Should I disable firewall on router for PS4 /PS5?

A lot of gaming activities nowadays rely on solid internet connection throughout. However, connecting a PS4 or PS5 to a router with a firewall may serve as a slight disadvantage especially if you are connected to NAT3.

A firewall usually limits you from accessing some online games and even media players e.g. Plex Media player. Without doubt, Plex is one of the best streaming media players you can access using your PlayStation. However, it doesn’t work when the Firewall of your router is enabled which makes it difficult for you to stream music while playing games. The main purpose of the Firewall is to provide you with protection on your home network but it also hinders you from a number of activities.

Disabling the firewall on your router will most definitely give you more access to online activities without any restrictions. Alternatively, you could as well just disconnect your PlayStation from the router and connect the Ethernet cable from the modem directly to it. This can also be a simple hack that could help you get past the strict firewall rules on network connection.

Most times when your router firewall is on, it will lock your connection to NAT3 (Network Address Translation) which is pretty strict especially when it comes to online gaming. Unfortunately, some games are not compatible with NAT3 connection and you may find it difficult to join online gaming sessions with your friends.  And this is not all, as connecting to Nat3 may also cause your PlayStation to disconnect from PSN frequently or cause it to hang whenever you connect it to the internet especially due to high ping.

Connection type
NAT Type 1
Open – this is when you connect your PlayStation directly to the modem however your console will be susceptible to viruses.
NAT Type 2
Moderate – this involves you connecting your console to the router and adjust the settings on the router settings. It offers protection on your network but is less strict as compared to NAT 3.
NAT Type 3
Strict – Most routers and modems come with NAT 3 connection type as it ensures maximum security on your network. However, this connection type may not be compatible with some PS games.

How to disconnect firewall on your router

Log in to router settings page

A lot of people usually have the assumption that it is a bit complicated to access the settings page of their router. However, this is not true as you can easily log in to the settings page of your router through a web browser on your phone. All you have to do is get the IP address of your router copy paste it to the browser address bar on your browser. This will automatically take you to your router’s configuration page.

It is also important to note that you shouldn’t be worried if you don’t know the IP address of your router. Most routers have their IP address on their websites which you can easily search on the internet. The other process would be getting the Default Gateway using your computer, if it uses Windows.

Key in your Log in details

Key in your Log in details

Once you have gained access to the configurations page, you should enter the username and password of your router.Now, most routers usually come with their username and passwords on their user manual. However, you could easily check for the default username and password on the internet in the event that you have forgotten it. A simpler alternative to this will be to try out the common default username and passwords that usually come with most routers. This includes “Admin” and “1234” respectively.

However, you are supposed to change the username and password from default settings so that you can improve the security of your router. So, this should be the best opportunity for you to change it if you still haven’t changed them yet.

Search through the router menu

At this point we all know that there is one thing that we are concerned with and it’s that restrictive firewall that comes with the router. Therefore, you should search for firewall or packet check when you get to the router menu. Well, routers have different software layouts hence you should be keen when searching where the firewall settings are located in the configurations page. For instance, the firewall settings for D- Link routers are located on the Advanced menu while Netgear routers have their firewall settings located on the WAN settings. However, if you are using a Linksys router, you should look for the Security menu in order to adjust the firewall settings.

Apply the settings

The third and final step is to save the option that you choose for your router. Therefore, once you tap on the firewall option, you should disable the firewall setting and then save. If you fail to save the change your router won’t disable the firewall setting that it initially had. You’ll now be able to access most online games and media players once you have successfully disabled the firewall on your router.


As we have seen, disconnecting the firewall on your router will most definitely allow you to have more access when it comes to online gaming. You will be able to play a wider variety of games as there won’t be any strict network restrictions. However, you should only do this if you really have to. This is because disabling the firewall may expose your console to harmful bugs that may damage its software.


How do I know what NAT type my PlayStation is connected to?

You simply go to where the Network settings are and click on connection status. You will see the NAT type your console is connected to

Can I change the NAT type on my PlayStation before disabling the firewall?

Yes, it is actually recommended that you try to reduce to NAT 2 before you completely disable the firewall on your router. Most times NAT 2 will enable to play most games online without any issue.

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