How long do roku remotes last?

Roku remotes are resilient and may last for many years. However, when heavily used, a roku remote will start showing signs of wear. How long do roku remotes last? Read this article to find out more.

Generally, TV remotes are quiet resilient and will last for more than a decade. However, the breakdown of your TV remote will depend on how heavily you use it. If used daily, the roku remote will wear down faster than one that is used much less.  The average lifespan of most roku devices, including the remote is typically about 3 to 5 years depending on a few factors. The remote should last you as long as the roku device you purchased it with. Low end Roku devices probably won’t last you as long as deluxe models.  However, this does not mean that after 5 years your remote will stop functioning. In most cases, the remote starts to slow down or becomes outdated, forcing you to purchase new devices for your media player or device.

How do you know when your roku remote wears out?

Here are some Signs that your roku remote has worn out

Your Roku remote control acts dead even with new batteries

When your remote does not work, the first obvious solution for anyone is to reset the batteries. Just open up the battery compartment, remove the batteries and place them back in. if that does not work, you need to put in completely new batteries. If both fixes don’t work, then you have a serious issue with your Roku remote

Roku TV remote control not operating properly/responding

Certain buttons do not work – This one of the most obvious problems, and usually among the first signs to indicate that your roku remote has worn out. If not repaired, the roku remote will eventually stop working and you will have to purchase a new one.

Slow response – This is another clear sign that your Roku remote is dying out. A slow response when you are surfing the menu or normal programmes on your media player, even with new batteries and a clear connection, is a clear sign that your remote is dying out.

The infrared signal is not working

For the standard IR remote, the first sign is usually dead infrared signals. Normally, the infrared signals stop working only if there is obstruction of the signal from reaching the streaming device. If there is no obstruction between the remote and media player, and there are no connection issues, then the issue is probably with your Roku remote.

Why you should upgrade your Roku remote

Roku remotes have features that enhance the user’s streaming devices. From private listening, to casual gaming, motion control and one touch channel launch, there is so much you can do with your Roku remote.

If you own an old Roku remote, upgrading to the latest one will change your TV life. An enhanced Roku remote is affordable and comes with a plethora of new features. Advanced remote come with private listening, voice control and point anywhere features that make it easier for the user to control the media player.

The inbuilt mic on the enhanced voice Roku lets users search and also issue commands with your voice. It also has power, volume and mute keys which make it easier to control the TV. So, how can you pair a new Roku remote to an old media player?

One of the best Roku aspects is cross compatibility, which means you can get the advanced remotes for a media players you have been using for a couple of years.  You will be able to use the new features like shortcuts, voice search and private listening on an old Roku media player.

Constantly having to point the remote directly at the TV can e frustrating, which is why you should upgrade to an advanced or enhanced Roku remote.

Should I replace my Roku remote with the Roku app?

The roku remote control has been a staple for many homes that utilize roku media players’ fordecades. However, the growth of technology is slowly pushing out the need for TV remote controls. Roku players can now be controlled by the Roku app, which is available for free for both android and iOS devices.

If you have had your Roku remote for a couple of years now, and it shows signs of breaking down, you should replace it with the Roku app. The app duplicates the remotes directional keypad and other controls, making it easy for long-term Roku users to adapt. You can use it to turn your phone into a control centre for your streaming and media players. The Roku app is useful and comes with a ton of features that are similar to those on the advanced Roku remote. You can voice search, private listen and channel surf among other things on your Roku app.


There aren’t too many things that could go wrong with your Roku remote, which is why it can last you as long as your Roku device. However, technology does change which means by suing the same Roku remote for years, you will miss out on all the advanced and incredible features designed on newer Roku remotes. You only need to change your remote, or simply get the Roku app to enjoy the new features with your old Roku streaming device.


What should I do when some of the buttons on my roku remote are not responding?

In most cases, this usally means that something is loose inside the remote or there is dirt/corrosion interferring with the buttons. The easiest solution would be to popping open your remote and cleaning the inside with rubbing alcohol. If this does not work, replace your remote with a new one.

Can you add a new remote to an old Roku TV?

Yes. Roku boasts cross device compatibility, which basically means most of their products are compatible. You can get the same experience whether your Roku player is old or new. Basically, you can link a new remote to an old Roku device without issue.

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