Mediacom vs Century Link – which is the better internet service provider for your home

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It is very difficult to do anything these days without the internet. Without doubt Mediacom and Century Link are among the best internet service providers in the land.

This is because they offer you with data plans that are very affordable. For sure, this enables you to enjoy good quality internet connection without spending too much. You will always be able to take perform your daily tasks at home without worrying about your internet. Be it, sending emails, browsing through social media sites etc. Mediacom and Century Link won’t let you down.

When to use Mediacom internet service provider

Do you live in an area where it is difficult to find a reliable internet service provider? If yes, you have probably not searched deep enough. This is because Mediacom not only provide you with a stable internet connection throughout the month, but also cater for your internet needs even if you live in areas where internet connection is a problem.

When to use Century Link internet service provider

Century Link is definitely a good option to consider if you don’t see the point of signing a yearly contract every time you subscribe to an internet service provider. Yes, that’s right. They provide you with their internet services without compelling you to sign a one year or 2 year contract. This means that you can subscribe to any of their data packages and even change to another internet service provider without paying a hefty fee.

Mediacom vs Century Link feature comparison

Century Link (Winner)
No. of data packages
Download speeds
60Mbps – 1000Mbps
15Mbps – 940Mbps
Price range
$39.99- $79.99
$49- $65

How we evaluate Mediacom and Century Link

You’ll agree with me that these two internet service providers come with great features that make each of them stand out. However, it can be a bit confusing especially because some of their features are pretty close when you compare the two. Hence, we have a set criteria on how we evaluate Mediacom and Century Link in order to give you accurate feedback:

  • Contract– whether you are required to pen down a yearly agreement to subscribe to their services.
  • Download speeds– speeds at which data is transmitted through the network.
  • Price range– costs you will incur when you subscribe to their internet services.
  • of data packages – this is the variety of data plans offered to you.

Mediacom vs Century Link overview

Mediacom review

Mediacom is among the most reliable internet service providers who not only provide you with internet services, but also TV channels. One of the major strongholds of this company is their ability to provide their services to areas where many of the other internet service providers neglect. And this is not all, as they also provide you with great data packages that are not only affordable, but also come with fast download speeds.

Data plan
Download speeds
Data cap
Internet 60
60 Mbps
Internet 100
100 Mbps
Internet 200
200 Mbps
Internet 500
500 Mbps
1 Gig
1000 Mbps


The internet 60 data plan is the lowest data package offered by Mediacom. Well, this data plan provides you with download speeds of up to 60Mbps which is most suitable for you if you live alone. This is because it enables you to connect up to 2 devices in order for you enjoy a smooth internet experience without any buffer. Anything more than two devices may slow down the download speeds which will lead to a sluggish internet connect which is can be frustrating. With this data plan, you will also be able to smoothly stream videos in HD and still be able to browse through social media sites without it buffering, which makes it a very good option at only $39.99. However if you intend the internet connection to be for family use, then you should definitely opt for the 1Gig data plan. I mean, we all know how kids of today are always on their devices watching their favourite Youtubers 24/7. The good news is that this data plan provides you with 1000Mbps which is suitable for use in homes where multiple devices are normally connected to the internet. You will always experience a reliable and efficient internet connection even when you are streaming 4K videos while the kids are playing online games.

It is also important to note that you won’t have to enter into yearly contracts with Mediacom in order to subscribe to their services. Unfortunately, their prices normally change during the months. However this is not something that should worry you, as you can actually cancel your monthly subscription with them without paying any fee, so long as you give them a seven day notice.


  • Its contract free.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • It is budget- friendly.
  • It is available even in deserted areas.


  • It comes with small data caps on the lower data plans.

Century Link review

Here we have another internet service provider that also serves you with great internet services to suit your daily needs. I will get down to business straight away and show you why you can also opt to get their services. Do you usually see the need of signing a contract just to get internet services in your home? Well, I don’t and neither do Century link as they actually offer you their services without compelling you to sign a contract. All you have to do is just pay up your monthly bills consistently and enjoy life guarantee internet services throughout the years.

Data plan
Download speed
Connection type
15Mbps data plan
20Mbps data plan
40Mbps data plan
80Mbps data plan
100Mbps data plan
CenturyLink Fiber internet


You may probably be wondering the difference between DSL and fiber connection. DSL basically transmits data through copper lines while fiber transmits data through thin strands in form of light. In addition to this, it’s important for you to know that fiber connection transmits data much faster than DSL connection. That’s why CenturyLink’s best package uses fiber connection as it guarantees you the fastest data speeds at a very reasonable price. The Century link fiber internet package is best suited for family use as it offers you data speeds of up to 940Mbps. If you don’t use internet services regularly then you should definitely opt for the data plans that range between 15-100Mps because they are all the same price. I love this about CenturyLink because they really cater for the needs of their customers without any form of selfishness or price hikes during the year.


  • It is contract free.
  • Data plans are very affordable.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • The price of data plans is stable.


  • Customer service is not that good.

How does Mediacom and Century Link compare?

Yearly contract

Some people claim that yearly contract agreements serve as a disadvantage to them more than an advantage. Well this might be so, however Century Link does not require you to sign a yearly contract for you to access their internet services unlike Mediacom. This allows you to subscribe to any of their data plans and even change to another internet service provider at no extra cost.

Number of data plans

Both these internet service providers offer you a number of data plans that you can choose from depending on your budget. Without doubt, this gives you great flexibility when you choose a particular data plan depending on exactly what you are looking for. However, Century Link offers you more data plans as compared to Mediacom. Well the difference is very small as Century Link as 6 data plans which you can subscribe to while Mediacom has 5 data plans.

Price range

The cost of the data plans of these two internet service providers also leads them to a very close battle as they both offer data packages that are budget- friendly to everyone. Although, Century Link’s data plans are more affordable for the same download speeds as compared with Mediacom. Century Link provide you with data plans with prices that range from $49 for their medium- tier data packages to $65 for their premium package.  Mediacom on the other hand, have prices that range from $39.99 to $79.99.


Mediacom’s key selling point when it comes to internet services is their availability in all areas. However Century Link is the overall winner in comparison to Century Link. This is because Century Link offers you more flexibility with their services as they don’t compel you to sign a yearly contract. In addition to that, they also offer you fast download speeds at a more affordable price which makes it a better option to consider.


What connection type do Century Link use for their network?

They use DSL for their low to medium tier data plans and Fiber for Century Link Fiber internet which is their premium package.

Does Mediacom support TV channels?

Yes, they do have affordable internet + TV bundles which come with various TV channels.


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