D Link Dir 615 Vs Tp Link Tl Wr840n- Which one performs better

Routers enable connectivity to multiple networks and have been configured to forward packets either to it’s own or other networks. In essence, is that routers work as intersections between multiple networks.

The first time setting up my newly purchased router, I encountered a common problem, which at the time was not very common to me. I could not understand how I had a local connection without an internet connection. And my gut instinct was sure that my new router was the problem, and that I was right because after reaching out to support I had to get a new IP address and the unit was up and running.

Routers are effective networking gadgets, and if you are not very conversant with their use, simple problems might have you purchasing a new one. However, getting a new router also needs some background information, the excerpt below will, therefore; provide you with information on the D Link Dir 615 and the Tp-Link TL Wr840n, to help you make the right choice.

What are the differences between the D Link Dir 615 and the Tp-Link TL Wr840n?  

D Link Dir 615
Tp-Link TL Wr840n (Winner)
11mpbs-Upload speeds

54mbps-download speeds

91mbps-download speeds

94.80mbps-Upload speeds


1 x Fast Ethernet WAN

4 x Fast Ethernet LAN

4 10/100Mbps LAN PORTS

1 10/100Mbps WAN PORT

Wireless standard
Wireless N
IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b

The D-Link Dir 615 vs Tp-link TL Wr840- How do they compare?

Both the D-Link Dir 615 and the Tp-Link TL Wr840 offer speeds of up to 300mbps, however, performance individually might vary first because of the ISP in use. Many router users have this misconception that a high-speed router will enhance their internet speeds when they have subscribed to a package that offers low internet speeds.

So unless your Internet Service Provider can match the speeds offered by your router, you will not be able to achieve higher networking speeds. That aside, from the information above, Tp-Link tends to perform better than D-Link because its upload speeds are 91mbps when compared to D-Links 11mbps, and the download speeds are 94.80 compared to D-Links 54mbps.

We can, therefore, safely say that both the above routers, will meet your higher bandwidth networking activities such as HD streaming, and gaming. But if you want a unit with the best download speeds for your large files then best you go with Tp-link TL Wr840n. The reason for the above is also because the unit is also compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n.


A routers design has a lot to do with deployment and how the external cables can be connected without interfering with wireless connectivity. So for both units, the wired ports have been conveniently situated at the back, but the Tp-Link router does feature quite a sophisticated design when compared to the D-Link’s Dir 615.

The Tp Link TL Wr840n has a simple flat surface at the top with the external antennas conveniently attached and protruding from the back. There isn’t much detail at the front except for the led lights used to indicate whether the router is on or off and whether it has connected to the network or is experiencing weak internet signals.

At the back, you have been provided with up to 5 ports and the power cable port. You might say that the D-Link router features a traditional design but truth be told it is much easier to understand and use when compared to the Tp-Link TL Wr840n. When you take a closer look at the top part of the router, you will realize that it has writings on it, which can be quite a relief for a new user.

The antennas at the back have been well spaced out, so as you go out to shop for an effective router for home use, you need to know that some have been equipped with both the external and internal antennas, and some don’t have the external antennas, thus only work with the internal antennas and have been determined to outperform the routers with external antennas.

The routers with the internal antennas are also easy to deploy, as you won’t need to find accommodation for the antennas that are sticking out. The external antenna routers, on the other hand, are sensitive to obstacles and users should, therefore, be mindful of where they are placing them and the distance that they want them covered. To which end you should avoid thick walls, metal surfaces, and placing them close to electronics.


Both the D-link and the Tp-Link routers can be managed by downloadable applications in Google Play. You will, therefore, get the Tp-Link tether application installed on your mobile phone, and from here you can customize a couple of settings via the provided intuitive settings. You will thus be provided with options such as the parental controls meant to protect your child, from engaging the adult websites.

You will also be provided with information on your online client devices and the privileges that they enjoy. The customization options are quite many in this application, for example, you will be able to block unauthorized users from getting access to your device. Important information on where to place your router for the best signals will also be provided to you, but Before, you settle on any Tp-link router ensure that it is compatible with the application because some are not.

