Why is my Asurion claim under review?

You have probably not followed the company policies. It may be under review because you are not the account holder or have not subscribed with one of the carriers. Submitting inaccurate details or not paying the deductible can also lead to this. If your phone has been stolen, you have to file a police report before contacting the insurance provider.

Smart devices get lost, damaged, or stolen every day.Such situations can force you to file a claim. Though most claims go through without problems, some are not approved immediately. Read on to learn why your claim may be pending.

How Asurion works

Asurion is a cell phone insurance company that covers damaged, stolen, or lost smart devices. It makes the process of filing a claim easy and promises to replace your device within 24 hours. Choosing this program can help you protect new purchases against expensive repairs as well as unexpected product failures.

The company allows its subscribers to file claims at any time, including at night. You don’t even have to visit a store to do this since you can file the claim online. Asurion even offers customer care agents that help customers in need fie claims.

This is how you file a claim

For you to file the claim, you have to go through some simple steps. Start by choosing your provider. Since Asurion works with different carriers, you have to pick the specific carrier you have been working with. You should then explain what happened to your device. You should not forget to include things such as when it happened. The more you share while filing the claim, the easier the company will approve your claim and give you a solution.

You should also give details regarding the device model and make. Every claim is unique, and sometimes not all devices are repaired.  If, for instance, your phone is stolen, you can get a new one from Asurion as long as your claim is approved. After giving a detailed explanation, you have to pay your deductible. Skipping this step can make your claim stay under review for a long time.

Asurion works like other insurance programs and needs a deductible during the filling of claims. In most cases, the deductible is less than the retail price of the specific product in question. Paying the deductible and getting a new device if your old one is stolen can therefore save you some cash. You should also choose a method of payment and specify your address. Once you have followed these steps, you can submit the claim. Asurion will send you an email that contains tracking and shipping details of the replacement device.

Why your Asurion claim may be under review

If you don’t fulfill these conditions, your claim may be under review for longer than you expected. Before filing a claim, you should take your time to go through the company policy. Though this can seem like a boring task, the fine print may contain useful information that every subscriber needs to know.

Sometimes your claim can be under review for a while if you don’t prove to be the account holder. According to the terms and conditions, you have to be a subscriber of one of the carriers that Asurion works with for you to take advantage of the insurance plan.

The fine print can also help you find out why your claim may be put under review. Though Asurion covers loss or theft, it does not approve every claim immediately. If, for instance, your phone is stolen, the company expects you to file a report at the closest police station. Though Asurion may not necessarily ask you to submit a police report, this information is included in the company’s policy. The lack of filing a report can therefore make your claim stay under review for some time.

As you file the report, you should get a case number and collect useful details such as the badge number of the officer that helped you and their phone number. If, for instance, your phone is damaged and your claim is not approved via the phone, take it to the service center for Asurion to verify the claim. When you do this, ensure you bring documentation that can prove that you are the owner, such as a receipt and your identification card.

During filing, you should also ensure that you have given all the accurate details. If, for instance, you give a different shipping address than the primary one, your Asurion claim can be under review for some time. The lack of paying the required deductible can also make Asurion not approve your claim or put it under review for some time.

Here is a summary of filing a claim with this company

What you need Why your claim is taking longer to be approved


Your carrier You are not the account holder or have not subscribed with one of the carriers.


The make and model of device Your phone has been stolen, but you have not filed a police report.


Describe what happened to the device. Your details are inaccurate.
Pay the deductible You have not paid the deductible.
Shipping and billing address  
Method of payment


If you are worried about your smart device being stolen, getting lost, or damaged, you should consider getting coverage from Asurion. This insurance plan covers such situations in case they occur. In such instances, you have to file a claim to receive compensation. Though filing claims is easy, the company does not approve all claims. Your claim can be under review if you don’t follow the company policies.


How long does Asurion take to approve a claim?

Since every claim is unique, the duration may differ. It should, however, take less than 24 hours if you have followed all the conditions.

If my phone gets lost, how long do I have to file a claim?

Asurion gives you at least 60 days to file the claim.

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