Cisco Catalyst 9200l Vs Cisco Catalyst 2960X- Which product line is better?

The Cisco 9200L and 2960X are part of two of Cisco’s grand Switch collections. They have many unique features and have a lot to offer even within either product lines. Take a look as we determine which of these product line variations is better.

Because the Cisco portfolio of switches is quite elaborate; it is important that users know how product lines differ. We take on two of Cisco’s well known product lines, the Cisco 9200 and the Cisco 2960. However, the focus of this comparison is more specific to the 9200L and the 2960X, both of which respectively form part of the collections mentioned above. Since the 9200 switches are designed to replace the Cisco 2960X, this should make for an interesting comparison.

If you are interested in comparing what each of these has to offer, take a look at Cisco Catalyst 9200l Vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960X for further insight.

What are the differences between Cisco 9200l and Cisco 2960X?

Cisco 9200l
Cisco 2960X ( Winner) 
StackWise Technology with 80Gbps Stack bandwidth  for L models
Fext Satck Technology with 80Gbps stack Bandwidth
Type of Switch
Modular Switch – includes modular fans and uplink
Fixed Configuration Switch
Yes with maximum 1440W POE budget
Yes with maximum 740W POE budget
Cisco IOS
IOS With LAN Base and LAN Lite features sets


Cisco Catalyst 9200l Vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960X- How do they compare?

Switch type

The Cisco Catalyst 9200L belongs to a series that features both modular uplink and fixed uplink models offering ports that guarantee POE+ support.   On the other hand, the Cisco Catalyst 2960X only features fixed uplink options, with a customizable port panel.  Modular options offer some room for expansion, which makes them better suited for long term use, making the 9200L a better switch for growing networks.

Flexibility and scalability

Both Cisco Catalyst 9200L  and 2960x feature Full Flexible Netflow for optimized infrastructure, lower operation costs and improved threat detection and capacity planning for increased scalability and flexibility.  The Cisco Catalyst 9200L outperforms the Cisco Catalyst 2960x  by being capable of up to 16,000 flow entries whereas the latter is only capable of 8000 flow entries.


The Cisco 9200L offers a stacking bandwidth of 40 Gbps and features 4096 available VLAN Ids. It also offers 9198 byte Jumbo Frame and offers up to 48 Gbps wireless bandwidth per switch.  While the performance offers some value, it is not as powerful as that offered by the Cisco 2960X.  The 2960X is more powerful and features a stacking bandwidth of 216 Gbps and also offers 4096 available VLAN ids. It supports 9216 byte Jumbo frames, as well as offers an impressive maximum transmission unit

Cisco Catalyst 9200l Vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960X- A comparison review

Cisco Catalysts 9200l

Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48LPS-L 48 Port Ethernet Switch with 370 Watt PoE,Black
  • Memory storage capacity: 512.0
  • LAN Lite models have reduced functionality and scalability for small deployments with basic requirements.

The Cisco 9200L is part of the 9000 family of Switches which are also a well known member of the Catalyst collection. These enterprise class LAN access, aggregation and core switches are designed and dedicated to deliver innovating Switching capabilities over business networks.  Some of the benefits of integrating a 9200L model on your network include:  operational simplicity, superior security, resiliency and several other features that make it an ideal solution for your network management.


This switch is very easy to use, with a variety of features built in to enhance operational simplicity. It can help users optimize IT and reduce operational costs by using intelligent management systems which feature templates and quick guides.  The model is plug and play enabled, ensuring hassle free integration as well.

The 9200L offers impressive security features with a variety of protocols protecting the integrity of the software, hardware and data flowing through it.  The added resiliency combines with open APIs that are central to the IOS XE and its UADP technology ensures protected use even against future innovation.

This network switch offers unparalleled power management solutions, with progressive architecture and differentiated resiliency. It features full POE capacity, superior bandwidth performance and modular uplinks for controlled yet efficient power consumption.

The software defined access offered by the 9200L offers context based analysis, easier device deployment, unified management of both wired and wireless networks and group based policies for more efficient management. It also offers the full Flexible NetFlow for infrastructural optimization, improved capacity planning and security detection.

