Cable One vs. CenturyLink- Which is the best internet service package for you?

Cable One

CWith a quality internet service provider, you can enjoy fast speeds that are as reliable as can be. Cable One and Century Link have both revolutionized the industry with their speeds as well as data plans.

When it comes to picking between all the internet providers currently available in the market, it can be quite the hassle. Once you narrow down to Cable One and Century Link, it is almost like getting to the fork in the road and you simply cannot pick which way to go. Worry not, I have done this comparison review to help you see which one is the best for you. While they both have their perks, you can easily tell them apart to find which reigns supreme.

When to use Cable One

If you are looking for cable and an internet service provider all in one, Cable One is the best buy for you. With Cable One, you can watch your favorite TV programs as well as get formidable speeds with your internet.

When to use CenturyLink

CenturyLink is your go-to company for formidable internet service (mainly DSL service). They also offer fiber services for selected areas in the country. It is definitely your go-to company if you are one to keep track of your usage as it does come with data caps.

Cable One
Number of data plan packages
Price range


Download speeds
4- up to 1000mbps
4- up to 940mbps
Connection type
Mainly DSL

How we evaluate Cable One and CenturyLink

When rating these two giants, we had to come up with a criterion to easily set them apart. They definitely both have their own perks as well as drawbacks but they still shine out as great internet service providers for their customers. Here is how to know which one is best tailored for you:

  • Number of data plans- this tells how accessible the company is to its potential customers
  • Cost- ultimately, the best buy for you is one that is within your budget but is still great value for money considering all the features it is jammed with. Monthly subscription fees and installation charges weigh in.
  • Download Speeds- vital to check on how fast data is transferred through channels.
  • Data caps-this refers to the data limit your internet service provider has set to restrict excess data usage.
  • Customer Service- right from purchase up to years later using a product, it is always important to know whether the company will always treat you well as their valued customer.

Cable One vs. CenturyLink – A comparison overview

Cable One Review

Cable One

Cable One is definitely your go-to company if you are looking to get cable network as well as fast internet speeds. As its name suggests, it works with cable and this means you can be assured of reliably good download and upload speeds along with your Cable TV. You can stream your favorite show or get something to watch on the variety of channels you get. With speeds of up to 1000Mbps, you can do pretty much anything on a non-contractual basis.

Data plan
Internet download speeds
Data Cap
Includes TV
Lite 15 Flexible Plus
Starter 100 Flexible Plus



Streamer and Gamer Flexible Plus
Turbo 300
Giga One Flexible Plus

With Cable One, you also get a wide variety of data plans that are flexible enough for all kinds of people. If you are a stickler for budgets, you are in for a great deal. You can get a $30 deal. While you do get the rates only for a trial period, you still get a solid deal with Cable One. To add, if you want unlimited data you can add $40 a month for it. The only downer is that the data caps are rather limiting especially if you are not one to monitor your usage online. You also get bumped up from the introductory rate after just six months.


  • Flexible enough for both home and office use
  • Relatively fast internet speeds
  • No fixed contracts


  • Low data caps

CenturyLink Review

Cable One vs. CenturyLink

Are you tired of unstable internet? Do you want fast speeds but you are also on a tight budget? If you have answered yes to those questions then CenturyLink might just be the company you have been looking for. With a variety of connection types available from DSL to Fiber optic, CenturyLink is an internet service provider that will not let you down whether for personal or office use. Depending on your needs, you can even go for the bundle with TV and phone services.

Data plan
Connection Type
Internet download speeds
Data Cap
Price for Life 15Mbps


Price for Life 20Mbps
Price for Life 40Mbps
Price for Life 80Mbps
Price for Life 100Mbps
Century Link Fiber

 As you can see, CenturyLink has a wide array of packages to choose from as well as a rather impressive data cap. While unlimited data will always win out, 1.2TB is still a large bundle to go through. All kinds of people are bound to find a fitting deal. Another feature that makes CenturyLink even more marketable is that you get an introductory rate that will be your fixed rate from then on. As long as you stick with CenturyLink this will be your monthly fee for life .


  • Lifetime offer on the introductory rate
  • Non-contract basis is a big win


  • Some users complain about the customer service

How do Cable One and CenturyLink compare?


With both Cable One and Century Link, you are charged an introductory rate as well as installation fees. For new clients, they get free installation with both these companies. However, CenturyLink does prove to be less expensive in the long run because you don’t get bumped up from the introductory rate. With Cable One, the introductory rate is only for a trial period.

Data Caps

Cable One and CenturyLink both have data caps on their packages so you do not get unlimited data witheither. When it comes down to it though, you do get a better deal with CenturyLink as it has a 1.2TB cap on its plans. With Cable One you will have to pay an additional fee to get this kind of data allowance.

Data plans

Cable One and CenturyLink offer good data plans. However, Cable One narrowly wins out because it comes with a variety of channels, reliable and fast speeds up to 1 gigabit. On a full plan, you can get internet as well as TV service.

Download speeds

Here Cable One takes the cake narrowly. With Cable One you can get up to 1000Mbps compared to 940Mbps with CenturyLink.


While Cable One and CenturyLink are both reputable companies in the industry, CenturyLink easily takes it. Not only does it have unmatched coverage around the country but it also has fast and reliable internet connectivity with high data caps.


Where is CenturyLink available?

Currently, CenturyLink is in 37 states from Washington to North Carolina. To know if your area is covered, do have a look at its availability page.

Can you game with these internet service providers?

Yes! With speeds of up to 1000Mbps you are in for quite the ride from online gaming to surfing the web.


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