TiVo bolt vs edge – which one should i buy?

No other DVR gives users as much control over programs, live viewing and service providers like TiVo. Between TiVo bold and edge, which one should you get? read this TiVo bolt vs edge comparison to find out.

For more than 20 years, TiVo has changed the way people watch televisions. Thanks to TiVo, gone were the days of manual set up on a VCR to be able to record a program and then having to wait for it to finish. With TiVo DVRs, you can pause live, record and program, and perform other incredible tasks simultaneously. With multiple DVRs in the market, it can be difficult for users to make a convenient choice. The TiVo bolt vs edge guide points out the difference between two great DVR designs so you can choose the appropriate model.

What are the differences between TiVo bolt and TiVo Edge?

TiVo edge
TiVo bolt
1.8 by 11.4 by 7.3 inches.
1.8 by 11.4 by 7.3 inches.
2xUSB + 1xHDMI 2.0
2xUSB + 1xHDMI 2.0
3TB, 1TB, 500GB
Recording capacity
300HD hours
300 HD hours
4- 6

TiVo bolt vs edge  – How do they compare?

Design / hardware

At first glance, the TiVo edge looks like two flat, rectangular DVR boxes stacked together. The top rectangular section is stacked on the lower section but slightly pushed to the back and the right of the bottom box. The DVR box weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 1.8 by 11.4 by 7.3 inches.

On the front of bottom section is the TiVo logo located at the centre and indicator lights at the far right. The back of the TiVo edge has an Ethernet port, HDMI output, an antenna connector, an optical audio output, two USB 3.0 ports, a remote finder button and a power port.

The TiVo bolt, on the other hand has a more sophisticated design. The left side of the DVR lifts lightly off the ground to give it a curved design. The TiVo logo is in line with the curve. On the far right of the panel is a green power LED light. At the back of the TiVo bolt are two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a HDMI port, an eSATA connector, a power connector, a coaxial cable, a remote finder button and audio input buttons.

The TiVo bold has a more modern looking design that the TiVo edge.


The TiVo edge comes with a standard, dog bone shaped chunky black remote. Near the top of the remote is a small circular navigation pad. There is also a microphone that allows you to use edge’s voice search feature. All one needs to do is speak into the pinhole microphone located below the Home button. The playback control pad sits at the centre of the remote, with the   skip, play, forward and backward arranged around the pause button. The remote also has a number pad, channel and volume rockers, thumbs up and down buttons, 4 colored letter buttons, a dedicated Netflix button and other menu controls.

TiVo users will appreciated the upgraded TiVo bolt remote, but it can be a little more complicated for other media player users. The dog bone wand shaped remote is huge, with two large circular pads. The top pad has directions surrounding a select button meant for menu navigation. The second pad, meant for playback controls is located at the centre of the remote just like in TiVo edges remote. This remote also has 4 colour buttons, TV controls, and a number pad.

The main difference between these two remotes is that the TiVo bold does not have a dedicated Netflix button above the colour buttons.


Both TiVo edge’s and TiVo bolt’s interface have colorful logos, very easy to use and give you the ability to record some movies. Pressing the TiVo (home) button brings up its menu, which displays the chosen shows in an intuitive manner. Both DVRs have an extensive configuration screen that lets users control recordings and change settings on the TiVo. You can create a running list of everything you want to watch through Onepass and individually record anything that shows up on the channel guide.

In terms of menu design, there is not much difference between the TiVo bolt and the TiVo edge


Generally, TiVo continues to require a subscription regardless of the DVR. The TiVo bolt comes with free one-year subscription. However, once the year is done you will have to pay $14.99 a month or 149.99 a year. TiVo bolt works with OTA broadcasts, and FIOS service that can be connected through a cable CARD.

The TiVo edge for antenna will require you to pay $6.99 per month, 69.99 per year or a lifetime subscription of $249.99. Its cable subscription Is much more expensive you will need to pay $14.99 per month, $149.99 per year or a lifetime subscription of $549.99. The subscription includes full channel guide support and show information for every episode.

Both TiVo edge and bolt require a subscription which costs the same for both when you are using cable. The edge, however, has a cheaper subscription when you are using TiVo edge for antenna.

TiVo edge vs TiVo bolt – A comparison overview

TiVo bolt Overview

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Are you looking for a functional DVR you can use with multiple service providers? Check out the TiVo bolt VOX.  This TiVo DVR IS designed to work with nearly any digital cable provider. This allows you to pick a provider with the best deals, giving you a consistent DVR experience.

The TiVo bolt comes in 3 variations, the 3TB model, 1TB model and 500GB model. With the 3 TB model, you can record up to 6 programs simultaneously, however, the rest are limited to 4. TiVo bolt’s remote offers great features like Netflix button, built in IR blaster/RF technology and a voice control function.

The box allows users to watch on demand content from cable providers and comes with in-built streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and more. You can use your Smartphone or tablet to control the DVR and stream recordings. Additional features like remote finder, Alexa integration, quick mode and skip mode make the TiVo bolt stand out among other DVRs.


  • Has powerful streaming features and app
  • Supports 4k video
  • Has a useful features like sip mode and quick mode
  • Comes with a year’s subscription to TiVo services
  • You can record up to 6 or 4 programs simultaneously.


  • Does not have Hulu plus
  • Requires subscription after 1’st year

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TiVo edge Overview

TiVo BOLT VOX 1TB, DVR & Streaming Media Player, 4K UHD, Now with Voice Control! ( TCD849000V)
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One thing that stands out with the TiVo edge is its double stack, modern design. This modern styled DVR box comes with 2TB of storage and can record or play for up to 4 broadcast channels simultaneously.  The edge has a great thermal design and does not make much noise when in use, as opposed to other DVRs.

Its hard drive can store to 300 hours of HD recordings and the TiVo offers USB ports for additional storage connection.


  • You can access records
  • The remote finders works well


  • Expensive
  • Requires a subscription

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Verdict: So, which one is better – TiVo bolt or TiVo edge?

In the case of TiVo bolt vs edge, TiVo edge will have to take the win. While the bolt comes with 3 storage options, TiVo edge has a better design than the TiVo edge and includes more useful features for the users. The edge may look like a basic flat box, but contributes to better thermal effects making it run a lot quieter when in use.


Is TiVo to PC transfers possible?


How are streaming service on TiVo edge?

TiVo edge works well with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime but could do a lot better with PLEX.

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