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Cisco C9200L-24T

This switch is one of many Cisco catalyst 9200l models by Cisco system Inc.  This 9200 catalyst switch includes 24 ports with full power over Ethernet plus capability. This switch will deliver a bandwidth output of 56 Gbps and a forwarding rate of  42.66 Mpps. It also offers a range of connectivity options including a web-UI, command line interface,  a USB interface for console connection, over air Bluetooth and a SNMP protocol.

There are 2 USB 2.0 slots and a USB –b type connector that connects your switch to the console. Moreover, it supports redundancy with fixed dual fan units. Its software is designed for a wide scope network configuration by users and allows monitoring through network automation. Automation options like granular visibility, device provisioning, anchor technology and others enable effortless automatic support.  This plug and play model features heavy hitting Jumbo frames to optimize output with heavy duty applications.

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Cisco Catalyst 2960X

Cisco describes this Switch portfolio as a collection of Fixed configuration networking Switches, which are devised to offer enterprise class access with extensive business applications. Using various deployment scenarios available, the 2960X are great for Campus and branch office networks.

Generally, the Cisco 2960 X are meant to introduce operational simplicity within your network while enabling scalability, improved network performance and much more.


The 2960 X series of switches is a great collection of capable networking solutions. These switching solutions are available in LAN Base and LAN Lite feature sets, as is the older 2960 series. This Cisco IOS software editions influence overall management and performance on the network. Resiliency and redundancy capabilities ensure outages are kept at bay with drastic decreases in network downtime.

Stacking on 2960X series devices is powered by Cisco’s FlexStack and FlexStack Plus technologies. With these, up to 8 switches can be Stacked into one logical unit. FlexStack Plus technology on 2960X devices is hot swappable and can be added tp any Cisco 2960X and 2960XR switch. Upgrading to the stack IOS version, 2960X Switches added to a stack will easily join the unit. Since this technology feature backwards compatibility, you can pair 2960X devices with older Cisco 2960 series models.

These devices allow for advanced function including Layer 3 switching capabilities. By integrating various Cisco architecture tech, these devices access high performance Layer 3 switching capabilities. Such capabilities include, static routing among other routing capabilities. Switch and Network management possible and quite convenient thanks to the on device management features that allow for superior control over the operation.

Security features on these Switching solutions are pretty extensive. The collection provides for an extensive collection of security measures which work together to limit access to your operation while mitigating threats there in.

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Cisco C2960X-48LPS

Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48LPS-L 48 Port Ethernet Switch with 370 Watt PoE,Black
  • Memory storage capacity: 512.0
  • LAN Lite models have reduced functionality and scalability for small deployments with basic requirements.

The Cisco C2960X-48LPS 48 port switch offers a 107.1 Mpps forwarding rate and a 108 Gbps bandwidth performance.  This model also offers POE and UPOE  support, with resiliency provided by dual field power supplies. The switch is backwards compatible with other models in the series, and works to streamline control across multiple connected switches.  Cisco designs the security on this model for threat mitigation, with a variety of safety protocols and features enhancing user protection.

Additionally, it offers VLAN assignment, Comprehensive 802.1X, Access Control Lists, SPAN, BDU guard and multilevel protection for console access among other features for a unique security profile. The switch is very easy to configure and use.  Some of the elements are incorporated for increased resiliency and redundancy, with power redundancy, flex links and a cross stack ether channel combining to enhance operational output. The model features StackWise and StackPower technology which help to automatically reconfigure your switch with any additions while monitoring power consumption.

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Now lets compare the Cisco C9200L-24T to the Cisco C2960X-48LPS

Cisco C9200L-24T
Forwarding rate
107.1 Mpps
42.66 Mpps
Bandwidth performance
108 Gbps
56 Gbps
Optimized power consumption with enhanced network security


The Cisco 9200L and Cisco 2960X switches offer impressive performance and security. While they both offer impressive flexibility and scalability, the more powerful output of the Cisco 9200L makes it the better option for your needs.

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