Rj45 vs. Cat5 vs. Cat6 – Do they have similar applications?

maximum length up to which the Cat6 LAN cable be used without attenuation

In the world of data transmission, these three terms are thrown around constantly, and a lot of confusion surrounds them.

Ethernet cables are essentially supposed to transmit data from routers to computers in the form of electromagnetic impulses. On the other hand, connectors are the links that conduct these impulses from the routers to the Ethernet cables.

The Rj45 is the most commonly used connector for Ethernet cables for its capacity to handle the 8 wires of an Ethernet cable. The Cat5 and Cat6 are some of the most common cables. Here is a breakdown of how the Rj45 connector, Cat5 and Cat6 cables differ.

What are the differences between the Rj45, Cat5 and Cat6?

Physical Attributes
Compact square shaped device
Long cable that measures up to 220 meters
Long cable that measures up to 220 meters
Connecting Ethernet cables to routers
Transmitting signals from router to computer device
Transmitting signals from router to computer device

Rj45 vs. Cat5 vs. Cat6 – How do they compare?

Physical Attributes

The Rj45 is a long rectangular shaped device made from rigid plastic. It has a width of 11.69mm which makes it a small device. It is made of rigid plastic that is clear and allows you to see the connection of wires.

The Cat5 is an Ethernet cable that is long and can reach a length of 220 meters. It has cooper wires that are responsible for the actual transmission. It is covered in a pvc jacket.

The Cat6 is also an Ethernet cable that is as long as the Cat5 with an average length of 220 meters. It also has copper wires that transmit the electromagnetic impulses. It has an outer pvc jacket.


The Rj45 is a connector that acts as a link between the Ethernet cable and the source o network. It has copper pins that act as conductors.

The Cat5 is a cable that transmits data in the form of electromagnetic impulses from the router to the computer device.

The Cat6 is also a cable that transmits data from the router to the computer device as electromagnetic impulses.

The Rj45 vs. Cat5 vs. Cat6 Overview

The Rj45 Connector

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This device is essentially a connector that links Ethernet cables to routers. It has an 8P8C configuration which means it has 8 positions and 8 connection points. It can handle 8 wires at a go.

It has 8 copper pins that acts as the conductors. They are coated in gold to prevent them from rusting. This connector is made from rigid plastic that is clear.


  • It has an 8P8C configuration that allows it to hold 8 wire at a go
  • It is hardy and durable


  • It is not ideal for most other cables

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The Cat5 Ethernet Cable

It is one of the cables that is oldest in the market. It has a transmission speed of 100/1000Mbps and a bandwidth of 100MHz.

It uses copper wires for the transmission. These copper wires are each covered in pvc and twisted in pairs to prevent crosstalk. The cable is then covered in a pvc jacket.


  • It is a flexible cable
  • It is ideal for home use


  • It is quite slow

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Cat6 Ethernet Cable

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This cable is also responsible for transmitting data from router to computer device. It has a maximum transmission speed of 10Gbps and a bandwidth of 250MHz.

It also has copper wires that are covered in pvc, then covered in an outer pvc jacket.


  • It is fast
  • It is durable


  • It is hard to bend

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These three components are important in the cycle of data transmission. The connector acts as the link between the router and the cable while the cable transmits data from the router to the computer through the connector.


  1. Is the Cat5 ideal for office use?

No, this cable is now old and obsolete and is only ideal for home use.

  1. Can the Rj45 be used for telephone lines?

No, the Rj45 is only ideal for Ethernet cable connections.

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