber connection which enables this data plan to have reliable internet connection throughout the month with no buffer, even when multiple devices are connected. Century Link also doesn’t require you to sign a yearly contract. All you have to do is pay the monthly subscription fee every month and enjoy lifetime guarantee internet connection with constant prices throughout. It is also important to note that these data plans come with a 1TB data plan. However, the good news is that you may pass this limit and you still won’t be charged any extra fee.


  • It is very affordable.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee of constant pricing.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • Diversity in connection types.


  • Poor customer service.

How does Xfinity and Century Link compare?

Number of data packages

Both these internet service providers offer you a variety of data packages which you can choose from. However, Xfinity has more data packages as compared to Century link. This is because they offer you 7 different data packages which you can subscribe to depending on your budget and purpose. Century Link on the other hand is following closely with 6 data packages.

Download speeds

We all rate internet service providers by the speeds they transmit data through their networks and it is no different with these two. Without doubt, Xfinity delivers faster download speeds as compared to Century Link.The data plans that are provided by Xfinity consists of download speeds that range from 25Mbps to 2000 Mbps. On the other hand, Century Link data plans come with download speeds that range from 15 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

Connection type 

Did you know that download speeds are affected by the method of data transmission through a network? Yes, they are. Here, Xfinity uses cable and Fiber optics connection type which guarantees you faster download speeds as compared to Century Link who use DSL and Fiber. Well, they both use Fiber on their premium packages however the major difference comes in the mid- tier data plans. Century Link use DSL in their mid- tier data plans which provides slower data speeds compared to Xfinity who use cable internet connection.

Price range

I must give credit to internet service providers today because they always strive to provide us with reliable internet services at affordable prices. However, Century Link offers you more affordable internet services as compared to Xfinity. This is because their data plan prices range from $49- $65 while the data plans for Xfinity range from $29.99 – $299.95.


Without doubt, Century Link will provide you with internet services that are very budget- friendly. However,Xfinity is the overall winner as compared to Century Link. This is because they offer you faster download speeds and a wider variety of data plans.


How long does it take to set up Xfinity internet connection?

Installing Xfinity internet connection takes approximately three hours.

Do I need to sign a yearly contract to subscribe to Century Link data plans?

No, you are not required to sign a yearly contract in order to enjoy their services.

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