TENDA F3 VS N301- Which is the better router for home and office use?

Settling on one router entails combing through the details of each and considering many factors. That alone is quite a chore. The choice becomes even harder because there are countless, premium quality options to choose from. This TENDA F3 VS N301 guide has been specifically tailored to help you pick between these top contenders.

From the avid gamer to the freelancer, a proper internet connection is one of the must-have essentials for a wide array of people. With that being said, going for one router is not an easy task. Perusing through shops and online markets, you will be met with so many different routers to choose from. Some are sleek in design, while others are rather plain and compact but they get the job done.

After carefully analyzing all the available routers, it is easy to narrow down to TENDA F3 and N301 as some of the best routers you can choose from. This article has been tailored to be a one-stop read on all you need to know about these models. While they both offer exemplary features, they have subtle differences that make them stand out. They are both highly rated and reputable choices but you can find the better one for you at the end of this guide.

Read on for more on TENDA F3 VS N301.

What are the differences between TENDA F3 VS N301?

Wireless and wired connectivity, parental controls, WISP, Time switch mode
2 antennas, Ethernet connectivity, parental controls, non-blocking switching architecture
300mbs per second
300mbs per second
Single- 2.4GHz
Single- 2.4GHz
2.4GHz Radio Frequency
802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n

TENDA F3 VS N301- how do they compare to one another?

Wi-Fi Specs

Both TENDA F3 and N301 have fast data transfer speeds of 300mbs per second. This makes both routers ideal for gaming, web browsing and streaming. If you are one to go for 1080p or 4K, you need such speeds to be assured of seamless connections. This transfer speed is also good enough to download high-definition videos without any unwanted interruptions. You can also enjoy gaming and go on video chats without slow buffering and lagging.

Regarding its compatibility, N301 is more compatible as they work well in 802.11b to 802.11n. For TENDA F3, on the other hand, this router is compatible with 2.4GHz radio frequency. This can be quite the drawback compared to other routers that are highly compatible with a wide range of wireless types.


When using wireless connections, you need to be sure that your data is protected from cyber-attacks and other malware. In TENDA F3, it is designed to offer you protection straight out of the box without any setup. While the router is not exactly fancy, it does what it needs to do in protecting your devices.

On the flipside, N301 has diverse features on its security. For example, it requires you to always keep up-to-date on the most current firmware in the market. This is so that you can be assured of the advanced security features at work in your router. To add, it has a non-blocking switching architecture system that ensures maximum output that is safety-assured.


Weighing in at 7.52oz, TENDA F3 is quite bulky compared to N301 that weighs 5.6oz. The dimensions are 3.56 x 1.02 x 5.02 inches and 2.32 x 0.91 x 4.88 inches respectively. Like most modern routers, TENDA F3 comes in a sleek, elegant white color. N301 is also sold in a stark white color.

In terms of their internal design, they are both wired differently. One unique feature of TENDA F3 is the time switch mode. With this, you can be able to set time-out periods for your router. For example, you can set the timer such that the router goes off when you are sleeping. Time switch mode is highly beneficial because it helps you save on power as well as keep the router in mint condition for a long time.

TENDA F3 VS N301- A comparison review

TENDA F3 Overview and Key features

Tenda N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router with High Power 5dBi Antennas (F3), White
  • Quick downloads and lag-free online gaming with speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • 3x5dBi High Gain Antennas for improved Wi-Fi coverage

The full-sized TENDA F3 is a good quality router that has unmatched features to make it stand out from the countless products in the market. First, it transfers 300mbs per second. While this is a tad slower compared to similar priced products, TENDA F3 is ideal for gaming and streaming high-definition movies, music and videos that are usually data intensive. 300mbps is also good enough for web browsing comfortably. Therefore, with TENDA 3 you can be assured of ideal performance for HD streaming as well as uploading photos and video chatting.

Secondly, TENDA F3 comes with 3 external antennas for added stability and robustness. This is because additional external antennas pick up different signal versions. These antennas also increase the Wi-Fi coverage of a router due to their high gain nature. This router also has 5 Ethernet ports that add to this functionality. The different ports and 2.4GHz frequency bands together ensure stable connectivity.

To add, you can be assured of top-notch security from cyber threats and similar malware. For example, at the simple push of the WPS button, you can set-up the wireless security encryption options. TENDA F3 also has numerous settings that can be tweaked to make sure you are protected at all times. Another addition to its security feature is that TENDA F3 supports WPA-PSK, WPA, WPA-2 and WPA2-PSK. Indeed, you get to enjoy these good security features of TENDA F3 right out of the box without any additional accessories.

Finally, TENDA F3 is one of the best products because of its time switch mode. This mode allows you to set times where you want the router to be off. For instance, you can set the timer for periods you are usually asleep so as to save yourself on the extra bills.

