How to Fix Steam Error Code -105?


Have you been trying to open the Steam platform but keep getting the error code 105? Here is how to handle the situation. 

Steam is world-renowned as a Digital Video Games distribution store filled with games you can either buy, download or play on site.

Recently, more subscribers have noticed that the error code 105 keeps popping up whenever they try to connect to the platform.

To fix the error code 105 on Steam, you must change or reset DNS settings as well as disable AdBlocker extensions. Check the internet connection to be sure you are still online. 

It could be caused by several reasons and some of these are like an AdBlocker which will interfere with normal operations of the Steam Client creating an irregular service.

A change or corruption in DNS configurations could also be causing the issues in connecting to the Steam database.

Lastly, a slow or unreliable internet connection will present issues when trying to launch the Steam platform which results in some errors.

How to fix error code 105 on Steam 

Power cycle Router 

When faced with a slow or unstable internet connection while running the Steam application, you will come across system issues or errors.

To solve them, you must refresh the router’s configuration. This is made possible by plugging out the power cable of the router and waiting at least five minutes before plugging back in.

Then wait for the internet access to be granted before trying to launch the Steam platform again. This step is also called re-initializing.

Flush out DNS 

Elements within the Steam platform can be dysfunctional following corruption of DNS settings continuously saved on the Windows operating system.

This calls for DNS settings to be initiated again by following these steps. First, press the Windows+R keys at once to bring out the Run configuration box.

In the run prompt, type in cmd and press enter. In the command prompt window that pops up, type in the following command; ipconfig/flushdns

Then press enter and wait for the process to take its course. Finally, open the Steam platform and check if the issue is resolved.

Disable AdBlock

The Steam platform comes with internal bugs that clash with any preinstalled AdBlockers or extensions and this prevents the function of some features.

This is why it is crucial to disable the ad blocker add-on in your browser.

If you use Chrome, go to Menu at the top right corner of your browser and hover over “more tools” to select extensions from it.

To disable the ad blocker, click on the toggle option in front of the extension. Then open the Steam platform and investigate if the issue is cleared.

Users of Firefox should click on the “menu” icon and select “Add-ons” from the drop-down list. Select the Adblocker extension and click on the disable tab next to it.

For Microsoft Edge subscribers, find the settings icon and select extensions from the list. Then click on the AdBlocker extension and select “disable”.

Uninstall Ad Blocker Application 

If disabling the AdBlocker does not clear the error on your screen, then you must uninstall the entire application.

This is because some elements of the disabled features could be interfering with the operations of the Steam platform.

To uninstall the AdBlocker application, Press Windows + R keys at once and type in “appwiz. cpl” in the pop-up box that shows.

Scroll through the list to find the Ad Blocker in use and double click on it. Select “yes” on the first prompt directive and follow the rest of the prompts.

Wait for uninstallation to complete then try the platform again to see if the issue is resolved.

Change DNS address 

It could help to change your DNS to one provided by Google to fix the error code 105. To do this in Windows, open the Rub dialogue box and type in ncpa.cpl then click OK.

This will open the Network Connections Control Panel. Here, find your network connection and select properties which will open another window.

While here on the networking tab, select Internet Protocol version 4 and click for its properties. Where it states “Use the following DNS server address” select the radio button and input as the preferred DNS.

Also, enter as the Alternate DNS server box and press OK to apply the changes. Then try Steam again to check if the error is cleared.

Summary Table: How to Fix error code 105 on Steam

Issue Cause Fix


Steam Error code 105

Corrupted files Delete Browser History
Unstable connection Restart Router
Corrupted DNS Flush out DNS or Change settings
Software Bugs Update Browser and Steam Application

Delete Browser data 

Browser history and registry entries are all saved and stored in your browser and the longer they stay in your system, the more prone they are to corruption.

Corrupted files create bugs and glitches in system functions and these, in turn, hinder the efficiency of the Steam platform.

To delete this excess data, access the Settings window from the Steam menu which is located at the top left corner of the software’s window.

Proceed to select Web browser from the list and from the pane that appears to your right, click on “delete web browser cache” and press ok to confirm.

Follow on to “delete all browser cookies” and press OK to apply changes. Then close the app and reopen it to check if the error is resolved.

Update Browser or Steam Application 

Software bugs are tiny but create big headaches. Thankfully most of them are resolved by running updates.

Developers often release new updates of their services to erase or fix new issues. So, ensure that you are running your Steam platform on an updated version of the application as well as on the latest version of your browser.


These resolutions have served many users of Steam services to fix the 105-error code. You cannot go wrong with any of them but if, for some reason, they do not work for you, contact the technical support team at Steam for further assistance.  


Is Steam a Free platform?

Yes. Registering, downloading, and installing the Steam app is free. Some games featured on their site are free as well.

What is DNS?

Also known as Domain Name System, is a tool used on the internet allowing the user to connect to targeted websites by translating DNS to IP addresses. 

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