Synology mesh vs. Eero – Which mesh system is more reliable?

Do you have certain rooms in your home where the Wi-Fi connection sucks? Mesh networking kits, like Synology and Eero, ensure each square foot in your home has stable and speedy internet access.

Over the years, different mesh networking systems have flooded the networking market. Instead of using a single router, these systems allow users to utilize multiple access points spread out across your vicinity, eliminating the possibility of dead spots. As a result, you are sure to experience improved performance and range of your wireless connection.

Synology mesh and Eero are excellent mesh systems packed with extensive features. In this comparison review, we shall compare their differences and similarities to determine which mesh system is more reliable with consistent and speedy performance.

What are the differences between Synology mesh and Eero?

Synology Mesh Router MR2200ac
Eero Mesh Wi-Fi router (Winner)
6.4 by 7.4 by 2.5 inches
3.86 by 3.86 by 2.36 inches
Performance and speed




Hardware and installation
Easy to install and comes with 256Mb DDR3 RAM and Wave 2 802.11ac circuitry
Easy to set up and comes with 700MHz quad-core processor, 4GB flash storage and 512MB RAM
M-MIMO and beamforming technology

Synology Mesh vs. Eero- How do they compare?


Synology Mesh features a matte black enclosure and has product dimensions of 6.4 by 7.4 by 2.5 inches with a total weight of 1.82 lbs. It comes in a reasonably compact rectangular shape that can stand on one of its sides. It also features USB 3.0 connectivity, a single Gigabit LAN port, and a WAN port at the back, while its front display has LED indicators that show Wi-Fi signal strength and system status.

Alternatively, the Eero mesh system is cube-shaped with rounded edges similar to a medicine pill. It measures 3.86 x 3.86 x 2.36 inches and compact enough to fit in a bookshelf, but can be an obstruction when placed on a coffee table.

Eero, therefore, has a more compact and lightweight design than Synology Mesh.

Performance and speed

Synology MR2200ac is a tri-band mesh router with maximum data transmission speeds of 400Mbps on its 2.4GHz frequency and 867Mbpson both of its 5GHz bandwidths, whereby one of them is used as a backhaul communication between its nodes. Each unit has a range of coverage of 2000 sq. Ft. In a real-world environment, the Synology Mesh offered a speed of 490Mbps on its main router node and 380Mbps on its satellite node in a close proximity test (same room).

On the other hand, Eero Mesh router is a dual-band device with maximum data transfer rates of 400Mbps on its 2.4GHz band and 866Mbps on its 5GHz. It also has coverage of up to 5000 sq. Ft. with each node covering 1500 sq. Ft. In a real-world environment, the Eero Mesh Router was tested had a download speed of 77.5Mbps while its upload speed dropped to 4.42 Mbps at a distance of 13 feet and with an internet provider of 80Mbps.

Both routers have performance-enhancing features, including beamforming and MU-MIMO technology, which is responsible for sending the WIFI signals to a client device directly instead of an all directional broadcast.

Therefore, Eero mesh has a better feature and wider coverage range than Synology Mesh.

Hardware and installation

Powered by a Qualcomm quad-core CPU, the MR2200ac comes with a 256Mb DDR3 RAM, Wave 2 802.11ac circuitry that supports MU-MIMO data streaming and beamforming technology, as well as Smart Connect that allows automatic band steering. More so, this device uses mesh technology that enables seamless wireless connection using additional MR2200ac router nodes. It is also easy to install using its DS Router App that is available for iOS and android.

The Eero Mesh router has a 700MHz quad-core processor, 4GB flash storage, and 512MB RAM. Like Synology Mesh MR2200ac, this dual-band system supports direct-to-client beamforming, automatic band steering, and MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming and uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. It is also quite easy to install using its Eero mobile app.

Synology Mesh is, therefore more expandable and has more capacity than Eero mesh Wi-Fi system.

Synology Mesh vs. Eero – A comparison review

Synology Mesh MR2200ac router review

Synology MR2200ac Mesh Wi-Fi Router
  • Dedicated Tri-band 2.13 Gbps (400+867+867 Mbps) bandwidth optimized for performance and reliability
  • Easy setup and remote management from web client or mobile app

Synology MR2200ac is a mesh router that is usable as a single unit or paired with other nodes to form a mesh network. It features reliable performance and comes with plenty of user-friendly management features, including Malware protection, Synology’s Safe Access parental controls, and a dedicated wireless backhaul.

Ideal for a medium home, this mesh network covers a maximum range of 2000 sq. Ft. and has an easy to install and user-friendly interface. It features a maximum data transfer rate of 400Mbps on its 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on each 5GHz band, with one of them serving as the backhaul communication between the nodes.

Furthermore, this device comes with robust firmware and useful add-on apps, including VPN Plus server, Cloud Station Server, Download Station, DNS server, and Safe Access parental control features, among many others.


  • Excellent and consistent performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Robust parental controls
  • Dedicated wireless backhaul band
  • Comes with malware protection


  • Comes with only one LAN port

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Eero mesh router

Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – router replacement for whole-home coverage (3-pack)
  • Whole-home coverage - An eero 3-pack is a whole-home WiFi system that replaces your router and covers up...
  • Works with Alexa - With eero and an Alexa device (not included) you can easily manage WiFi access for...

The Eero mesh router is a much more popular option of the two because it is much more affordable and yet caters to the needs of the majority. Eero routers are compact enough to hold in your palm and feature a simple yet attractive design. All the units are white with a small LED light at the top center of the routers, which serves as a status indicator for the router with different colors representing different problems or configurations. Installation of the router involves using an Ethernet cable to connect it to the modem or preexisting router. If you are using the 3-pack, the other units are placed where the dead zones exist or close the zones.

Each router provides a range of 1500 sq. Feet. While the three work together, you get a range of about 5000 square feet, which is perfect for medium to large-sized homes with two or three bedrooms. Another impressive feature of this router is its robust parental control known as Secure Plus, but you need to pay for this plan.


  • You can use an unlimited number of beacons
  • beautiful and attractive in design
  • easy to set up and install
  • The design allows easy mounting on walls and other stationary objects
  • Versatile as it is compatible with Alexa


  • There is a subscription fee for the inbuilt security making it expensive

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Both of these routers feature solid performance depending on the users’ needs. If you are looking for a budget-friendly choice of the two, the Synology Mesh router is the best choice. Otherwise, if you are looking for an all-round powerful router with reliable coverage and minimal data loss, the Eero is the most suitable choice.

Final verdict: So which is better between Synology Mesh and Eero?

All factors considered, the Eero mesh router is a better choice compared to the Synology Mesh router as it offers impressive speed and excellent bandwidth coverage. It is also compatible with Alexa and comes with TrueMesh technology that routes traffic to prevent drop-offs, congestion, and buffering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Eero router support beamforming?

Yes. Eero supports both MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies, which both assist in simultaneous data streaming.

Is it possible to connect MR2200ac and RT2600ac?

Yes, these two routers are compatible.

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