D Link Dir 615 Vs D Link Dir 605l- which router performs better

For effective engagement online your router should be able to seamlessly forward packets to their destinations while also acting as an intersection between multiple IP networks.

Router connectivity problems are relatively easy to fix, a fact that I learned rather too late, so before I laid my hands on the D Link Dir 615 and the Dir 605L, I frequently experienced poor connection, and sometimes I couldn’t access the internet. Little did I know that the positioning of my router was the genesis of all my router problems?

What’s more, is that after a thorough research I discovered I could also adjust my antennas while alternating between fully horizontal and vertical positions, well the above are some of the tips to get your router up and running. And since I already have the Dir 615 and Dir 605L that are equipped with irresistible features let us see how they stack up.

What are the differences between the  D Link Dir 615 and the D Link Dir 605L

D Link Dir 615 (Winner)
D Link Dir 605L
88.50mbps Download speeds

76.21mbps Upload speeds

300mbps at 2.4 GHz
Product dimensions
10.69 x 2.63 x 8.5 inches( bigger)
4.41 x 5.98 x 1.1 inches(smaller)
Wireless communication standard
802.11g, 802.11n

The D Link Dir 615 and the D Link Dir 605L- How do they compare?


Apart from the high upload and download speeds, there are a couple of things that you can do to increase your router’s performance in terms of speeds and coverage. For example, you could ensure that it is within your line of sight, you can also replace your router’s antenna because most of them come equipped with Omni-directional antennas which might not really suffice.

So to counter the above issue you could replace your router’s antenna with a single directional antenna that will double the strength of the internet signals sent to the connected devices in your network. When compared to other routers the D Link Dir 615 can be seen as offering lower upload (76.21mbps) and download ( 88.50) speeds, however, they are still above the FCC provided upload and download standards.

With the above in mind, it is important to note that some routers need technical intervention to boost their performance, including paying for a package that matches your router speeds. The D Link Dir 605L, on the other hand, offers its users up to 300mbps at 2.4GHz, so while the above data transfer rates might be high for your space, the frequency is not very effective thus users may experience slower speeds.


Both the Dir 615 and the Dir 605L have the same simple design to the point of confusing the novice users, the antennas have the same placement, complete with an equal number of LAN and WAN ports. The other advanced feature such as the USB port is not available meaning that the router might be limited in other connectivity functions.

The two routers are however stable units for people who don’t have much to do and just want Wi-Fi integrated into their homes. There is also the wireless communication standards, which are a set of services and protocols that determine how the Wi-Fi network acts.

So while these routers feature some of the best wireless standards, the most recent and effective wireless standard equipped in some of the Tp-Link routers like the 802.11ax is significantly missing. However, this doesn’t mean that the units are not effective.

The D Link Dir 615 vs the D Link Dir 605L- A comparison overview

The D-Link Dir 615 overview

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N Router, 4-Port (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • The D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard quickly configures your new Wireless N Router to get you up and...
  • This Wireless N Router uses draft 802.11n technology with multiple external antennas to maximize the...

Despite the minor downsides, the D Link Dir 615 has been equipped with a vault tight secure wireless connection. So here, you will access the following security standards (WPA/WPA2, and WEP), there is also the MAC address filtering, the WMM, and the WPS. Another option that you are going to like is the on/off button that you can use when you are leaving the home for extended periods.

Despite the somehow traditional design the D-Link Dir 615, has incorporated the latest networking features that are found in the high-end routers; for example, you are allowed to create a separate wireless network complete with individual security settings. Devices in the guest network will not be included on the devices and resources in LAN, but will still be able to access the internet.

The incorporated four-port switch comes convenient when you want to connect the Ethernet-enabled devices such as the gaming consoles and computers to your network. Router set up is not always seamless but for the D Link Dir 615 you have been provided with a user-friendly web-based interface that features two languages Russian and English.


  • Offers watertight security
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Utilizes the best wireless communication standards
  • The four-port switch enables connectivity to external devices


  • Wireless is not reliable
  • The antenna is not detachable thus difficult to upgrade

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The D Link Dir 605L overview

The D Link Dir 605L features a traditional design but with modern advanced features that enable customization; for example, users can monitor their networks from different locations at their convenience. And as a parent, you will be able to keep a keen eye on the sites that your child visits and restrict the sites that you consider inappropriate.

The offered wireless speeds allow users to engage the bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming and web surfing. Wired network is always safer than the wireless network and with that in mind, the Dir 605L features the WPS button that provides the advanced WPA/WPS 128 bit data encryption and easy setup.

Other advanced features that are making this router fly off the shelves is its ability to provide the admin with information of the web browsing history, with which they will be able to see what their kids were browsing. You will also be able to see the devices that are connected to your network and even block the unwanted devices after receiving the intrusion attempt email alerts.


  • Set is simple via the QRS mobile application
  • The unit is compatible with Wi-Fi certified devices
  • Offers tight security including the SPI firewall
  • Offers high performance with reliable coverage


  • The mobile applications are buggy
  • The router rarely reboots fully

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Both the Dir 605L and the Dir 615 have been configured for home use, the routers are feature-packed and come at very affordable prices. Everything that you may want in a router, be it the parental controls or the security of your network, they have all been sufficiently provided.

Verdict; so, which is better?  The D Link Dir 615 or the D Link Dir 605L

The D Link 615 is the better option when compared to the Dir 605L simply because it has incorporated some of the most advanced security features like the MAC address filtering, WEP, WPA/WPA2/.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I extend Wi-Fi range on my D Link Dir 605L?

You can either switch the router frequencies or update the router’s firmware

  1. Can I use my D Link Dir 615 as a repeater?

Yes, you can use the D Link Dir 615 as a repeater and the setup process can be carried out through the browser.

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