Is SquareTrade worth it for furniture?

Yes, SquareTrade is worth it for furniture. The SquareTrade Home warranty will cover an expensive piece of furniture that you need to guard from damage. The plan covers your pieces of furniture purchased the last 30 days from the date you apply for the SquareTrade cover. You can get the plan for as low as $49, which is for three years or $69 for a five-year coverage. Note the cover does not come with any hidden fees and has no deductibles. 

With the cover, you enjoy fast processing of your claim and repairs. The cover carters for most issues you encounter with your furniture like product breakdown, accidental damage but it does not cover theft/loss and intentional damage. 

Some of the items covered by the furniture plan include:

  • Rips, tears, punctures, and burns
  • Structural defects
  • Broken hinges
  • Seam separation 
  • Chips/broken glass
  • Mechanical failure
  • Loss of silvering to mirrors
  • Separation of joints/welds

How to file a claim with SquareTrade furniture plan

When any of the above happens all you need to do is head to the SquareTrade website and file “new claim”. Once you have clicked this, you will prompted to select any of the participating companies from whom you bought the furniture from. Next, you will prompted to enter your email address which you used for purchase. The company will then get back to you with a resolution of the matter. 

If you are contemplating getting yourself an extended you can consider benefits like ability to process your claim 24/7. Most manufacturer’s warranties cover your product for one year and from there you will need to get an extended warranty. Squaretrade is affordable and does not include any hidden fees or have deductibles. The process for making claims has being streamlined a lot. 

Why you should get a warranty?

When you go to the store to purchase your new furniture you have probably been asked whether you want an extended protection plan with it. For most people warranties are for items like electronics but not furniture. However, if you have kids and pets around than the risk for damage is high. The furniture warranty will cover things like accidental spills, burns, tears, and rips. The covers do not cover normal tear from usage. 

For many years the idea of a warranty was relegated to the manufacturer’s warranty which had a lifespan of 90days to one year. Once the warranty expired, consumers were left to their own means in regard to repairs. The items have also being limited to electronic and mechanical items like microwaves, blenders, freezers and TVs. However, the world of warranties has changed and you now can get a warranty for a variety of items like your furniture.

When SquareTrade entered the market the reputation for warranties was not that good. The warranties in the market were expensive and took too long to settle. This is the area SquareTrade has an edge – they offer warranties at a fraction of the purchase cost. This could be something like 15% of the item price or for accidental covers something like 25%. The company also settles fast, as the process is done online. All you will need is your receipt cover and then log in to their website to file your claim. The claims are processed fast and you should get results for your approval –repair, replace or reimburse.

SquareTrade has partnered with various stores such that their warranties are sold along various consumer products. In fact it is not unusual for a cashier to ask whether you need a third party warranty with your purchase. The company has also established a reputation for settling their claims a fact that is attested by the numerous five star ratings that they get. The best part about the squaretrade warranty is you do not need to sign many paperwork as everything is done online. You do not even have to register your product though it is recommended if you want fast claim processing. Everything is done so efficiently so that you can continue enjoying your product. 

Squaretrade furniture pricing 

Cost of item (dollars)
3-year plan
5-year plan 

The warranty will cover on-site service and if this is not possible you get fast replacements. SquareTrade does not have any hidden charges or deductibles. The prices are for new items purchased within the last 30 days. 


If you have spent a fortune getting an expensive piece of furniture it makes sense to get insurance to protect it from damages. This can be the case when you have a house full of pets and kids. With a SquareTrade warranty you are able to protect your precious piece of equipment from unexpected damages that will cost you more in repairs.


Are squaretrade protection plans worth it (0 vol. 30% match)

If you consider the cost of replacing a new electronic item instead of repairing it than you will realize that you enjoy a lot of cost savings by having an item insured. Since SquareTrade is the one taking care of repairs for a small fee you remove the hassle of additional unexpected fees

How good is SquareTrade warranty?

SquareTrade has actually built itself a reputation of settling claims. They also do this fast, you can have your item repaired or replaced within the shortest time period

Is it worth it to buy furniture protection plan?

The warranty comes in handy when you have expensive pieces of furniture that you need insured. This will come in handy when you have pets and children around

Is squaretrade protection any good?

It is when you consider the cost of purchasing a new cellphone due to cracked screens or other defects. The company will handle multiple repairs or replace your phone

What damage does squaretrade cover?

Under the standard plan it will cover unexpected leaks, electrical/mechanical failure, power supply burnout, devices that won’t power on while the plan with accidental protection covers you for accidents that result from drops and spills


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