The Archer c50 vs c7 – For your home Wi-Fi connectivity needs

Routers have been designed to connect multiple networks and forward packets to either its networks or other networks. They are, therefore, a layer 3 device because the forwarding decisions are based on the information on the layer 3 IP packet.

Investing in routers is the best solution to solve your Wi-Fi needs, and the good thing is that routers can now be integrated with access points to offer comprehensive coverage thus eliminate dead zones. So, which is the best router for your home Wi-Fi needs, read below as we share our discovers.

What are the differences between the Archer C50 and the C7?

Archer C50
Archer C7 (Winner)
867mbps-Download speeds at 5GHz

300mbps-Upload speeds at 2.4ghZ

1300mbps-Download speeds at 5GHz

450mbps-Upload speeds at 2.4GHz

4.8 x 1.3 x 7.2 inches
9.6 x 6.3 x 1.3 inches
External Antenna

Archer C50 and C7 –How do they compare?


According to Tp-Link, the Archer C50 is a high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi configured to offer its users 3x faster connections to the internet. The unit, offers up to 300mbps faster upload speeds at 2.4GHz, and 867mbps download speeds via the crystal clear 5GHz band. It, therefore, goes without saying that the Archer c50 is the recommended router for users who engage the bandwidth-intensive tasks.

And to contribute to the Archer c50 speeds and coverage it has been equipped with an innovative antenna design that enables an efficient and stable connection. The advanced antenna technology enhances the receiving sensitivity to blanket your home with internet connection.

Unlike the Archer c50, the c7 can handle more tasks because of the high speeds; however, it hasn’t been equipped with any new advanced technology. The unit can, therefore, manage the simple tasks like sending emails and web browsing. The router also has higher upload and download speeds when compared to the c50, meaning that it is well capable of handling bandwidth-intensive tasks like HD video streaming and online gaming.

The antennas are a dual-band Wi-Fi thus works to expand coverage. Antennas are normally used to enhance coverage, the c7, therefore, has been equipped with advanced connection technology that enables the unit to maintain impressive connection speeds. The above, therefore, means that the router’s coverage allows users to roam and still access reliable connectivity in their expansive homes or offices.

Both the c50 and the c7 are high performing routers however, the c7 does offer users high speeds and when combined with the antennas with the dual-band Wi-Fi, then users are assured of lag-free work and entertainment.

Capacity and design

Tp-Link allows users to connect up to 250 devices on its router networks, however, the number is too large especially if most of the devices connected are engaging in higher bandwidth activities. Some devices also allow guests to connect to the network but users complain of poor connectivity and inability to experience faster download and upload speeds.

Both the Archer c50 and c7 have not been provided for with the number of devices that users can connect with, but it is advisable to stick to at least 10 devices and then if the router allows, you can prioritize the devices that will engage in higher bandwidth activities to get priority as regards the Wi-Fi speeds.


The Archer c50 features a unique sophisticated design with four well-spaced antennas designed to achieve spatial diversity thus helps in link reliability. At the front of the device, users have been provided with function indicators to inform them when the unit is on/off and whether it is receiving reliable internet signals.

At the back of the Archer c50 users have been provided with up to 5 ports but no USB port, meaning that if you wanted to use the router with a USB cable, you will have to find other options. The c7 is not any different from the c50 only that it has 3 antennas while the c50 has 4, but don’t forget also that the latter’s speeds are low.

C7 has three antennas effectively spaced at the back thus achieves spatial diversity, there are also functional led lights at the front, meant to inform users of the functional status of their routers. And at the back, we have been provided with 5 ports (4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port) plus an extra USB port to allow users to conveniently share content.

The Archer c50 and the c7- A comparison overview

Archer c50

TP-Link Archer C50 Wireless Dual Band Router (White)
  • 4 external antennas provide stable wireless connections and optimal coverage
  • Smooth gaming and HD streaming

Users who have been having problems with coverage can now adopt the c50 for their home or office use, mainly because the unit features up to 4 antennas designed to enhance coverage without you having to sit close to the router. Better yet is that the unit can be customized with the provided Tp-link tether application making network management seamless.

And better yet, if you have an expansive space or want to equip every part of your home with high internet speeds then you can invest in access points and integrate them with the c50. The above option comfortably handles the many devices that you may want to be connected to the network and can handle roaming while using the internet without compromising on speeds and coverage.

The unit has also been equipped with the relevant security options and users can, therefore, entertain guests on their network while still protecting their privacy. Important to note is that users are allowed to only maintain the authorized guests in their network. Set up is also very easy via the provided web interface and the powerful tether application, and mind you, management of the network settings can be done from any android or ios device.


  • Allows seamless gaming and HD streaming
  • The four antennas enable stable wireless connection
  • Set up is easy via the tether application
  • Features a parental control option


  • Routers come in one foreign language, with no option for English

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Archer c7

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While other routers might need an additional Wi-Fi access point before you can enjoy comprehensive coverage, Archer c7 has been equipped with three external antennas with advanced connection technology that allows users to maintain high speeds. The antennas both serve the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band, the above ensures that Wi-Fi signals are distributed to every part of your home or office.

The unit has also been equipped with a USB port that allows users to share a hard drive full of media via their home network or through an FTP server when one is not close to the unit. For the wired connections, you have been provided with a one Gigabit WAN port and four Gigabit LAN ports that offer speeds that are 10x faster when compared to the standard Ethernet connections.

Most importantly is that the router offers its users a mesh network, but with a single Wi-Fi name, so all you need to do is to connect a one mesh range extender to a one mesh router, and the devices connected to your network can enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi streaming as they move around the home or the office. The mesh network, therefore, works to obliterate the Wi-Fi dead zones by providing whole-house coverage.


  • Has up to six antennas to help enhance coverage, three internal and three external
  • The incorporated USB port encourages media sharing
  • The tether Tp-Link application comes with an intuitive mobile interface e
  • The Archer c7 router offers mesh coverage


  • The router is not very convenient as it requires multiple resets in a day
  • The router offers less Wi-Fi coverage

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The Archer c50 and the c7 are both great Wi-Fi routers for those who wish to install them in their homes. However, they both have major differences when it comes to speeds and coverage, the c7 will, therefore, perform better in a high traffic environment when compared to the Archer c50 mainly because the c7 has been equipped with up to six antennas and has higher upload and download speeds.

Besides, the six antennas have all been configured to enhance coverage and speed, three are thus located on the inside and three others on the outside. The c7 is also more user friendly as it has been equipped with a USB port for users who want to share media.


The Archer c7, therefore, turns out to be a better option when compared to the c50, first because it offers its users high upload and download speeds. The router has also been equipped with a powerful CPU which enables high-speed processing. With the Archer c7, you are not limited in terms of usage that is from downloading files, to live streaming, online gaming, and sharing media.


  1. Will multiply devices affect my Archer c50?

The Archer c50 does not depend on its internet connection; it, therefore, shares an internet connection with the entire network. And by connecting many devices to the router the internet will be shared and if some are utilizing higher bandwidth then the Wi-Fi speeds will be affected.

  1. How many devices can be connected to the c7 router?

255 is the number that most routers can handle but for efficient speeds and wide coverage even when you are roaming then the recommended device is 10.

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