How to change personal info on iPhone

An iPhone saves personal info, including the address and contact information, of its user to activate various functions on the device. So, how do you change the personal info on an iPhone?

Whether it is paying bills, purchasing items, or conducting business, iPhones allow you to perform various tasks by setting up ‘My info’ accurately. With this feature, users can repeatedly fill in their personal information, such as credit card information, contacts, email address, name, usernames, and passwords, using auto-fill.

However, users might want to change their personal info on their iPhones or just change their contact card on their device. It is quite simple to do this as you simply have to alter your phone’s settings. Before you can change the personal info on your device, you have to ensure that your contact card has your correct identity.

How to set up or change ‘My Info’ on a contact card

Suppose you want to efficiently set your personal information on your iPhone, including your name, address, phone number, and other relevant contact information. In that case, you have to set up a contact card identity for yourself by creating your contact on the ‘Contact’ app just like you would for somebody else.

How to create a contact card for yourself

To create a contact card for yourself, open the Contacts App, and check whether your name and number are at the top corner under the ‘My Card’ icon. If it is, you do not have to create a new card for yourself. Tap on that icon to ensure that your information is accurate, and if you want to add more details, tap the + button at the corner.

Likewise, if you have not set your personal contact information, the + button allows you to add your name, address, email account, phone number, and other useful information. Tap Done when completed to save the details. You can also edit an existing contact card by opening your name on the Contact app and tapping Edit and adding more important info, like another home address.

How to set up your personal info on your iPhone

How to change personal info on iPhone

Once you have set up a valid contact card for yourself on your iPhone, you can now easily set it for the iPhone. Open the Settings icon on your device and navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Proceed to scroll down the contacts section and press on ‘My Info’. Select your personal contact card that contains your phone number and address information by tapping on it. Now, your personal contact information is set to your iPhone, and you can exit the phone’s Settings app.

How to enable the autofill feature to use your contact information

Contact information, like name and address, remains constant. As a result, the Safari app on your iPhone can track your personal information and automatically fill it in relevant common fields through one click instead of filling the fields individually. Likewise, the Safari App stores all your usernames, passwords, and credit information. When you create a new account on any website, the app asks whether you want it to generate or memorize the password.

How to enable the autofill feature on your iPhone’s Safari app

enable the autofill feature on your iPhone’s Safari app

To enable the Autofill feature on your iPhone’s Safari app, open the Settings icon on your phone and tap on Passwords & Autofill to show the autofill settings on the screen. If you want it to provide your personal information to online forms automatically, toggle the switch that says Use Contact info. As a result, your personal information is pulled from your contact card in the Contacts App, meaning you should see your name in the My Info option field.

Therefore, all you need to do when filling an online form is tap on the Autofill option on the keyboard to allow Safari to copy the personal info set on your iPhone. If you have accurately provided your information, it will paste the information in the appropriate fields.

How to save usernames and passwords on Safari

You can also enable Safari to remember the usernames and passwords created for different websites. By scrolling down the Passwords & Autofill menu, tap on the option that allows Safari to remember your names and passwords. As a result, all you have to do is type in your name and password once when you access a website for the first time.

Safari will display a pop-up notification that asks whether you want to save the password. Tap Yes if you want to save it or Never for this Website if you will never ever want to save the website’s username and password. There is also a Not Now option that allows you not to save the name and password used on the site right now but keeps the option open for saving the password the next time you visit the website.

Furthermore, you can review the websites you have saved a name and password for your iPhone by tapping the disclosure arrow on the right of the website. You will see the usernames and passwords of various sites spelled out. You can also tap on Edit on the screen’s upper right corner to delete any of the websites. Press the Radio button on the left of the site you want to delete and proceed to click the delete button on the upper left corner.

If you frequently shop online, you can allow Safari to autofill your credit card information to save on time. On the Password & Autofill menu, tap on the Credit card option and open the Saved Credit Cards option. To add your credit cardholder information on Safari, press on Add Credit Card. Therefore, all you have to do when purchasing anything online is tap the credit card field and tap Autofill credit card. Safari will automatically fill your credit card information to the relevant fields.


Once you provide accurate personal info, your iPhone will know who you are and where you live. As a result, you can effectively use the unique features on the device, like asking Siri for voice directions, share your home address with other people, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change ownership of my iPhone?

You can reset your iPhone by opening General>Reset>Erase all content and settings. Go through the process with the said owner as you may be required to enter the Apple ID password of the original owner or device’s passcode.

Why are my emails not transferring to my new iPhone?

You can try removing your email account details and setting it up again.

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