Smart TV vs. LED tv – Find out the right option for your home

The technology that is used to make flat-screen televisions keeps on advancing from time to time. This makes it a bit challenging to keep up with it. Some of the current models that you should consider getting are smart TV or LED TV.

Many buyers find themselves getting confused when looking for a flat-screen due to the numerous options available. Understanding how a smart TV differs from an LED TV is a good place to start. Our guide will give you the relevant details regarding these TV types to help you make a more informed decision.

What are the differences between an LED TV and smart TV?

Smart TV
Internet connection
It needs this
It does not need internet
Limited size options
More size options
Terrestrial networks
Broadcast networks
10 pounds
35 pounds
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Smart TV vs. led TV- How do they compare?


A smart TV is a light-emitting diode type of television that can help you access internet content. A LED TV, on the other hand, is designed to show images in the light quite clearly. This type of TV needs backlighting, which it gets from diodes. The diodes in an LED TV are designed to transmit signals in the form of electrodes. A smart TV is better than LED TV.

Internet connection

When you choose to buy a smart TV, you should ensure that you have a reliable internet connection to take advantage of its features. This TV is equipped with built-in wifi and can help you stream different services. An LED TV, on the other hand, can work without an internet connection. The content it offers is a bit limiting compared to what a smart TV can offer.


One of the key factors you should consider when choosing a television for your home is the cost. If you have a strict budget, you should go for a smart TV since it is cheaper than LED TV. You should also beware of the monthly subscription charges that you may incur when using a smart TV. Paying for such can help you access more content.

Smart TV vs. led tv – A comparison overview

Smart TV

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If you need a television that can help you connect to the internet, you should choose a smart one. This is a light-emitting diode television that contains different internet features. Unlike a regular TV, a smart TV includes an operating system and is preloaded with some popular apps. You can use this type of TV to stream services such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix.

Since smart TV manufacturers are many, each model has unique features and can give you different services. Apart from streaming video content, you can also use a smart TV to check all your social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. It is, therefore, not only an entertainment device but also a communication tool. Since some smart TV are equipped with Skype, you can use it to stay in touch with loved ones in different locations. For you to enjoy using a smart TV, you should have a strong internet connection.

You can either choose to connect your smart TV over a wireless or wired connection. Using Ethernet cables to connect the TV to a wired network can help you enjoy a more reliable streaming experience since this option has fewer issues. Choosing a smart TV from a reputable manufacturer can help you enjoy a good viewing experience. Some of the companies that are known to produce quality smart TVs include Sony, LG, and Samsung.

The interface of a smart TV differs from one brand to another. You need to choose a smart TV that is easy to navigate. It also comes with different ports that you can use to connect different portable devices, such as a speaker.


  • Comes with built-in wifi
  • You can use it as a communication tool.
  • Comes with preloaded apps
  • Some smart TVs work with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • You can even use certain models to control smart devices


  • Some people complain about the interface of specific smart TV models.

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Smart TV specs

Channels available
Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video
YouTube TV
Not available in some models
4K and HDR functionality
Depends on the model
LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL


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A LED TV is a form of LCD television that is a bit advanced. AN LCD TV needs a particular source that can illuminate its pixels. Unlike a regular LCD TV that uses fluorescent tubes, an LED TV uses light-emitting diodes. LEDs are divided into two categories, namely Edge Lit LED and Full-Array LED. In the Edge-Lit LED, the LEDs appear on the panel’s edge, whereas Full-Array LED, you should notice rows of LEDs that are positioned behind the panel.

If you want an LED TV that can offer excellent picture quality, you should choose the Full-Array LED type. Though Edge-Lit LED TVs don’t have the best picture quality, they come with a thin design and are therefore more portable. You can even connect an LEDTV to a Blu-ray DVD player if you want better picture quality.

Unlike the smart TV, you don’t need an internet connection to use this type of TV. This type of TV is designed to show pictures in the light quite clearly. If you choose to buy an LED TV, you should be prepared to pay a high price since this is quite expensive.

This type of TV displays channels that are offered by the broadcast networks. Choosing it can help you enjoy a better lifespan than going for a traditional plasma TV. An LED TV not only helps you enjoy sharp pictures but also enables you to conserve energy. This is an energy-efficient technological device that uses less electricity compared to a traditional TV.


  • Comes in different size options
  • It can deliver excellent picture quality
  • An LED TV offers a great viewing angle and enhanced brightness.
  • It is durable


  • Expensive
  • Its dimensional depth makes it hard to wall mount.

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Local channels
YouTube TV
Not available
4K and HDR functionality
Remote control

Verdict: So, which is better? Smart TV or LED TV

Smart TV and LED TV are electronic devices that differ when it comes to their functioning technology and price range. During our comparison, we discovered that both devices have some advantages. For instance, the LED TV is light, offers sharp pictures, and has a good lifespan. The price is, however, relatively high, and its content is limited.

We found a smart TV to be a better option since it allows you to stream numerous services online, including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. You can even use it to browse different webpages, check your social media platforms, or play games online. The enhanced capabilities and versatility of smart TV is what compelled us to choose it as the clear winner.


Is smart TV easy to use?

It depends on the model you choose. A good one should have a straightforward interface that is easy to navigate. It should help you keep track of different shows and even recommend a few ones.

How does an LED differ from an LCD?

An LED utilizes light-emitting diodes while LCD uses fluorescent lights. Most LCD TVs are thicker compared to LED TVs. An LED TV also delivers better picture quality than an LCD TV.

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