Frontier Vs Comcast – Which is the better internet service provider

Frontier Vs Cox

You’ll agree with me that it can be really frustrating watching a movie that keeps on buffering. However, the good news is that this will not be a problem that you will encounter if you subscribe to either Frontier or Comcast Internet Service Providers.

It’s amazing how far Internet Service providers have come to offer us with the best internet services. And it is no different with these two Internet service providers as they will guarantee you with reliable internet connection throughout the year. Yes, that’s right! In addition to this, Frontier and Comcast also provide their subscribers with a variety of internet plans that are very affordable. All you have to do is simply subscribe to their monthly data plans and enjoy consistent fast download speeds.

When to use Comcast Internet service provider

You can opt for this internet service provider if you are looking for reliable internet services that are fairly priced. Comcast use both cable and Fiber connection types depending on the area you come from. This allows them to deliver fast download speeds throughout to your home regardless of where you stay which serves as a big plus to their subscribers.

When to use Frontier Internet service provider

This internet service provider comes with one key feature that is very useful to a lot of people who require internet services. Frontier internet services are normally widely available which is a key selling point for them. This is because they are able to deliver their services to a large number of customers. So you can actually consider subscribing to their internet services if you are looking for an internet service provider who will always be ready to deliver their services to you.

Frontier vs Comcast Feature Comparison

Comcast (Winner)
Type of Service
DSL, Fiber, Copper
Cable, Fiber
Data Cap
Internet Speeds
Up to 1000Mbps
Up to 2000Mbps

How we evaluate Frontier and Comcast

Of course we have a very dependable way of assessing both Frontier and Comcast. The features that we look at in order to evaluate these two providers are:

  • Data Plans– Simply put, this is the number of internet packages offer and flexibility of their offers
  • Data Caps– This is the maximum amount of data an ISP allows you to use each month
  • Customer Service – Is the help desk of the ISP dependable? Will get satisfied as a customer?
  • Internet speed– What’s the fastes speed an ISP has to offer? What’s the slowest speed and are these speeds reliable?
  • Equipment- Technology really matters a lot when it comes to interent services. Better equipment will give you better services and will be equipped with better features.

Frontier vs Comcast: – A Comparison Overview

Comcast Review

Comcast is a well-known company that has built a solid reputation in the communications sector. This is because they offer reliable internet ad TV services to their customers. Most of their subscribers actually speak positively about the reliability of Comcast’s services.

Internet Package
Price per month
Download Speed
Upload Speed
Data Cap
Performance Starter+
25 Mbps
3 Mbps
1 TB
Performance Select
100 Mbps
5 Mbps
1 TB
Performance Pro+
200 Mbps
5 Mbps
1 TB
300 Mbps
10 Mbps
1 TB
Extreme Pro+
600 Mbps
15 Mbps
1 TB
1000 Mbps
35 Mbps
1 TB
Gigabit Pro
2000 Mbps
2000 Mbps
1 TB

Comcast is really mindful of its customers and this is why it will offer you with quite a number of packages which you can choose from. Its smallest packages is the Performer Starter plus with speeds of up to 25Mbps with a starting price of $24.99/mo. This is quite a good package if you are three or less in a household. With such speeds, you can perform quite a number of tasks over the internet but you are limited to heavy tasks such as 4K streaming. However you should opt for the Gigabit or Gigabit pro packages if you are looking for packages that come with download speeds of up to 2000Mbps. With these two Giga packages you can do quite a lot with the internet. They can also accommodate multiple devices streaming 4K videos without compromising on the quality of internet connection.

However, Comcast has a 1TB data cap for all its packages. Knowing that you get data caps for internet bundles can at times be disappointing, right? A 1TB data cap is quite high anyway and I assure you that you won’t get anywhere near that limit.


  • Provides a variety of data plans.
  • Guarantee you reliable internet services.
  • Supports HD and 4K streaming.
  • Wide coverage.


  • There may be outages at times

Frontier FiOS review

Frontier has been offering internet services for quite some time now. They offer copper, fiber and DSL services. This ISP tries to give you the best user experience and outdoes itself every now and then when it comes to pricing strategies. If you are interested in this ISP, below are some packaged deals from Frontier.

Download Speed
Data Cap
Simply FiOS 50/50
50 Mbps
Simply FiOS 500/500
500 Mbps
Simply FiOS Gig Service
1000 Mbps


Frontier will never disappoint you when it comes to packaged deals. They got you covered regardless of the area you come from. To add onto that, Frontier has no data caps. This is quite incredible because you can use your internet as much as you want without worrying about spending some extra dollars to get extended services.

Although this Internet service provider will not offer you a wide variety of options when it comes to fiber, they will still strive towards giving you the best internet connection at affordable prices. However, this Internet Service Provider is not impressive when it comes to customer service.


  • Guarantees you fast download speeds.
  • Deliver a reliable internet connection throughout.
  • Budget- friendly data packages.
  • Comes with a variety of connection types.


  • Unreliable Customer Service.

How does Frontier and Comcast Compare?

Data Caps

Frontier Communications lacks data caps on any of its plans unlike Comcast who set a 1TB data usage limit on their packages. This means that you can use the internet however you please without worrying about reaching monthly limits when you subscribe to Frontier. It is also important to note that 50GB will be debited to your account for a fee of 10 dollars if you exceed your data usage limit when subscribed to Comcast.

Connection type

Frontier communications still uses Digital Subscriber Lines in some of its packages depending on the geographical area.  DSL uses copper telephone lines to transmit high speed internet connections to its customers. Comcast, however, provides cable internet in most of its areas. This type of connections regarded one of fastest to date. To add onto that the fiber optic connection that Comcast uses is best known for its neck-breaking speeds when it comes to internet connections. Therefore, Comcast offer you with better and faster connectivity options as compared to Frontier.


As far as equipment goes, both Frontier and Comcast either rent you their equipment or can let you to purchase one from their stores. However, Comcast provide you with a more advanced DVR as compared to Frontier. Their DVR has preloaded programming and can let you have access to your favourite social media platforms. Frontier Communications on the other hand, provide you with a DVR model as it has less storage and can also accommodate less devices at a go.


Frontier is a decent internet service provider who will offer you internet connection without any data caps throughout the year. However, Comcast is the overall winner as compared to Frontier because they will provide you with better equipment and more data packages.


What is Xfinity Flex?

It is a free streaming device offered to all Comcast customers who use internet-only plans. It includes apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Can you use your own router for frontier?

Yes you can although using your own equipment will make you lose technical support from Frontier.


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