Is the Netgear armor worth it?

Have you invested in a Netgear router? If yes, then you probably comprehend the importance of securing your network. Netgear Armor can offer you advanced protection against security threats.

This is a multi-layer cybersecurity system that can protect your network as well as all of the devices you have connected to it. Though Netgear Armor is costly, it is worth investing in since it can keep your network safe. Since the digital space is faced with a lot of security threats, getting Netgear Armor ensures you have nothing to worry about. Learn more!

Introduction to Netgear armor

Securing your home network is an important step that you should not disregard. You can start with the basics, such as setting a unique name and password for the home network. Netgear armor can give you a high level of protection from any threats. This is a service that is powered by Bitdefender to protect all of your devices against spam, viruses, hackers, spyware, and phishing.

Why is Netgear Armor worth it?

Netgear armor is worth it since it comes with a lot of features that can boost your home network.  Some of the features are discussed in the following table.

Automatic security updates
As you use your home network, Netgear Armor keeps on offering real-time updates as well as alerts for various events.
Device management and detection
It gives you control over the home network. With Netgear armor, you can block any device you don’t want on your network.
Assessment of network vulnerability
The service can scan your network regularly to identify any issues. It sends you security reports.
Protection on all devices
Netgear armor can protect your computer, smart home devices, and phone connected to your network.
Anti-theft protection
If any of your devices get stolen, Netgear can help you wipe out data on it remotely
Threats blockage
Netgear armor blocks any online threats, including ransomware and viruses, from reaching your home network.

Such functions make a lot of people consider getting Netgear armor. It can also deploy URL blocking to prevent your devices from any malicious sites that can drop malware into your computer. If any threat is detected, Netgear Armor will send you a notification instantly. One of the unique features that make Netgear Armor worth it is Bitdefender VPN. It can encrypt your connection so that your data and online activity remain private on the network.

The service can even assess the level of protection, depending on the security of your current router as well as connected devices. If your home network gets a high score from this calculation, it means that it can defend itself well against different cyber threats. Once Netgear Armor gets your score, it can give you recommendations on how you need to boost your protection level. This is, therefore, an excellent security solution for most internet users.

Is the Netgera Armor with it?

How can you get Netgear Armor?

Since most people have realized that this is a valuable form of cybersecurity that they should be using, they are curious to find out how they can get Netgear Armor. For you to enjoy this service, you have to buy certain Netgear routers. Once you do this and activate it, all of your devices should be automatically covered. Some of the routers that feature Netgear armor include Nighthawk AC2300, AC3000, and AC3200.

If you are ready to invest in Netgear Armor, you will enjoy the 30 day trial period that this service comes with. Netgear gives you a chance to test the cyber threat protection service for an entire month without paying anything. It is, therefore, worth considering. Once you are impressed with this service and the trial period is over, you can subscribe for it annually at the cost of $ 69.99. Though the price may seem high, you will enjoy a high level of protection.

You should not have a problem with the activation process since it is straightforward. Start by installing the router with your mobile app, then activate the Netgear Armor. For you to subscribe to this service, you can activate it through the Orbi or Nighthawk app. Use the activation code you receive upon subscription to complete the process. After this, click on the Armor tile so that you can view your networks’ protection level.

Once you have activated the Netgear Armor, you receive anti-malware and antivirus from Bitdefender. You can install these on all of your devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android. This means that you don’t have to look for another antivirus software when you have Netgear Armor. It is, therefore, worth it since it can save from incurring extra costs while purchasing additional software.


Many internet users are always worried about security breaches to their home networks. Though security issues are on the rise in the online space, you can protect yourself fully by subscribing to Netgear Armor. This is a cybersecurity threat protection service that comes with some of the Netgear routers to give your home network protection.

Activating this service keeps your network free from malware and viruses and protects you from being a victim of identity theft. Though the cost Netgear Armor is high, it is a service that is worth it since it covers all of the devices connected to your home network. Many users are also impressed with the 30-day free trial that they get to test Netgear Armor. It also comes with numerous features that make it worth considering.


How many devices does Netgear Armor cover?

Both the trial period and annual subscription can protect all of your devices at home. There is no limit to this number. It even covers smart home devices such as security cameras and a smart thermostat.

How can you subscribe to this service once the free trial period expires?

Log in to the Netgear account and enter your credentials. Click on the allow button then proceed to the menu icon of the Netgear Armor portal. When you click on my offers, you should see the subscriptions available.

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