Which is better xg1v4, or xi6?

Comcast has been marketing different cable television services since 2010. If you are looking for a good cable service provider, you should consider this company.

Some of the cable services that are available from Comcast include xg1v4 and xi6. These two devices are always in demand since they allow users to access 4K content. Despite this, their abilities and features make them different. According to experts, xg1v4 is better than xi6 since it can record programs and has many features, including DVR Tuners, Bluetooth, and HDR10 support, and ample storage space. Learning how xg1v4 differs from xi6 before making a purchase is essential since it can help you pick the right device.

 What are the differences between xg1v4 and xi6?

Built in DVRs
Not available
DVR Tuners
Pausing and rewinding live TV
Yes, for 60 minutes
Yes, for 25 minutes.

How do they compare?


Xg1v4 is a DVR TV box, while xi6 is a Non-DVR cable box. A DVR TV box such as Xg1v4 gives you the chance to record programs so that you can watch them later. Though xi6 can play recorded content and even schedule recordings, it cannot record content. This makes Xg1v4 more capable than xi6.

DVR tuners

We also noticed a difference in terms of DVR tuners. While xg1v4 has at least 6 of them, xi6 does not have this feature. Since xg1v4 contains built-in DVR tuners, it can offer more flexible viewing than xi6.

Pausing and rewinding live TV

Choosing a device that allows you to pause and rewind live TV for an extended period can help you enjoy a high convenience level. This is what you should expect from xg1v4. While xg1v4 allows you to pause or rewind live TV for up to 60 minutes, xi6 only lets you do this for up to 25 minutes. Being able to fast forward or rewind shows fast can give you an enhanced viewing experience.

Xg1v4 or xi6 – A comparison overview


Xg1v4 is among the X1 DVR device that gives you the chance to record programs. It can even rewind and pause live TV for up to one hour. This device also gives you the chance to create your own replays. Most people choose Xg1v4 since it gives them access to on-demand programs and applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora.

The X1 DVR can record a maximum of 6 programs at once. With this device, you can easily manage or even delete some of the recordings based on your preference. If, for instance, you would like to view some of your recordings, you should navigate to the saved menu and choose the scheduled section.

Choosing this device can also help you enjoy voice recognition since it comes with an X1 voice remote that you can talk into. This allows you to search for programs that you would like to watch using your voice. Since the cable box supports 4K Ultra HD, you will enjoy watching Netflix shows at a high resolution. For you to start enjoying 4K content with the help of Xg1v4, you should ensure that you subscribe to the Netflix plan. Having a 4K TV is also a crucial requirement.

Apart from 4K support, this device also supports Bluetooth and HDR10. This device contains Bluetooth radios that enable you to connect different Bluetooth devices when you want to stream audio. You can access this feature through the audio settings. Xg1v4 can connect to Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

It is also equipped with other relevant features like Ethernet, six tuners, and a 500 GB hard drive. Since it offers adequate storage space, it allows you to store more than a hundred shows. You don’t have to delete some of your favorite shows to make room for others.


  • Built-in DVRs
  • Offers 4K support
  • Voice recognition
  • Works with different kinds of remotes
  • Supports HDR10 and Bluetooth


  • Lacks a front panel clock


The Arris Group and Comcast collaborated in designing xi6. This is a good X1 client box that supports different apps. If you need a good HDTV cable box, you should consider xi6. It is among the few HDTV cable boxes that can support 4K UHD Netflix. If you are not interested in Xfinity DVR services, you should consider this cable box since it does not have such services built-in. Though this cable box cannot record content, it can play recorded content and even schedule recordings.

It also comes with a user-friendly voice remote that enhances hands-free control. You can connect the xi6 to your TV through an HDMI cable. Unlike xg1v4, xi6 does not contain any built-in tuners. Though this cable box lacks local DVR storage, it has enough memory to rewind and pause live videos for up to 30 minutes. Many people are impressed with its on-demand programming and live TV.


  • Comes with a voice remote
  • Supports numerous X1 apps
  • You can use it to view 4K on-demand content.


  • No DVR
  • Limited storage
  • It lacks DVR tuners

Verdict: So, which is better? Xg1v4 or xi6

We discovered that xg1v4 has more enhanced capabilities than xi6. This is because it contains a digital video recorder that allows you to record TV programs. We also found xg1v4 to be better since it has a huge storage capacity, supports HDR10, and offers Bluetooth connectivity. Choosing this device can also help you fast forward or rewind shows at different speeds for a better experience. Though xi6 can give you access to different apps, it lacks some useful features such as built-in DVR, which makes it limiting.


Can I record on-demand programs while using xg1v4?

No. This device does not allow users to record on-demand programs. Since on-demand programs are available over a particular duration, you should watch them as soon as you get something you like.

Which kind of apps can I access from xi6?

You can access streaming services such as Sling TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

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