Philips smart TV won’t connect to wifi – How to fix

Phillips is a very popular brand for its high-quality electronics like smart TVs and other products used in different countries. Their smart TVs come in different models that are each designed with their own innovative and development solutions like user-friendliness, picture quality, ergonomic, sound, and safety. Their modern smart TVs are based on the Android TV operating system while the settings depend on the model and device platform. With all this technology, you may find that your Philips smart TV won’t connect to wifi.

If yourPhilips smart TV won’t connect to your wifi network, you’re not alone. If you have problems establishing a wireless connection for your smart TV, you should check your router’s security settings, your router password, hard reset your TV, or create a wireless connection.

Check your router’s password

Your router’s wireless key or password is usually at the bottom of your router or indicated in the router’s documents. Your router’s wifi password should have a WPA and WPA2 encryption that is accepted by your TV and a WEP encryption key with a hexadecimal password that has numbers from 0-9 and capita letters from A-F with 10 or 26 characters. Some routers have a WPS button that is used to temporarily lower your network security so that devices can connect to your network without using a password. When you’re connecting your TV to your internet, choose the WPS instead of scan.

  • Check your Philips TV’s network settings
  • On your TV remote, click on the home button
  • Then click on setup

Go to network settings then select view network settings


  • On your TV remote, click on the settings tab
  • Then select all settings
  • Click on wireless and networks
  • Select wired or wifi then click on view network settings
  • In this menu, you should check the following:
  • The network mode of your TV should be set to indicate DHCP/auto IP. This means your TV will automatically the connection if your router changes your TV’s IP address.
  • Your TV’s IP address shouldn’t start with either 0 or 169 or be empty
  • Your TV should have a signal strength of at least 4 bars

Check the security options of your router

The security settings on your router can prevent your TV from establishing a network connection. So you should check for the following settings:

  • Your router’s cloud protection should be turned off.
  • Ensure that the internet ports 80 and 443 remain open
  • The hide/invisible SSID option on your router should be deactivated

All routers are different and to make the necessary changes to these settings, you can either use your router manual or contact your router’s manufacturer for assistance.

Create a wireless connection

To connect your Philips smart TV to your wireless network, make sure that you have a compatible WLAN router so that your TV can receive WLAN without any additional accessories. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • On your TV remote, click on the home button
  • Then select connect to network then click ok
  • Select the wireless tab then press ok
  • Click on the scan option and confirm
  • Select your home network from the list of networks displayed then click ok. Depending on your router, the displayed networks may vary.
  • Click on enter key option at the bottom of your screen then press ok. You must enter the encryption key once and your TV will save it.
  • Use your remote’s numerical keys to type in the encryption key then press the ok button when you’re done. You’ll find your router’s encryption key at the bottom or back of your router.
  • Confirm next by clicking ok
  • Wait for a few minutes for a connection to be established
  • Once a connection is complete, click ok
  • A message of network function will be displayed, then click ok to complete the connection
  • Once you’ve established a network connection, a wizard so you can setup a video store will automatically appear on your screen. To exit the wizard, click on cancel.
  • Now your smart TV is connected to your wifi network

How to fix an unstable Philips smart TV wireless connection

How to fix it
The effects
Disconnect some devices for your network
Helps to improve performance on connected devices
Create distance between different wireless devices
Reduce wifi interference
Use other router settings for your wifi network
It will help to tweak your wifi channels
Use speedify bonding VPN
Will monitor the connection quality and use multiple internet connections at the same time on one device


Hard reset your Philips smart TV

If your Philips smart TV isn’t performing properly or you made some changes and now it won’t connect to wifi, you’ll need to reset it to its default factory settings. You must understand the difference between a soft and a hard reset. A soft reset is for when you need to fix some minor issues like the calendar or clock. So you’ll just need to turn off your TV and unplug it from the main socket and wait for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in again. However, when you want to clean up everything and reset your TV to its default factory settings, you’ll use a hard reset.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the home button on your TV remote
  • Click on setup then select TV settings
  • Click on factory settings then press ok
  • You will be prompted to enter a PIN code. You can type in the default code of 8888 or if you’ve changed it enter the new code
  • Click on reset then press the ok button
  • Your TV will start the reset process which will erase all the apps, settings, or customization you had done and return to its default status.

Reinstall the TV channels

  • After you’ve reset your TV to its factory settings, you’ll need to reinstall all your TV channels.
  • To access the menu, click on the home button
  • Click on setup then select TV settings
  • Click on reinstall TV then press ok
  • Your TV will begin to reinstall all your TV channels

Resetting your Philips smart TV should solve most of the problems with your wifi connection. If the problem persists, you should go to your user guide section and troubleshoot the problem or contact the Philips customer support team for further help.


With so many ways of fixing your Philips smart TV won’t connect to wifi, you’ll soon be enjoying a lag-free and buffer-free TV experience.


Why does my Philips TV keep disconnecting from wifi?

Maybe you have a weak signal and this causes a disconnection between your router and TV. You should try bringing your TV closer to your router.

Why does my Philips TV keep shutting off?

You’ll need to check your remote for a button that is stuck on the remote could be faulty that unintentionally turns your TV on/off. Also, turn on your TV with the TV power button to see if you need to replace your remote.


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