Metronet vs Comcast – which is the better all- round internet service provider

Are you struggling with internet connection at home? Well, the good news is that I have a solution for you.

Metronet or Comcast internet service providers may just be what you have been lacking all this time. This is because these internet service providers deliver good quality internet services which will always satisfy your internet needs. You will always be assured of a stable internet connection, be it streaming videos, browsing through social media sites or even online gaming. They also offer affordable internet services.

When to use Metronet Internet service provider

This is definitely a good internet service provider to consider if you are looking for fast download speeds at decent prices. And this is not even all, as Metronet also provides you with internet services that don’t come with data caps. Yes, that’s right! So you will be enjoying your monthly internet subscriptions with unlimited data usage.

When to use Comcast Internet Service Provider

Comcast have been in this industry for quite some time so they know how to satisfy your internet needs throughout the month. Well, to be honest they may not have the best customer service but one thing for sure is that they compensate with reliability. You won’t have to worry about a sluggish internet connection or constant internet interruptions with your internet, which makes a lot of people opt for Comcast services.

Metronet vs Comcast Feature comparison

Metronet (Winner)
No. of data plans
Cost per month
$49.95- $69.95
$29.99- $299.95
Connection type
Cable &Fiber
Download speeds
100Mbps – 1000Mbps
25Mbps- 2000Mbps
Data cap

How we evaluate Metronet and Comcast

Without doubt, these two internet service providers are both good and have their strengths and weaknesses. However, there are certain features that we look at in order for us to effectively evaluate the both of them.  There are a number of things we look at before giving you an accurate evaluation of both Metronet and Comcast:

  • Number of data plans– this is the variety of data packages offered to you.
  • Cost – amount of money you are required to pay for your monthly subscription.
  • Connection type– we also look at the connectivity options used by the internet service providers.
  • Data cap– this is the data usage limit every month.
  • Download speeds– how fast data is transmitted through their networks.

Metronet vs Comcast – A comparison overview

Metronet review

This internet service provider is among the few companies out there who put their customers’ needs first before even thinking about their profits. I am saying this because they will always guarantee you fast download speeds throughout their data plans at a very fair prices. And this is not even all as Metronet don’t put any data caps on their data plans which means that you have unlimited internet connection throughout the month. All you have to do is just pay your monthly subscription fee on time and enjoy the download speeds provided in the data plan without any limits.

Data plan
Download speeds
Data cap
Metronet 100 Mbps Internet plan
100 Mbps
Metronet 200 Mbps Internet data plan
200 Mbps
Metronet 500 Mbps internet data plan
500 Mbps
Metronet 1000 Mbps internet data plan
1000 Mbps


Without doubt, the Metronet Company doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of internet connection they provide to you. This is very evident as they opt to use the fastest method to transmit data which is through Fiber optic cables. You can easily subscribe to the 100 Mbps data plan for $49.95 a month which is ideal for light browsing and streaming of HD videos in your home. However, you’d rather add that $10 every month and subscribe to the 200 Mbps data plan which will allow you to connect more devices and still operate efficiently. Metronet also offers you with their premium that packs quite a punch when it comes to download speeds. This data plan provides you with download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps which is ideal for use if multiple devices are always connected to the internet at the same time. You won’t have to worry about slow internet connection with this data plan as it is fast and reliable which makes it a good deal when you consider its price. Metronet also offers TV channels which you can pay for separately.


  • It is budget- friendly.
  • Guarantees you fast download speeds.
  • No data caps.
  • Good data plans.


  • It is not available in some areas.

Comcast review

Comcast is the parent company to Xfinity so you definitely know what follows next when you see that brand name, reliability! Yes, this is right as Comcast will provide you with internet connection that you can always depend on throughout the month. And this is not even all, as their data plans also come with faster download speeds than their competitors which always puts them ahead of the pack. Comcast also offers its subscribers a wide variety of data packages which you can choose from depending on how much you are willing to spend for internet services.

Data plan 
Download speeds 
Price per month
Connection Type 
Performance starter
Performance Select
Performance pro
Blast! Pro
Extreme Pro
$74.99 / $60 for 2 years
$84.99/ $70 for 2 years
Gigabit pro


Before we even look deeper into these data plans, it is important to note that you can either sign a contract in order to receive their services or pay an extra $10 every month. Well, the only downside about signing a yearly contract is that you will be charged with a fee if you terminate your contract earlier than expected. Although, you’ll end up spending a lot less as compared to paying that extra amount every month.  The good news is that this well thought out data plans will keep a smile on your face throughout. You can easily subscribe to the Performance starter data plan which will allow you to browse through the internet and send emails comfortably. However, with download speeds of up to 25Mbps the internet will become slower when you connect a lot of devices at the same time. You can also subscribe to the Gigabit Pro data plan if you are looking for reliable internet connection even when multiple devices are connected. This data plan also sustains heavy online gaming, streaming of 4K videos and any other surfing activities without reducing download speeds. For sur, this enhances a smooth internet experience throughout the month. Comcast has also set a 1TB data cap on all its data plans. However, you could pay an extra $50 every month for unlimited data usage.


  • Wide variety of data plans.
  • Offers reliable internet connection.
  • Fast download speeds.
  • Available in most areas.


  • Poor customer service.

How does Metronet and Comcast compare?

No. of data plans

Comcast provides you with a wider variety of data plans as compared to Metronet. This is because it comes with 7 different data plans that come with different monthly subscription prices. So it’s up to you to choose which one suits your internet needs best. Metronet on the other hand, comes with only 4 data plans that you can subscribe to.

Cost per month

We all look for good value for our money and it’s no different when it comes to internet services. Here, Metronet is more budget- friendly as compared to Comcast. Their data plan prices range from $49.95- $69.95 per month which is very affordable.  In addition to this, their premium package is more affordable than most of their competitors offering similar download speeds. Comcast monthly subscription prices range from $29.99- $299.95.

Data cap

Sometimes it may prove to be difficult to reach the monthly data usage limit but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. However, Metronet allows you to enjoy internet usage without any limit while Comcast have a 1TB data cap on their packages. With Metronet you’ll be able to enjoy internet connection throughout the month without worrying about data usage limits.


Comcast are well known for reliability and will definitely provide you with faster download speeds through their data packages than Metronet. However the overall winner in this comparison is Metronet. This is because they are a more budget- friendly option and allow you to enjoy unlimited data usage throughout the month.


Is Comcast the same as Xfinity?

Well, yes they are the same organisation as Comcast is the parent company to Xfinity.

Does Metronet guarantee you unlimited data usage?

Yes, they don’t place any data caps on their monthly data plan.

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