Costco concierge vs. Geek Squad- Which is the Better Option?

Electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and tablets are prone to damage. Repairing such devices when you only have the manufacturer’s warranty can be costly. You can, however, save some cash by choosing either Geek Squad or Costco concierge.

Research shows that more than 90% of the American population spends their time online through different devices. People take different approaches to protect their devices. While some work with Costco concierge, others choose protection plans from Geek Squad. Before you pick between the two, you should find out how they compare. Here is more!

What are the differences between Costco concierge and geek squad?

Costco concierge
Geek Squad
Coverage period
2 year warranty extension
The protection plans can cover your devices for 2-5 years.
The cost of Costco membership is $5 per month
The standard protection plan costs $24.99 per month
Repairs/ Replacements
It only repairs devices
It does both repairs and replacements
Return policy

90 days
15 days

Costco concierge vs. geek squad- How do they compare?


This is one of the major differences between the two. Costco concierge is cheaper compared to Geek Squad. For instance, it extends your warranty up to 2 years at no cost. To get the standard protection plan from Geek Squad, you have to pay $24.99 per month. This is way more than the Costco membership cost, which goes for $5 per month. In a year, Costco members pay $60.

Coverage period

Whether you buy an appliance from Costco or Best Buy, you should expect a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Costco concierge can extend this warranty to 2 years, while Geek Squad has a protection plan that can cover a device for up five years.


Geek Squad has better services than Costco concierge. This is because it not only repairs damaged devices but also replaces irreparable ones. It also offers maintenance and installation services to appliances. If you don’t have the time to visit the best buy store for repairs, the Geek squad technicians can come to your home. Costco concierge only offers repairs but not replacements. When you are a Costco member in need of repairs, you can call the Costco concierge to guide you through the process.

Costco concierge vs. geek squad- A comparison overview

Costco concierge Overview

This offers excellent support to most Costco members. You can become a Costco member by purchasing appliances or electronics from Costco. The Costco membership costs $60 a year. If you choose to pay for the membership on a monthly basis, you will have to pay $5 every month.

When you buy products from Costco, you will not only get the manufacturer’s warranty. Costco extends this warranty up to 2 years and at no extra cost. Take note that not every electronic is part of the extended warranty program. The second-year warranty is a repair plan and not a replacement plan.

Apart from extending the warranty, Costco concierge offers free tech support throughout the lifetime of the device. It offers a toll-free number that you can call if you need assistance. Through Costco concierge, you can get technical support for devices such as projectors, televisions, computers, Blue-ray players, routers, cameras, or printers.

Costco concierge has expert technicians that can help you address your specific needs. Whether you speak English or Spanish, you can get tech support in either of these languages. Besides free tech support, Costco members can also enjoy a refund policy of 90 days upon purchasing devices from Costco.


  • Offers free tech support
  • Extend the warranty up to two years
  • Costco customers can also enjoy a good return policy.


  • The warranty is not a replacement policy.

Geek Squad Overview

This works hand in hand with Best Buy stores. It offers protection plans for products that Best Buy sells. It covers different types of appliances and electronics, including cell phones, TV, computers, and tablets. When you choose to pay for the protection plan from Geek Squad, you can protect your devices against any defects that result from wear and tear or power surges.

Geek Squad offers different protection plans, including the standard plan, accidental damage from handling plan, and the protection replacement plan. The protection plans at Geek Squad can cover your devices for up to five years. Geek Squad not only repairs damaged products but also replaces the ones it cannot repair. It can replace your device with another product that is of the same quality.

If Geek Squad does not find an ideal replacement device, it can reimburse you with a gift card or voucher.  Geek Squad is not only famous for offering in-store services but also on-site and via the internet. You can either visit the Best Buy store if you need emergency support or contact the Geek Squad experts via telephone. As long as you pay for a protection plan, you can enjoy excellent support during the length of the term.

 If, for instance, you notice that one of your Best Buy appliances is not working, you can arrange a home visit with Geek Squad technicians. Such experts can make repairs to the appliance in your home. Take note that you have to pay a certain fee to receive in-home support.


  • Offers both repairs and replacements
  • Covers devices for up to 5 years
  • It has different protection plans that you can pick from
  • Offers both in-store and in-home services


  • It is expensive.

Verdict: So, which is better? Costco concierge or Geek Squad

Though Costco concierge offers free technical support through the lifetime of an appliance, we think that Geek Squad is better. This is because it offers different protection plans and can cover your devices for longer. It can repair or replace devices that are beyond repair. Geek Squad also offers both in-store and in-home services. We, therefore, choose Geek Squad as the clear winner.


What does Costco Concierge cover?

This extends the warranty coverage of devices such as water heaters, TVs, and computers to 2 years.

Is Costco TV extended warranty worth it?

According to most customers, this is worth it since it helps you cover the TV for longer. You can also enjoy free tech support if you have any problems with the TV.

Are Costco warranties good?

A Costco warranty is good, but it is not the best. If you want more comprehensive coverage, you should consider other providers.

Will Costco fix my laptop?

Yes. If you bought the laptop for Costco, you could get it fixed within two years from the date of purchasing it.

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