For the D-Link Dir 615, you will be provided with the D-Link QRS mobile application from Google play, and you can proceed to configure your home network right from your mobile device. There aren’t so many features that you will run from this application when compared to the Tp Link’s tether application.

D-Link Dir 615 vs Tp Link TL Wr840n- A Comparison Overview

D-Link Dir 615- Overview

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N Router, 4-Port (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • The D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard quickly configures your new Wireless N Router to get you up and...
  • This Wireless N Router uses draft 802.11n technology with multiple external antennas to maximize the...

The D-Link Dir 615 offers its users up to 300mbps wireless speeds, meaning that it can cater to both the higher and low bandwidth activities without compromising on connectivity and signal strengths. And given that the unit offers an IP based bandwidth, administrators have been given the liberty to set priorities on the bandwidth that is allotted to the PC’s connected to their network.

Users of the D-Link router have also been provided with the option of expanding their wireless network, through the WDS wireless bridge. The downloadable application has incorporated a setup wizard, that will hold the user’s hand right through the setup and installation process.

And lastly, the feature that makes the Dlink stand out from the Tp-Link router, is the ability of the router to conserve energy and protect the environment from increased waste by utilizing recyclable packaging. D-Link has been strategic about the think green initiative as it can provide eco-friendly alternatives without interfering with the performance of the router.

What we like

  • Set up and configuration is easy
  • Has been equipped with varied security options
  • The incorporated external antennas help to maximize on the speeds
  • Has been configured to support the latest wireless security features

What we don’t like

  • The wireless connection is not very effective
  • Barely works with Polycom VOIP phones

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The Tp Link TL Wr840n

TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router with Internal Antenna (TL-WR840N)
  • 300Mbps wireless transmission rate is ideal for both basic and bandwidth sensitive tasks
  • Easy wireless security encryption at a push of WPS button

Each networking company strives to incorporate a new feature in its networking devices for it to stand out from the rest thus raise the competitive bar. For the Tp-Link it is the ability to integrate access points, which then enables the users to enjoy long-range Wi-Fi coverage. You can, therefore, place nodes in different locations in your house or office to encourage faster speeds thus a comprehensive connection.

You have also been provided with the option of supporting the range extender mode, so all you need to do is integrate the range extender to the router thus boost the existing wireless coverage. And if you want to allow guests into your network, you can host them separately thus protect your information and other users.

Most routers can barely handle the bandwidth-intensive activities without compromising the speeds on the gadgets that are utilizing lower bandwidth. So, for the Tp-Link you can run both activities without interfering with the connectivity of the devices in the network or the signal strengths.

What we like

  • Offers fast upload and download speeds
  • The unit is easy to set up and use
  • Allows a separate guest network
  • Ease of management has been facilitated by the incorporated tether application

What we don’t like

  • The wireless speeds are very slow
  • The wireless and wired connections are not effective

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Both the Tp-Link TL Wr840n and the D Link Dir 615 are stable routers offering faster speeds for the bandwidth-intensive activities. The D-Link however, seems to be a toned-down router when compared to Tp-link, the latter allows a user to integrate access points or the range extenders while the D-Link has incorporated the use of eco-friendly material as regards the Think Green campaign.

Verdict: Which router is better, the D-Link Dir 615 or the Tp TL Link Wr840n

 The Tp Link TL Link Wr840n is the better option when compared with the D-Link Dir 615 because it offers scalable WiFi options through the incorporation of the Access points and the range extenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I extend my D-Link Dir 615 WiFi range?

Yes, you can extend your D-Link Dir 615 WiFi range by switching the router frequencies or updating your router’s firmware.

  1. Can I boost my Tp TL Link Wr840n WiFi speed

You can boost the WiFi speeds of the Tp-Link Wr840n by either using the 5GHz network or by limiting your routers frequency band.

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