How to hide router in living room

Wi-Fi routers have become standard equipment in most homes. The router is a device you cannot live without in this age of IoT devices. However, a router can be an eyesore in your living room with all the dangling cables. In some cases, your router may not blend with your living décor hence the need to hide it somewhere in your living room.

Homeowners have devised creative ways to hide their routers in the living room including using router baskets, hidden storage book box or placing the router in the media console. Whatever, technique works for you always ensure that your signal is not obstructed.

Things to keep in mind when hiding router in living room

When it comes to hiding your router in the living room, the basic idea is to ensure your signal is still visible while hiding some of the router cables. Routers tend to be affected by electromagnetic waves and it is prudent that you do not store them near microwaves, or dishwashers.

  • Wiring and cords

Routers will come with straps of cords that connect to the power source. Where you place your router will largely be determined by how long the router cables are. Dangling cables can be an eyesore and if you have an abundance of cables you can choose to purchase a router basket that allows you to tag in the wiring inside. If you want to minimize the cabling hide your router next to where the internet wire and power socket come out.

  • Well-ventilated area

Routers operate like mini-computers meaning they come with powerful processors that produce lots of heat during operation. To prevent your router from constantly breaking down ensure that you place your router in an area that is well-ventilated with a good circulation of air. If you go for router baskets ensure that it has multiple holes in it for ventilation.

Innovative ideas to store your router in living room

The basic idea of having a separate storage space for your router is to have something that blends well with your living room décor. This means the ideas we suggest here will vary depending on the size of your living room and router design.

Woven baskets

Woven baskets

Woven baskets have the advantage of been well aerated hence helping in heat dissipation from the router. They also allow you to hide power cables and Ethernet cables will still proving a decent signal that is not obstructed. Router signals can be hindered if placed before metallic or plastic objects and this makes woven baskets an ideal choice for routers. The baskets also complements your living room décor and guests may not even realize that there is a router hidden inside. When placing your woven basket ensure it is as close enough to the internet and power sockets. This helps reduce your wiring. You can either go for a closed or open woven baskets; you also get a lot of flexibility when it comes to the designs.

Hidden Storage Book Box

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If you love hidden doors and staircases then you will fall in love with this book box that helps you hide your router. At first glance your guests will assume you are such a great reader as this box hides your router really well. On the surface, it looks like a book box for storing vintage books but at the rear you will find lots of space for your modem cables, cable box, secret documents or router. During purchase you have the option of customizing your Covobox on the basis of color and box dimensions.

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Hide router in your media console

If you have a large media console for your TV then it would make more sense to hide your router there. The media console lets you hide your router cables at the rear where they are out sight for your guests. You can run the cables through your media console cabinet in addition to your TV cables. Most of the media consoles will come with ventilation holes that eliminate any overheating challenges. The media consoles come in all manner of shapes and designs so you have lots of options in identifying something that blends well with your living room décor.

Place your router behind something

If none of the above is working for you, you can always be creative by hiding your router behind something. It could be your flower vase, photo frames, or plants. Keep in mind to always have your antennas facing up so as not to obstruct the Wi-Fi signal. You can tuck in the cables behind books or hide them using cord covers and woven baskets.

Places not to place your modem

Near microwave, dishwasher or radio control
Routers are affected by electromagnetic waves
Placing router in-front of plastic, woven baskets is okay
Near windows
Routers are affected by direct sunlight
Look for an aerated place that is not near direct sunlight like ceilings, behind bookshelves
Exposure to dust
Place router in vertical elevated position
Near pathways
Wires get entangled
Do not place your router near a place where the dog will constantly get entangled by wires


Finding the right place for your router is not that straightforward when it comes to living spaces. For one, your router/modem should complement the rest of the house. If you place your router near pathways then it means you are going to experience constant power interruptions. The dangling cables are also dangerous as they can cause constant slips. The design that you choose for your router will largely depend on the size of your living room and how creative you are. We like woven baskets as they are well aerated and allow you to tactfully hide exposed cables. Innovative bookshelves covers offer you hidden storage for your router while still complementing the living room design. If you have a large media console cabinet then you can place the router there with the rest of your consoles. The idea is to ensure that cables are well hidden and the router is well aerated.


Is it safe to have a router in your living room?

Wireless routers transmit through radio waves which are much safer than X-rays

Can I make my Wi-Fi safe?

Yes, go to your router settings and select create unique password then change your network SSID

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