CenturyLink speed test vs. speedtest.net

If you have engaged the services of an ISP then you know that at times the advertised speeds does not match the resulting speeds. You know this when you conduct a speed test. With a speed test a small amount of data is requested by the site so as to ascertain the download and upload speeds. CenturyLink speed test and speedtest.net help us know whether we are getting the best from our service provider.

CenturyLink speed test and speedtest.net – How do they Compare?

CenturyLink Speed test
Test locations
Fewer test locations which means you may experience some lag
Has multiple test locations from across the world, this helps give you better results
User interface
Simplified and easy to use
Graphic rich interface that can be a bit complicated for users
Share via email and social networks
Yes. The app also gives you the ability to export your results via CSV
User accounts
Free to anyone
Free to anyone

What are the differences between CenturyLink speed test and speedtest.net?

  • User interface: CenturyLink has a better user interface than speedtest.net. The latter screen is quite congested and may take some time for users to get used to.
  • Sharing test results: Both give you the ability to share your test results via email and social media but net goes further by allowing for export via CSV.
  • Speed: net is faster than CenturyLink due to the fact it is available in multiple locations. This ensures you are connected to the nearest server.

CenturyLink speed test vs. speedtest.net – A Comparison Overview

CenturyLink speed test – Overview

CenturyLink offers internet services to a wide range of people from across the country. With their speed test you are able to know whether you are getting the provided speeds against what is advertised. To check out the effectiveness of CenturyLink speed test.

CenturyLink has built a solid reputation as a preferred ISP over the years. While their DSL internet speeds are not one of the best in the country, their fiber internet is quite good. At times what you get from DSL is quite different from what was advertised. This can be due to a number of factors like network congestion. Conducting a speed test gives you room to decide whether to go on with the ISP or abandon it.

To get the most accurate speed test for your connection you need to conduct your tests with multiple devices and at different times. This helps you get a better picture of the results as you may conduct a test during peak hours or the device you are doing the test with is suffering from hardware problems. Before conducting your speed test ensure their no unnecessary programs running in the background except the browser you are going to be using for the results. Also, disable browser plugins for better results. CenturyLink graphic interface is smooth and user-friendly and this makes it easier to use.

To check how  speed test performs we took a test with a laptop, desktop PC and smartphone and here are the results:

CenturyLink test results from three different devices

Startup time
Test duration
Download speed (Mbps)
Upload Speed (Mbps)
Speed Test 1
Speed Test 2
Speed Test 3

For this test the advertised speed was 150Mbps and the test results revealed something close to this. From the table you note that it takeCenturyLinks you an average of 3.5 seconds for the CenturyLink speed test to load. From there it will run for an average of 36.5 seconds with a mean ping rate of 11.8ms. You can also see that the speed tests are even higher than the advertised speeds which is a good sign for CenturyLink.

CenturyLink offers you a great platform with good graphics. It is also easy to use and is customer friendly. When compared to other speed test platforms it is wise to conclude that it does deliver.


  • Produces reliable and accurate results
  • You get additional information from the tests
  • You can share your results via Facebook or Twitter
  • Clean and user-friendly interface


The site does not store your data for viewing at a later data

Speedtest.net – Overview

Speedtest.net has grown to become of the mostly used speed test in the world. It does an average of 50 million tests per month. The company is able to do this via multiple remote test servers. This results in a powerful statistical tool with an easy to use interface. You use speedtest.net to check your download and upload speed.

Speedtest.net has multiple tests from across the world and this ensures the accuracy of its results. The company has heavy graphics which can be appealing and distracting at the same time. You can share your results from speedtest.net via email and social networks. Speedtest.net has app versions on major mobile platforms.

Ookla operate Speedtest.net. The company has grown to become a major supplier of bandwidth testing technology. You do not need a user account to conduct the speed test. With speedtest.net you can even choose your preferred server. This ensures you get faster results. You can also choose the units you want the test results to be displayed in – kilobits or megabits. Speedtest.net allows you to export your results via CSV. When you receive your test results you will also have a column written ratings that allows you to compare your results with the rest of the country. This enables you to know whether you ISP is keeping its end of the bargain when it comes to advertised speeds.


  • Easy to use display
  • Accurate test results
  • Graphically appealing interface
  • You can check statistics from all over the world
  • Comes with app versions


The heavy graphics usage can be a nuisance

Verdict: So, which is better, CenturyLink speed test or speedtest.net?

Our winner is the speedtest.net. We choose it over CenturyLink as the company has test locations across the world and this increases the accuracy of your results. Speedtest.net is widely available and conducts over 50 million tests worldwide, which gives it great credibility. However, it comes with a graphics rich interface, which can be a burden to many.


Can I share my test results with friends?

Yes, you can send your results to a friend via email or social media

How long does a speed test take?

Since the app is using a very small amount of data you should get your test results after 3 to 5 seconds



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