Like all other products, TENDA F3 is not perfect and it has its own drawbacks. First, it is the best choice for small spaces as it has a rather short range. In fact, according to reviewers, TENDA F3 works well in small spaces like cozy homes and office spaces of less than 1000ft for proper speeds and performance. With the dimensions of 3.46 x 1.02 x 5.02 inches, TENDA F3 is rather heavy weighing in at 7.52oz. This can be quite the disadvantage for those who are looking for really tiny-sized routers. Nonetheless, it is still lightweight enough for easy use.

Another drawback with TENDA F3 is regarding the durability of its materials. Some users have pointed out that it is rather fragile and can break apart even with tender use and maintenance. In fact, some have commented on how weak the wires are that they easily wear out after a short period of use. The antenna can also easily snap off. This can be another deal breaker because the antenna cannot be replaced without having to buy a new router all together.

What we like:

  • Reasonably priced and great value for money
  • Attractive, sleek look that complements all places
  • Stable wireless connection
  • Good transfer speeds for HD video streaming and gaming as well
  • Efficient and has time switch mode to save your power

What we don’t like:

  • Practical for small spaces with short range (small apartments or office space)
  • Rather fragile and the antenna can easily snap off

With TENDA F3, this is what you get:

  • Wi-Fi speeds of 300mbs per second
  • Superior advanced chip design for HD streaming, video chatting, web browsing and gaming with ease
  • 32MB RAM
  • Power supply of 9V/0.6A
  • 5 Ethernet ports and 2.4GHz

Pointer: Note that this router is better suited for small apartments or office spaces that have a short range. It also works well on multiple devices but it tends to lag when connected to a really large number of devices.

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N301 Overview and Key Features

Tenda N301 N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, Easy Setup, Up to 300Mbps, White
  • Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps ideal for streaming, online gaming, VoIP, and web browsing
  • Two 5dBi antennas greatly increase the wireless range and stability

For uninterrupted streaming of high-definition videos, playing games and web surfing; N301 is one of the best buys. With data transfer speeds of 300mbs per second, you can easily enjoy all your favorite tasks without having to bear through buffering and lagging.

Second notable feature of this product is its sleek design and compact size. With the dimensions of 2.32 x 0.91 x 4.88 inches and a weight of 5.6oz, N301 is one of the lightest routers in the market. It is also rather small and best suited for home use. It can also work well in home-offices because of its short range. Another bonus feature is that N301 comes with parental control features. You can easily tweak with the controls so that you can easily monitor your child’s activity on the internet.

Finally, you can be assured of a quality product because it also comes with a 3 year warranty in case of any defects by the manufacturer. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of your router or it comes with defects right off the bat, you can swap it in for a replacement.

The only imperfection with this product is that it can comfortably handle few connections around 10. If you are looking for a router to suit a large enterprise, this might not be the best pick if used alone. Additionally, it tends to frequently drop connections when overloaded. To fix this, simply reset it.

What to like:

  • Great value for money
  • Compact sized with an eye-catchy white design
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and full-time technical support when you need it

What we don’t like:

  • Rather small and can comfortably handle few connections
  • Tends to drop connections and needs a reset every once in a while

This is what you get with N301:

  • Non-blocking architecture to filter and forward packets
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Widely compatible with 802.11b and 802.11n among others

Pointers: When you are setting up this router for the first time, make sure to update it to the most recent firmware. This goes a long way in protecting your router from unnecessary chipping away at its drives. Also be sure to manually set the center challenge. Regarding the 2.4GHz band, do a check of adjacent channels to be sure everything is running as it should.

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Verdict: so which is better? TENDA F3 or N301

TENDA F3 and N301 are two quality router options. While they are both well-rated among users and are highly reputable, they have subtle differences between them. After considering their features and design down to the fine details, N301 stands out. It comes with parental control features and a 3 year warranty to boot. That alone is enough make N301 a worthy purchase for long-term use and protection of your devices.

Frequently asked questions

How exactly does a router work?

A router is a networking device that basically works by connecting devices to the network connection. It does this simply by giving each device unique IP addresses. Once it has done this, different traffic data types can be shared between multiple devices without any fear of data loss.

Are the settings on a router customizable?

Most routers are easily customizable according to your own preferences and needs. Once installed, you can refer to the manual to see how exactly to tweak the settings. Broadly, it entails going to the Utility section and changing things like the frequency band, SSID settings.

What is a firewall and how does it work?

A firewall works basically like a filter. This is because its primary role is to control the type of traffic data that is being received and forwarded by the router. For optimum security, you need to be sure your router has an in-built network firewall. It will protect your devices from untrusted and unsecure connections.

How do you know which router is best for you?

Some factors that will help you narrow down to one router are: data transfer speeds, security features and connectivity. It also does not hurt to go for a router that has an attractive design.

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