What happens if I don’t return my damaged phone to Asurion?

If you don’t do this, Asurion can charge you a certain fee. The fee you have to pay covers the cost of the replacement phone. Since Asurion owns the damaged phone, you should not sell it since this will be considered insurance fraud.

Asurion has a document that contains a lot of terms and conditions. Though this may be boring to read, you should not skip it since it has useful details that you should know. Here is more!

An overview of Asurion

Every cell phone owner chooses to protect their device in different ways. While some invest in protective cases, others sign up with insurance providers such as Asurion. If you choose insurance, you have to be prepared to pay a monthly price for Asurion to cover the phone.

This insurance plan can cover the device if it gets damaged or is lost or stolen. Since most smartphones are expensive, paying for insurance can help cover the cost of repairs or replacement. In case anything happens to your cell phone, you will not incur so much money.

The Asurion premiums you have to pay depend on the carrier you are using. If, for instance, you choose Verizon, you will have to pay around $13 per month for this insurance. Sprint is a bit cheaper since it charges $9 for the same insurance plan. Apart from the cost of buying Asurion, you should also beware of the deductibles that apply in different situations.

The deductibles refer to the amount that you have to pay when you file a claim. You only pay a small amount and let the cell phone insurance settle the rest. The deductible for screen repair is around $29, while that of other situations may vary based on the carrier you are working with.

Filing a claim with Asurion

If your cell phone gets damaged or is lost, you can easily make a claim. Start by calling the customer representatives to inform them what happened. Asurion also allows you to make a claim online. This is quite convenient, especially for customers that have busy schedules.

During filing the claim, you have to provide a lot of details as you fill a form. Apart from explaining what happened, you should also submit a copy of your ID and the phone’s receipt. If the cell phone was stolen, you should also include details that show you reported the case. You can then track the claim online. Asurion will then verify your claim before approving it. Avoid filing a false claim since this can lead to legal issues as cell phone insurance considers this to be a fraud.

If, for instance, your phone got lost or damaged, the insurance provider may replace it the same day.If you file a claim on a weekend, you may have to wait for at least three days to get a replacement. You are expected to return the damaged cell phone to Asurion. The lack of doing this can lead to more costs. You may be charged the retail value of the cell phone. If you don’t have time to return the damaged phone personally, you can do this through the post office. You can then make a call to the customer representatives to confirm if the old phone arrived. 

What you should know regarding Asurion

Understanding everything regarding this cell phone insurance is essential before you start paying premiums. One of the things that you should know regarding Asurion is that its deductibles are non-negotiable. Regardless of what a call center representative may tell you, the terms and conditions of the cell phone insurance remain unchanged.

You should also be aware of the time limits. There is a time limit for not only filing claims but also returning damaged cell phones to Asurion. The lack of observing these limits can lead to issues with the insurer. You have at least fourteen days to return the damaged phone to Asurion.

When you file a claim and Asurion agrees to replace your damaged cell phone, you should expect a phone of the same model as the one you have been using. Though the color may be different, the replacement phone features should be the same as what your previous phone had. If you get a replacement phone with some missing functions, you can inform the customer service representative. Before returning the damaged phone to Asurion, you can remove things such as the memory card and sim card since you can still use them in the replacement phone.

A summary of the rules to comply with when working with Asurion

When a phone is damaged, report and file a claim.
Call the customer representatives to inform them and file the claim within 60 days.
If a phone is stolen, report first to the local authorities.


Asurion will check for things such as the case number and badge number of the police officer handling the case when you file the claim.
Return the damaged phone to Asurion
If you don’t do this, you have to pay the resale value of the damaged phone.
The deductibles are fixed.
You cannot negotiate this. You have to pay the stated amount for Asurion to fix or replace your cell phone.


Every customer that signs up for Asurion has to abide by the rules of this cell phone insurance provider. Breaking any rules can make one have a poor experience. If the company replaces your damaged phone, do not stay with it. You will receive an email from the insurer informing you to return the damaged phone. Avoid giving the insurer a hard time since you may end up paying a lot of unnecessary costs.


What if my phone is lost, then Asurion replaces it, and a few days later, I find it?

You still have to inform Asurion that you have found the lost phone and return it back to the insurer.

How long does filing claims take?

The process should take you a few minutes as long as you have all the required details.

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