CenturyLink vs. Directv

When CenturyLink started offering its TV service via fiber it was named Prism TV. This was later sold in 2014 and in 2018 the company started bundling its internet plans with Directv. This means you can get Directv on its own or as a bundled offer for CenturyLink.

When to use CenturyLink Prism

Prism is great for those people who threw away their satellite dishes as technologies got better. TV channels are broadcast via fiber which is quite stable and reliable. Here you get more channels than competitors and at an affordable price. However, CenturyLink has over the years struggled with customer care with multiple complaints.

When to use Directv

If you are looking for nationwide availability and great sports programming then Directv is the way to go. The company offers great pricing, incredible channels and great customer service. To join the service provider you will need a to sign a 2-yr contract. On the downside, not many people are into satellite dishes nowadays as better technologies for transmission emerge. However, if you are living in a rural area where infrastructure is not well established then you may want to take a look at Directv.

How we evaluate CenturyLink and Directv

Directv and CenturyLink give you access to premium TV channels. This is done via satellite and fiber. Here are some key metrics we are going to be evaluating how the channels compare with each other:

  • Channels: When checking out a service provider you need to know the number and quality of TV channels you are paying for. Premium channels are often packaged differently and charged higher.
  • Pricing: the number of channels you get will determine the pricing for the TV channels. You should note whether you are also being charged for a DVR box.
  • Reliability: Nothing irritates than having your broadcast being interrupted due to poor weather conditions.
  • Customer care: it is imperative that you have someone to sort out your key issues during outages. How reliable a service provider is here matters a lot

CenturyLink vs. Directv – A Comparison Overview

CenturyLink Prism Review

CenturyLink Prism is a great TV channel service for those who are already plugged to the fiber network and are looking for some additional entertainment options. The service gives you access to over 350 channels including premium ones like HBO. The company offers reliable TV signals in areas where satellite transmission can be interfered with. Unlike Directv it does not offer much when it comes to sports programming but you will have channels like MLB Strike zone, NFL and RedZone. Prism TV packages begin at $69.99 to $129.99. The best option is the Prism preferred package that goes for $89.99 and gives you access to 320 channels.


  • Large channel selection
  • High customer satisfaction scores
  • High-speed fiber network


Limited availability

Directv Review

Directv is one of the largest satellite providers in the world. In 2015, it was purchased by AT&T and now has over 20 million customers in the US. You should note that Directv on its own does not offer internet services but they are instead offered by AT&T. The company’s internet is fast and reliable but its does come with a 1TB data cap. However, you do get fiber internet with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. Directv offers you competitive pricing that starts out at $35/month. You also have the ultimate package retailing at $60 and this gives you access to over 245+ channels. In the package price is your access to the DVR rental.


  • Advanced DVR
  • Nationwide availability
  • Top tier sports programming


Requires a long 2 year contract

How does CenturyLink and Directv compare


Directv offers you access to over 325 channels and covers some premium content like HBO and Cinemax. However, where it does get an edge is with its sports programming which is ahead of competition. You will get sports channels like MLB network as well as exclusive rights to games like the NFL Sunday ticket offering. For football fans this is the ideal package. Prism has slightly more channels than Directv at 350+and you get some premium content like STRAZ and HBO. There is no NFL Sunday live but you can connect to some sports via MLB strike zone and RedZone. This makes Directv better for sports channels.


Directv is cheaper than prism as it offers its channels at $35 to 110/month while CenturyLink Prism offers their packages at $65 to 124.99/month. The equipment fee is part of the package fee but for Prism you may be asked to pay $9.99/month for additional boxes.


While for some people you may be worried of satellite transmission especially during hostile weather the technology has greatly improved and you should not worry much about transmission. CenturyLink still does experience challenges with its network but cases are becoming less frequent. Directv use of satellite makes it more reliable than Prism.

Customer care

On a whole scale TV providers have carried a bad name when it comes to customer service. However, Directv has exceeded expectation and offers reliable customer support. This is evidenced in its high scores in various ASCI index. CenturyLink has not done so well when it comes to customer care as there is a lot of negative reviews in regard to their services. Directv offers better customer experience than Prism.

Direct TV
CenturyLink Prism
Type of service
No. of channels
Equipment fees
Part of package price
Additional boxes for $9.99/mo.


CenturyLink Prism gives you access to more channels at 350+ compared to 325+ for Directv and this makes it our winner. However, Directv is a favorite for sports enthusiast courtesy of its access to NFL Sunday ticket offering. When it comes to pricing Prism is pricier than Directv though you get a more extensive 2 year contract compared to 1 year for Prism.


As a sports fan which better – Directv or Prism

Directv has better sports channels than Prism and as exclusive rights to broadcast NFL Sunday ticket offering

Do I need to pay for the DVR when getting a package with Directv?

No, the rental fee is part of the subscription and you do not pay anything extra for it

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