Roku vs. Sling – How you can enjoy endless entertainment with a media streamer

Streaming players are slowly replacing traditional cable networks. If you need a convenient way to access multimedia content, you should consider streaming players such as Roku or Sling.

These two can help you get on-demand content and prevent you from paying expensive cable costs.  Roku and Sling are competitive media streamers that continue gaining the attention of people. If you are wondering whether to pick Roku or Sling, this guide can help you out. Read on!

What are the differences between Roku and Sling?

Physical devices
Subscription service
Numerous channels
Limited channels
·         Roku Express

·         Roku Premiere+

·         Roku streaming stick

·         Roku Premiere

·         Sling Blue+ Orange

·         Sling Blue

·         Sling Orange

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Roku vs. Sling- How do they compare?


If you want access to unlimited content, you should choose Roku over Sling. Roku allows you to stream any of the channels found on the internet. Sling, on the other hand, is a bit limited since it gives you access to a maximum of 45 channels. Most people find Sling channels to be limiting. Roku delivers more content than Sling.

Mobility and form

Though both Roku and Sling can help you stream different kinds of content, they have some functional differences. Sling is a subscription service that comes with distinct packages that you can pick from. Roku, on the other hand, offers different devices that come as physical boxes of stick shape streaming players that plug into your current TV.

Since Sling TV offers web browser support, it allows you to stream content from any location. The Roku box is less mobile since you have to connect it to your TV, which you cannot keep moving around.  Sling is, therefore, a more mobile streaming player than Roku.

Packages and pricing

Every Roku device comes at a particular cost. If you choose to work with this company, you have to pay for the hardware itself though the price is reasonable. Since Roku has many free channels, you don’t have to pay for the premium content after paying for the hardware. You can choose Roku packages such as Roku Premier, Roku streaming stick, or Roku Express.

Sling TV does not subject you to any hardware costs. You only have to pay for the Sling package to get access to specific channels. Sling offers three packages, including Sling Orange, blue, and Sling Orange + Blue. These packages come at affordable costs, and you get the option of switching packages if you need something different. You also get a trial period for these packages. Though Sling is cheaper, Roku offers more options to pick from. Each Roku device also gives you access to more channels than what Sling packages offer.

Roku vs. Sling – A comparison overview


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This is among the most famous media streamers available today. Many people choose Roku over the rest since it is user-friendly. Since Roku has a simple to learn menu, even beginners of media streamers can choose Roku. The company that produces Roku keeps on introducing different versions to meet the needs of various groups.

Roku comes in the form of a small box that can bring lots of internet content to your TV. It gives you access to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO Now, and Hulu. Some of the content options come at no additional costs. This media streamer not only gives one access to numerous apps but also games. Choosing an advanced Roku model can help you enjoy better performance since the manufacturer has upgraded the CPU on such models.

Every Roku device has a remote that you can use to navigate the menu and control the device. Roku also supports different formats, such as Dolby Vision and HDR. Most users are also impressed with the straightforward set up of Roku. To start using Roku, you have to connect to your home wifi and create a Roku account. Follow the instructions on the home screen to complete the setup.

You can then choose one of the popular channels displayed on the menu using the remote. The Roku platform is also popular since it gives you the option of adding new channels through a mobile app. Feel free to search for specific channels through different categories such as comedy, games, or series. Roku also features a search bar that allows you to look for content based on the title or particular actor.

Since the remote also contains a built-in microphone, you can even look for content through your voice. If you wish to cast videos or photos from your tablet or smartphone to your TV, you can do this through the Roku app. Since Roku utilizes Airplay technology, it encourages screen mirroring and casting.


  • Offers lots of content
  • Comes with a voice remote
  • User-friendly interface
  • Different Roku devices to pick from


  • It lacks program storage

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Roku specs

Operating system
The Roku channel, Outside TV, Fubo sports network, Netflix and Hulu
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


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Are you always on the move and like entertainment? You should consider live streaming using Sling. This is a media streamer that allows you to watch different TV channels even while on the go. You don’t necessarily have to watch content on your TV. Sling allows you to access content through a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

You get the option of choosing between different Sling TV packages. Each package comes with particular features. If you want to work with Sling, ensure you select a package that suits your budget and channel preferences. Apart from paying for a specific package, you also get the option of choosing an add-on pack every month at a low cost. Since you don’t sign any contract while paying for sling TV packages, you are free to change after some time.

Though the content you can access from Sling is a bit limited, you don’t have to pay a lot of cash for any of the packages. If you wish to use this media streamer, you need to download the Sling app on your tablet, smart TV, or smartphone. Customers are also impressed with the 10 hours of DVR storage that Sling TV offers.

Like Roku, Sling TV also offers a straightforward interface so that you don’t waste time trying to find anything. The homepage features different categories, such as trending live, featured sports, and top news. It not only gives you access to live channels but also different on-demand movies and shows. Many people raise complaints regarding not being able to pause or rewind most of the channels. Despite this drawback, sling TV is still a great live streaming option that many people choose.


  • It is pocket friendly
  • Numerous customization options
  • You can pick from different packages


  • It does not allow you to rewind most channels

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Sling specs

Cloud DVR feature
Disney channel, Redzone, HGTV, Food network and AMC
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


When looking for a streaming player, you should first assess the type of content you would like to view. Doing this can help you choose an appropriate option. Both Sling and Roku are quality media streamers that have a lot to offer. They, however, work differently.

Verdict: So, which is better? Roku or Sling

After comparing Roku to Sling, we realized that Roku could give one more value for their cash than its counterpart. It has more options to pick from and unlimited content channels. We also liked the simple interface and content available through different Roku devices including YouTube TV. Though Sling has a reasonable price, it has limited content and fewer customization options. This made us choose Roku as the clear winner.


How many channels can I access through Sling Orange?

This package contains at least 25 channels. It however does not offer YouTube TV.

Does Roku work with Alexa?

Yes. If you have an Alexa device, you can use it alongside Roku for a hands-free streaming experience.

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