What to say when claiming phone insurance

You have to be honest when you are claiming phone insurance. Start by informing the insurance company that you want to make a claim and give details regarding what happened to the phone. You can then fill out the required paperwork and submit it to the insurer.

In this modern era, almost everyone depends on a smartphone every day. This can help you keep in touch with others, find new places and even browse the internet. Mobile phones can easily get damaged or even get lost easily since most people bring them everywhere. You can, however, protect this device better through phone insurance. Read on to find out everything regarding phone insurance and how you can make a claim.

How phone insurance works

Phone insurance acts as a security blanket for this expensive device. Though most smartphones come with advanced features, you may have to invest a considerable amount to buy them. Protecting your investment through phone insurance is advisable since this can cover the repair costs or even help you replace it if it is stolen.

This kind of insurance can cover the device against different problems based on the insurance provider you choose. In most cases, phone insurance covers the smart device against accidental damage, loss, and theft. If you accidentally drop the phone and the screen cracks, the phone insurance can help you out. The insurance provider can pay for damages and help you repair the phone within no time. Certain phone insurance providers also cover devices for breakdowns.

Apart from covering the device itself, the company can also cover other things such as phone accessories like headphones and protective screen covers. Having phone insurance can prevent you from getting stuck. Once you sign up for phone insurance, you have to make specific monthly payments.

Some of the phone insurance providers

Basic phone insurance comes from popular carriers. Comparing the prices of phone insurance providers is crucial before you choose any of them. Check out some of the phone insurance providers available today.

Fee per month


You can learn more about the costs of different phone insurance providers by requesting a quote. The carrier you want to work with will ask you for some information when you apply for phone insurance. Specify the phone model and give personal data such as your contacts. If you are comfortable with the costs, you can go ahead and apply for the insurance.


Claiming phone insurance

The process of claiming phone insurance when something has happened to your smartphone should be straightforward. Whether your smartphone is missing or damaged, you can claim on insurance.  If your phone has been stolen, start by reporting the issue to the police before contacting the phone insurance provider. While at the police station, you should pay attention to the incident number.

After this, get in touch with the network provider to suspend your account. This can prevent anyone from using your phone. The next call you make should be to your insurance provider so that it can process your claim. When the customer representative picks up the phone, inform them that you want to make a claim. Once you tell them what happened to your phone, they will ask you for a few details.

Some of the crucial details you need while claiming phone insurance include the crime reference, IMEI number, and proof of purchase. By submitting the receipt, you can prove that you are the registered owner of the lost smartphone. This is important, especially when the phone is still new. Some phone insurance providers also ask customers to send a photo of them with the phone. This can show that the lost smartphone belongs to you.

If your phone has been stolen, you require proof of usage. You can get this detail from the network provider. If you want things to move fast, you can claim insurance online by filling and submitting a certain form.The phone insurance provider will then undertake a precise check to confirm that your claim is valid.

Once the phone insurance company ascertains that the claim is valid, it can settle it differently. For instance, the provider can repair the phone if it has been damaged, or you may get a replacement if your phone was stolen. The process should take at least two business days. If the phone has to be repaired, you may have to wait a bit longer for this.

Can a claim be rejected?

Though every smartphone user that claims phone insurance looks forward to a positive response from the provider, a claim can sometimes be rejected. This can happen if the policy fails to include what caused damage to your phone.

For your claim to be accepted, you have to report it as soon as possible. If you take longer more than a day to get in touch with the phone insurance provider, the claim may be rejected. If you acted carelessly, such as leaving the smartphone at a pub, the phone insurance provider could also reject your claim. Ensure you give accurate details when claiming to avoid disappointments.


Insuring your phone can save you from incurring hefty repair or replacement costs. If your phone is missing or damaged and you are ready to file a claim, do not wait for long before contacting the insurance provider. Make your intentions known and give all the required details so that the claim is approved fast. 


What kind of replacement should I expect once I claim phone insurance?

Though the insurance provider may try to replace your phone with another device of the same model and make, sometimes this does not happen. You can get a replacement of a different type or color.

What if I embarrassingly lost my phone?

It is better to be honest, even if it is embarrassing than lying to the insurance provider since this can make a claim be denied.

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