How to Install the Peloton App on Roku

Peloton, a leading fitness company has launched its channel on Roku targeting fitness enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at how to install the app and use it.

The popular fitness company Peloton has launched its fitness app on Roku targeting both Peloton members and non-users. The workout app is one of the best in the fitness industry and consists of on-demand and live fitness classes that are easy to follow. There’s a library full of instructions related to yoga, running, cycling, toning, meditation, etc. Despite being a subscription-based app, Peloton offers a 90-day free access for first timers. With a subscription, you get access to world-class fitness instructions on the go.

To install the Peloton app, simply open the channel store and add the app on Roku. We will walk you through the installation, activation, and even show you alternative ways of streaming the app on Roku. 

The Peloton app has professional trainers that take you through an exercise routine live. These routines are regularly updated with each being as unique as possible. Your daily routine progress is tracked & monitored then added to a leaderboard making the exercise more fun. To access Peloton, you need to either subscribe or buy content. There are two ways to access Peloton on Roku – using a subscription package for new users and simply by signing in as an existing member. There are two pricing packages – The Digital Membership and the All Access Membership. With the Digital Membership, you can access Peloton through an app or the web but without the Peloton bike or treadmill support. With an All-access membership, you get access to all the Digital Membership features plus Peloton Bike and treadmill support. Also, this membership comes with multi-user support.

Installing Peloton app  

Go to the Roku home screen by pressing the home button on the remote. Next, select ‘Streaming Channels’ to go to the channel store. Click on ‘Search channels’ and in the search bar, type ‘Peloton’using the on-screen keyboard. From the suggestions, highlight the Peloton channel and press OK to proceed. On the app page, click on the ‘+Add channel’ button to add the channel on Roku. Wait for the app to complete installing and then open it by clicking on the ‘Go to Channel’ button.

Roku app 

Alternatively, you can add the channel on Roku using the Roku mobile app if it’s ideal for you. Open the app and tap on the ‘Channel Store’ tab at the bottom of the page. Next, tap on the Search bar and type ‘Peloton’. From the results, tap on the Peloton channel and proceed to its information page. On the next page, click on ‘+ Add Channel’ to install it. The changes will automatically reflect on the Roku streaming device once the installation process is done.

Via the web

Another way that you can add Crave TV to Roku is via the web. Open a web browser on your device and go to the Roku channel store page. Log in using your Roku username and password and goto ‘What to watch’ dropdown arrow on the main menu and hover over it. From the dropdown list click on ‘Channel Store’ to visit the Roku channel store. In the search bar, search for ‘Peloton’ and click on it from the suggestions. On the app page, click on ‘+Add channel’ to add the channel to Roku.

Signing in and using Peloton

Open the Peloton channel on Roku and set it up. On the landing page, click the ‘Create Account’ button if you don’t have an account. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account creation steps and start your free 30-day trial. If you are an existing member, click on ‘Log In’ and sign in using your Peloton credentials. You can then go ahead and browse through the fitness classes and disciplines and start training.

How to Install the Peloton App on Roku: A snap shot

Installation process
Action required
Go to the channel store, search for the Peloton app, add it and activate it
–          Roku streaming device

–          Stable internet connection

Final Thoughts

The Peloton app on Roku comes with a lot of benefits. Depending on your membership, you can connect your Peloton treadmill or bike and have it controlled from the app. Also, there’s a difference between the two memberships with one allowing you to use multiple accounts simultaneously. This app is fantastic for people that own peloton training gear and those that just want a training buddy.


Why am I unable to install Peloton on my Roku device?

You not being able to download the Peloton app could be due to a number of factors. Firstly, the app is only compatible with the US, Canada or UK markets. It’s also only supported on Roku devices of third generation and above.

Can I mirror the app from my phone instead?

Yes, screen mirroring is supported on Roku for both Android and iOS devices.

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