Does CenturyLink have data caps?

No, it does not have data caps whether you are a business or residential customer. You get to enjoy unlimited internet. However, this does not mean you will not experience some sluggish speeds –especially with cable internet. The service provider is affordable and reliable. The company also does not offer contracts meaning it is easy to move from one service provider to the next.

CenturyLink DSL plans range from 15 to 100Mbps with its fiber internet pushing the limit to over 940Mbps. Internet speeds will vary with geographical region. Compared to other service providers, CenturyLink is of the cheapest options available. You can get the service in over 36 different states including Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, Oregon among others.

CenturyLink packages                                                                                    

Speeds up to
Internet type
Simply Unlimited internet
Up to 100Mbps

CenturyLink offers its internet as either fiber or DSL. The DSL has slower speeds but its affordable and okay for moderate internet usage. If you want provision of fast and reliable internet than you can go with their fiber plan which enables you to clock speeds of up to 940Mbps. There are three types of internet that CenturyLink uses, you have DSL which uses conventional phone lines, cable which can get congested with too many people on the network and fiber which is the fastest and most reliable to surf the net. The company does not have any internet caps but it did have its 1TB data cap for residential owners but this was scrapped some time ago.


CenturyLink charges an installation fee of $125 upwards. You also get an equipment rental of $15/month and equipment shipping of up to $50. You can also pay a one-off purchase fee of $150.

Mobile app

CenturyLink does come with an account management app for its Android and iOS devices. With this you are capable of rebooting your modem, viewing and paying your bills and solving various troubleshooting issues. The app has received some good ratings on various download stores.

CenturyLink has done a lot to improve its customer service ratings having moved from position 63 out of 100 to 59 out of 100 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). However, this may not accurately represent what is on ground as there have being several customer complaints of technicians not showing up for servicing.

CenturyLink is good for streaming as you should expect to do so on speeds of 80Mbps to 100Mbps. This is fine for a household of two to three people. Its fiber option is capable of supporting more speeds and larger households.

History of CenturyLink

CenturyLink has a long history that starts in the 1930s. The company offers high-speed internet, TV, and fiber in many states in the US. You can get connected to the internet via DSL, cable or fiber. The company was rated in 2021 as the Best internet service provider and the best DSL internet provider. It is ideal for those people who desire to lock in a plan price. You do not need to sign a contract to get into a plan. This means you can get out of a contract whenever you want without incurring any termination fees. Its DSL is suitable for most households as it delivers speeds of up to 100Mbps. For those who desire faster internet you can go with the fiber internet.

When you get into any of the CenturyLink internet plans you will be given the option of either renting or purchasing your own modem. Renting one will cost you $15/month while purchasing one of your own will cost $150. Renting a modem has its advantages in that you get the modem maintained by the ISP. They will give you an upgrade whenever they update their systems. You also get to technical assistance whenever something goes wrong with the modem. This can be ideal for those people who travel a lot and who may not want to get stuck with the service provider for long. However, for most people the monthly costs you pay for the modem can be quite a lot. If you consider paying $15 for 10 months then it equals purchasing a new modem/router. If you are going to be purchasing your own modem then you will need to first confirm with CenturyLink whether it is compatible.

You can rent a modem if you plan on switching providers as they are not compatible with each other. Once you are done choosing an ideal plan you will also need to pay for installation at $125. If you choose to go with self-installation you will be charged shipping and fees of $50. This ensures the company sends you the kit. Self-installation is not that hard if you follow the prescribed instructions and have a kit. You should also check for packages that come with free installation. Note that CenturyLink speeds will vary depending on region. From experience its not unusual not to meet the advertised speeds for DSL.


When CenturyLink started it had data caps of up to 1TB but with time this were scraped and the company does not have any data caps. This means you can enjoy unlimited internet for as much as you can. The company does offer its internet in various ways including DSL, cable and fiber. DSL tends to be the most available as it relies on an established telephone network. However, since the network can become outdated the speeds are not that reliable. Fiber internet is the fastest with speeds of up to 940Mbps but it is not available everywhere.


How much data do I use with CenturyLink?

You do not have a date cap with CenturyLink

How much data do you get with CenturyLink?

You will be able to download/upload depending on the bandwidth that you purchase

What is CenturyLink data cap?

A data cap is set to prevent you from exceeding your allocated data, CenturyLink had a data of 1TB but this was scrapped and it is now unlimited

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