How good is SquareTrade warranty from Costco?

The warranty is good as it enables you to have a safety net for your electronic appliances whenever they malfunction. The Costco SquareTrade extended warranty is one of the best because a company that is committed to settling claims supports it. Once you get the cover, SquareTrade will handle repairs or replacement. The company offers 24/7 customer care support and the processing of claims is fast. The best part is you will not find deductibles with the claim.

The Costco SquareTrade plan covers all mechanical/electrical failures that occur from normal use. These could include depleted non-rechargeable batteries, non-responsive audio jacks or button failure. You can also get the accident protection plan that will keep you protected from accidental drops and spills.

In case you do not which plan to jump on, you can consult any of the Costco representative and they will recommend something suitable for you. 

How do I claim my cover?

Redeeming of your cover has been simplified as you can claim it at the SquareTrade website at any given time. You will need the purchase receipt during this time. Most of the claims are approved immediately and you will be given a course of action – whether to repair item, replace it or reimburse you the cost of the item. The claim approval will depend on the type of cover you have, damages and the type of item. 

Once an item is replaced or repaired it is guaranteed for the next 30 days. Should you experience any challenges you can give the company a call. Their customer care service is available 24/7 and are quite supportive. 

Can I purchase a SquareTrade cover the moment I purchase an item?

Yes, you can. For items like computers, tablets, and cameras you have 30 days to get a cover from the date of purchase. For other appliances like TVs and refrigerators you have 90 days to do this from the date of purchase. 

Also, note that the SquareTrade warranty will take effect after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Once you have the warranty you do not need to register the SquareTrade warranty but you should keep the receipt for claims. 

Squaretrade price comparison 

Price (over 24 months)
Reimbursement for Apple Genius Bar repairs
Covers any working phone old or new

How many claims can I make with Costco SquareTrade?

You can file up to four claims on your Costco SquareTrade warranty but this can be made impossible when the item you are claiming cannot be repaired. When this happens, you are given a reimbursement and your claim is considered complete and settled. It also means you cannot file any more claims for the item. 

Once you have filed for a claim, SquareTrade will need to verify your receipt. They will do this by requiring you to email them a copy of receipt. This receipt will have details like the item serial number and other distinguishing identification details. With this the company will know how the item is going to be fixed and they use it to ascertain the validity of ownership to an item. 

It is expected that your item will be fixed within five business days or sooner depending on the type of item. Any time that is longer than this entitles you to a refund. 

The Costco SquareTrade warranty is worth it as it offers you good value for money and you get a 30-day risk free trial which ensures you get the best services available. 

If you are in search of a Costco warranty you can start at the SquareTrade website where you will find a list of warranty plans. These can cover your phone, furniture or electrical appliances. Pricing for the plans varies with the type of item you are insuring and the length of the contract. 

Biggest misconception with warranties 

One of the biggest misconception when it comes to warranties is that there is only one warranty – the manufacturers’ one. In this instance, you will purchase a large 42” TV and inside you will find the manufacturers’ warranty. In this case, you will be conflicted on what to do should your TV get spoilt once this warranty expires. What you should know is that you do have a choice as to how your electronics will be protected. Squaretrade offers you an extended warranty when your manufacturers warranty expires. They will do this for the next 2 or 3 years hence offering you the peace of mind to continue using the product with no fears of repairs. Best of all you have 30 days to make this decision to get an extended warranty. 

Warranties often cost something less than 15% of the original purchase price. For accidental damages this can be something like 25% of the item price. The warranty will make more sense to you if it is of an item that is portable like a cellphone, laptop or MP3 player. It will also come in handy for items that need extensive power supply for longer periods like TVs, gaming consoles, or fridges. You can also get a warranty for something that has a higher replacement or repair cost attached to it. 

Squaretrade was formed due to the realization that customers were paying a lot of money for warranties yet they were getting mediocre services in return. You could find instances where you pay for a warranty but it takes you days or even months for the claim to be settled. The company developed its warranty plans to meet consumer needs for an efficient and fast means to insure their products and get claims processed fast. The company leveraged on the internet to make their process more transparent and efficient. All you need to file you claim is to login to their website and send them an email of item receipt. 

The company also allowed the customers to actually rate their services and this helped build a sense of accountability. In most online websites the company has received 5-star ratings which is quite nice. The company is also available in many stores across the country. 


Once you have purchased an item you love the next step should be to protect it from unexpected repairs. Items like electronics are subject to failure due to mechanical problems beyond your scope to prevent. Having a SquareTrade policy allows you to insure the item from future repairs at an affordable price. 


Can I buy SquareTrade warranty from Costco?

Yes, you can. After you are done with your purchases you will find a Costco representative who will guide you on the squaretrade warranty and the type of plans they have. You will then be able to make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with the plans or not

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