Smart TV vs Roku Stick – Which one performs better?

Smart TVs have replaced your ordinary TV with major TV brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Sony producing smart TVs that can stream your favorite movies and shows just like a streaming device. However, you may be confused with the difference between a smart TV and a Ruko stick when it comes to what they can offer.

You might not need a streaming device if you have a smart TV since it can give you access to a wide variety of streaming services and content choices from apps like Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Hulu and voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. However, smart TVs just like smartphones and computers can become old and outdated, but a streaming device like the Ruko stick is specifically designed to provide access to tons of streaming services without a subscription and free content.

What are the differences between Smart TV and Roku Stick?

Smart TV
Ruko stick
A small portable streaming stick
A large bulky electronic device
Very easy
Content availability
Limited to what producers provide
Come pre-installed and can be downloaded
Very affordable
Specifically designed for streaming purposes
Handles a lot of things

Smart TV vs Roku Stick – How do they differ?


A Ruko stick is a plain black stick with a Ruko logo, a micro-USB power port, and a reset button. You only need to plug it into the HDMI port of your TV and use the power cord to power it from the main source or the USB adapter to plug it into your TVs USB port, but this will take longer to boot up. On the other hand, unlike the old ‘dumb’ TVs that can only display content from an HDTV cable or antenna or an A/V source, the Smart TVs like smartphones and smart home devices provide support for a variety of apps and internet connectivity. These are screens with built-in computers that can run apps and stream content over the internet.

The Ruko streaming stick has a better design that is portable and easier to use.


The Ruko stick is a very small, lightweight, and portable streaming device that you can easily carry in your pocket when you’re traveling and still stream content online, unlike a Smart TV that is bulky, fragile, and very hard to transport from one place to another. You can power a Ruko stick from your TVs USB port and you also have an option of using your wall socket through the adapter cable. You can easily travel with the stick to a hotel when on the road and attach it to the room’s TV to enjoy your favorite movie using the hotel’s internet.

The Ruko stick is more portable. You just put it in your pocket and use it anywhere.

Content availability

Most streaming devices are limited to the content their producers provide like the Amazon fire stick has limited content to Amazon prime video/music and it didn’t have the YouTube TV app until recently, also the Apple TV doesn’t support Chromecast. However, you’ll find the non-tech channels like Hulu, HBO, BBC, and ABC on these streaming devices. So before getting a streaming device, you must do some research on the content. However, Smart TVs are mostly neutral and they support as many streaming channels as possible. You can download most of them from the producer’s app store. Older smart TVs don’t support all the streaming apps that why you need a streaming stick.

When it comes to content availability, Smart TV has an advantage because it doesn’t have content restrictions.

Smart TV vs Roku Stick – A comparison review

Smart TV

Smart TV vs Roku Stick

Smart TV is an internet-connected TV that provides you access to streaming services, on-demand content from apps, and can connect to other wireless devices like smartphones. Most TVs nowadays are smart and high-end TVs can support voice control and even the latest models from Samsung, LG, and Sony can let you search for content on your TV. You can even control some of the smart devices like bulbs, thermostats, etc. with some TVs.

Smart TV brands

LG smart TV. These smart TVs use a webOS platform where you use a launcher bar at the bottom of your screen to jump into different things and customize the launcher with your favorite services using drag-and-drop. You also use Freeview play, a software that combines the electric program guide with catch up TV features and the ThinQ software that allows you to control other ThinQ compatible LG appliances with your TV. There are two remotes, the standard version and the magic remote with a movable cursor on your screen to click apps and icons.

Samsung smart TV. Samsung uses the Tizen smart TV platform that is easy to use but challenging with the standard TV remote. The more expensive Samsung TV uses a voice control remote that can also control compatible devices connected to your TV and with the SmartThing software, you gain control of your smart devices. Instead of Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung uses Bixby for voice commands.

Sony smart TV. Sony has a smart TV platform powered by Android TV that has a clean and simple interface. The remote for high-end TVs use voice text input, but it’s more of a traditional remote with no motion-controlled cursor. Some remotes have a built-in mic for voice control.


  • Wirelessly stream videos, photos, and music from your phone to your TV
  • Advanced smart TV platforms
  • Can use content casting
  • TV apps are pre-installed or downloaded


  • Need decent broadband speed to stream content
  • Need an internet connection

Ruko stick

The Ruko stick is a streaming device loaded with lots of stuff to watch and an improved remote. It’s a very affordable video streamer if you don’t need compatibility with the 4K HDR video. It has a sleek design that you can hide behind your TV and plug directly into the HDMI without using a cable. You don’t have to aim its remote directly at the TV and you can use voice search and voice commands using the remote. The Ruko remote will also allow you to control your TV volume and power which makes it convenient and easier. However, the remote doesn’t have an audio jack for private listening, but you can use that function with its mobile app on your phone.

Ruko can stream content from most of the major channels and it has a Ruko channel that has loads of free content from movies, TV shows to music. Compared to Amazon that promotes its content or the Android TV that doesn’t allow you to organize anything, the Ruko stick has a great interface. When it comes to performance the only downside is that it can only screen content with a video resolution of up to 1080p, although it’s not that big of a problem.


  • Customizable user interface
  • A simple and clean menu
  • A ton of available content
  • Broad search features


  • Limited voice search and control
  • Some input lag

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Unlike a streaming stick, a new Smart TV may not support a streaming channel or become outdated and old just like your computer or phone. All these weaknesses can be remedied by an affordable streaming device like the Ruko streaming stick.

So which one is better Smart TV or Roku Stick?

ARuko streaming stick is a better choice because it’s cheaper, small, portable, and lightweight, will run all the apps you use smoother and faster and it can stream most of the major channels perfectly.


Does Smart TV have Ruko?

You can use the app menu on your Samsung Smart TV to download the Ruko channel app.

Is Netflix free on Smart TV?

If you have a smart TV from the major TV brands, they most likely have a Netflix app on their respective app stores. You can download the app free then install it on your TV, but you’ll need a subscription.

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