Can I buy a Squaretrade warranty after purchase?

Yes, you can buy a SquareTrade warranty after purchase. The coverage begins the moment you purchase the plan. If the item you have purchased has manufacturer’s warranty then it will begin when it expires – typically 90days or one year after purchase. For used items there is normally a waiting period before the cover takes effect. 

Squaretrade has the benefit of covering items purchased so that you can have the item repaired, replaced or you get some form of reimbursement. The coverage will last from one to four years from date of purchase. 

Types of coverage

There are two types of SquareTrade coverage – standard, and accident protection. The standard plan covers unexpected appliance leaks, mechanical/electrical failures, appliances that won’t power on, and power supply burnout. It does not cover accidents like drops and spills which are covered under the accident protection cover. The accidental protection plan covers cracked screens, drops, spills, and liquid damage. For appliances you will not be able to file for a claim in the case of appliance failures from commercial use, physical (cosmetic) damage, intentional damage, replaceable parts like bulbs and loss/theft. 

The cover for new items lasts for one to four years since time of purchase of cover while that of refurbished and used items lasts from one to two years since time of purchase. 

How much is covered?

The SquareTrade warranty will cover all replacement payments. This is should be the amount you paid for covered item. Your protection plan is fulfilled once this amount is paid in full. If your item can be repaired, then the cover will be for multiple repairs until it meets the amount you paid for the item. Once this is reached your cover is termed as fulfilled. 

You coverage begins the day you purchased your plan. In case, you purchased a used item than you may have to wait for the next 30 days before the cover comes into play. This is covered under their waiting period which varies depending on the cover. How much you pay for your cover will depend on the type of cover you are getting, the length of the cover and the item you are covering. When compared to competition you will notice that SquareTrade is affordable. 

Squaretrade is a part of the Allstate company and they have been insuring items for the last 85 years. The company has received various awards for settling claims with speed. You will find thousands of 5-star reviews across the internet from satisfied customers. The company has over 70 million active policies from multiple states in the US. 

Why get a warranty from SquareTrade?

For many people are accustomed to the one warranty they find with appliances whenever they go to the store. This warranty will often be for a specific period like 90 days or one year. However, when this warranty expires your items are exposed to unpaid repairs as you have to carter for this. This is where a SquareTrade warranty comes in as it starts taking effect after your manufacturer warranty expires. The best part is you do not have to undergo a tedious claiming process as the company has simplified this on their website. Just login and email them your item receipt, the approval process will then commence and you will be informed of the outcome shortly – whether to repair, replace or reimburse. The warranty is often a fraction of the purchase price and this means you are saving money.

Squaretrade come in to fill this gap whereby third-party warranties were very expensive to get and often come with lengthy claim processes. The company has built itself a reputation as one that settles claims. 

Top Squaretrade competitors

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San Francisco, US
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Financial services
Financial services
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Financial services

Squaretrade has built a name for itself around retail outlets across the US. Their warranties are sold side-by-side various consumer appliances. 


Getting a SquareTrade cover ensures you have piece of mind when your equipment fails while you are using it. It ensures that another handles the cost of repairs or replacement. The cost for this insurance is usually a small fee and you will find that it is worth it in the long haul considering the cost of repairs for an item. 


Can you buy SquareTrade after purchase?

Yes, you can. For new items the cover begins the moment you purchase the plan. However, if you are purchasing used items you will need to wait for a short period before the cover becomes active

How do SquareTrade claims work?

You can do this online by login in to the SquareTrade website and clicking on claim. During the process have your item receipt with you. In some instances, some claims are settled immediately while others you maybe directed to some steps. The company will then opt to repair or replace item.

Can you get SquareTrade after 30 days?

For the service protection plan you should get a cover within 30 days of purchasing item

How many times can you use SquareTrade?

You do not have a limit to the number of claims you can make but note that your cover is limited to the original purchase price of item. The company will do repairs until it has covered the purchase price. After each repair the value of your cover decreases

How long does SquareTrade last?

From the time of purchase it should last 1 to 4 years

Can I buy SquareTrade after purchase?

Yes, in some stores you will find provisions for the cover 

How long do I have to buy SquareTrade warranty?

For new items you should purchase your warranty within 30 days of purchase 

Squaretrade when does coverage last?

For new items the cover will begin immediately the manufacturer’s warranty expires and continue for the next two or so years

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