Pluto TV vs. YouTube TV – Do they offer similar entertainment options?

Are you looking to shift to a live streaming channel to catch your favorite content? Pluto TV and YouTube TV make ideal alternatives to cable TV, but do they offer the same options?

The world is slowly shifting from cable TV into live streaming services, and it is actually happening much faster in a good deal of places. While some people are fully open to the idea, some others are still comfortable watching cable TV. Pluto TV comes as an ideal alternative for Cable TV lovers, but it comes with more benefits and is free, while YouTube TV is very much unlike Cable TV, and you have to pay for it.

When to watch Pluto TV

As earlier mentioned, Pluto TV is a live streaming service that comes with as many features as cable TV, but with a good deal of benefits. It comes with many live channels from which to choose, and it is free. However, most if the content streamed on this service are not premium, and there is no way to customize your viewer experience. It makes an ideal choice for people who want a wide range of channels to choose from, but who do not intent to spend on subscription fees.

When to watch YouTube TV

This service has become a favorite among people who like to catch up on a good deal of premium channels, and content such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle and news. It is incredible for live streaming, and it also proves ideal for people who like to binge watch content, especially because you can record shows on Cloud DVR. You may have to spenda substantial amount of money on it on a monthly basis, though.

Pluto TV vs. YouTube TV Feature Comparison

On Demand TV
Number of Channels
Monthly Subscription

Pluto TV vs. YouTube TV – What criteria did we use to evaluate them?

To make a comprehensive comparison between Pluto TV and YouTube TV, we sought to find out which one of the two provided better viewing options for users, and which one of the two is cheaper. We also evaluated them based on the quality of content as compared to the amount of money paid on a monthly basis.

Pluto TV vs. YouTube TV – An In-depth Review

Pluto TV Review

If you are looking to enjoy live streaming content, and to browse through channels on a regular basis, Pluto TV just might be the plug for you. It is a live streaming servicethat comes with an impressive number of channels that clock 100, allowing you quite a diversity from which to choose.

One of the characteristics that makes this service quite unique is the fact that it is free to air, and you do not have to spend a dime on it to stream content. There is, however, a catch.Unlike other live streaming services that allow you to customize bundles and to have add-ons, this particular one remains static, allowing you access to that which is already selected on live stream channel list and On-demand TV.

It also comes with a lot of advertisements which most people find annoying. Another feature that Pluto TV lacks is Cloud DVR which allows you to record content you would like to watch later. This means that you cannot catch up on programs that air when you are not around.

On the plus side, you get access to up to 100 channels that include programs from all categories, ranging from entertainment, sports, news and lifestyle. However, the number of premium channels and programs is also limited, and you might find yourself watching a good deal of unconventional and even old content. When it comes to visual quality, you will only be able to stream in SD and HD.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Image quality
SD and HD
Number of movies


  • It is free to air
  • Comes with a good number of channels from which to choose
  • Includes content from all categories
  • Comes with closed captioning


  • Comes with a lot of ads
  • Does not allow for customization

YouTube TV Review

In case you are looking to shift into a live streaming service that includes a good deal of premium content, you might want to subscribe to YouTube TV, a service that is regarded as one of the best currently.

To gain access to 85+ channels that mostly stream premium content, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $64.99. In addition to the 85 available channels, you are allowed a couple add-ons too, allowing you to customize your viewership to a certain degree. This will, however, cost you a little more.

One of my favorite features on YouTube TV is the Cloud DVR storage that allows users to record as much content as they like to watch later. This makes it ideal for people who like to binge watch shows, especially since they can download many episodes to catch up on at their own convenience. This content remains available to you for a period of nine months, allowing you a good deal of time to catch up.

You can stream YouTube TV on up to 3 devices at a time, and since you have to pay for it, you are allowed a trial period of 7 days.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Unlimited – Keeps recorded content for 9 months
Streams per account
Maximum of 3
7 days free trial


  • Comes with a good number of premium channels and programs
  • Allows for add-ons
  • Comes with unlimited Cloud DVR storage
  • Allows for simultaneous streaming on 3 devices


  • It is considered pricey

Pluto TV vs. YouTube TV – How do they compare

Number of available channels

Even though these services are pretty different, they both come with a good number of channels. On Pluto TV, you gain access to 100 channels, but the bulk of them do not stream premium content. Comparable, YouTube TV comes with a total of85 channels, but it allows for add-ons. However, you have to pay for it, but you end up getting a more wholesome experience.

Even though it is more expensive and has less channels, YouTube TV comes with better content and also allows for add-ons, making for a better watching experience than Pluto TV.

Cloud DVR

If you want to record content to watch at a later time, you will not be able to do so on Pluto TV. It does not support Cloud DVR, meaning that you have to watch content real-time.

On the other hand, YouTube TV comes with unlimited Cloud DVR recording, allowing you to record as much content as you would like to watch later. Each item recorded is allowed a storage period of 9 months which is pretty convenient.

Since YouTube TV comes with unlimited Cloud DVR support, it proves a better streaming service than Pluto TV.

Streaming Quality

With Pluto TV, most of the content streamed comes as 480p and sometimes 720p. On the other hand, YouTube TV primarily streams content in FHD, also referred to as 1080p, making for a more wholesome viewer experience.

YouTube TV streams in FHD, making it a better streaming service than Pluto TV. 


Being able to save a good deal of money is considered an advantage, but in this case, the amount of money you save causes you to forego a good deal of privileges and benefits that come with a good live streaming service. Even though it is quite expensive, YouTube TV allows you to watch many premium channels, comes with the possibility of customization and also allows for unlimited Cloud DVR, making it a better service than Pluto TV.


  1. Can I stream Pluto TV on PS4?

Yes, you can.

  1. Does YouTube TV have a catch-up feature?

Yes, it does.

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