WD My Cloud Home Not Working- How to fix

Just like any other cloud storage devices WD My Cloud offers enticing benefits but that is only if you can avoid the common cloud storage troubles. Failure to access your WD My Cloud can be fixed easily without any worries as you are about to see.

Is your WD My cloud not backing up?

Or perhaps it is not logging in? It is totally annoying when you want to access your most critical files from the cloud even when you are away from your device as it is the essence of clouding.Well, worry not since these common problems faced when clouding can be easily solved.

First, WD My Cloud Home has a lot going for it. For example, it has Private Cloud Function that allows the owner to access data stored on the device anytime anywhere. While it does have these glowing features, this utility has recently been reported by a large number of the cloud users bringing the “WD My Cloud backup failed”.

Under normal circumstances the cloud backup fails due to Improper Network Connection insufficient reserved storage and file errors. So to begin with, resetting the Network ought to be your first step. Running the built-in network troubleshooter can always fix the connection issue.So, how do we go about this?

Tostart, open Windows Setting by pressing Start and clicking the setting button (you can use the shortcut keys by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard). On the pop-up Windows Setting screen, click“Network & Internet”andon the “Network & Internet” page select the Status tab on the left. On your right scroll down and click on the Network reset and conform the network reset by clicking Yes.

If the reset hasn’t worked, then the second way you can fix your WD My Cloud Home if it is not working is byadding Windows Credential for the WD My Cloud account. This is the simplest most effective fix when your WD My Cloud stops working suddenly. There is not much on this, you simply add another account to the credential list on your computer. To do so, you Right click on the Start Menu then open the WinX Menu. Click on Control Panel in the WinX Menu. In the Control Panel window, locate Credential Manager. Once you have clicked on the Credential Manager you will open Windows Credentials, scroll down to the bottom left and open the Windows Credential links. Put in the name of WD My Cloud device in the Network address bar, then click save.

After the series of operation is completed, close the Control Panel.Restart the computer and when it starts again you will be able to seamlessly continue with the backup tasks.

Have you done a reset, added a windows credential for the account, but nothing seems to work? You can now modify the registry editor. Note: It is important to know that modifying the registry is a risky process but if you seriously need to perform the procedure please be careful. The editing is done by adding a DWORD (32bit) to be specific.If the problem is with the PC or the laptop try using Restoro Repair which scan the system removing the corrupt and missing files. This repair works well in cases where the issue has originated from system corruption.

To successfully access your WD My Cloud using this method these are the steps to take:
Press Windows Logo key + R to bring up a Run. Type Regedit into the Run dialogue the press Enter key to open the Registry Editor. After opening the registry editor, click: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Services>LanmanWorkstation in the left pane. Click on the LanmanWorkstation key to display its content in the right pane.Right-click on an empty space in the right pane, locate New and click on DWORD 32bit value. Name the new DWORD value AllowInsecureGuestAuththen Double-click on the new value and when the dialog pops up change the value to 1 and then click OK. After changing the value, close the Registry Editor. Lastly restart your computer and you can finally access the WD My Cloud account.

Now, I bet you would be frustrated if you have tried all the steps above but you still can’t access the cloud. I would now advise you to contact the customer care support and explain the current situation. You can go to support-en.ws.comand they will help you solve the problem

Backing up files on an online cloud as a safety measure

Finally, to add to the NAS you are using, it is important to have a backup in case the storage is full or if it crashes accidentally. You can easily increase the capacity by subscribing to different plans which are cheap and efficient.

Here are some if the well-known online public cloud backup services best recommended.

Cloud Storage


Best for
Storing large files and data mainly for institutions and companies.


Free: 10GB

500GB: $7.99/Month

Lifetime Plans: $175 for 500GB

$359 for 2TB

Easy to use cloud and secure as well

Per user

$5 per month- $8
Beginners and come with next level security encryption



Starts at $3.99 per month for 1TB
Online cloud storage with file-sharing capabilities



Starts from $15- $40 per month
Mainly for general backup


Starts at $9.95
Amazon Cloud Drive
Best back for photos


Plans start at $19.99 for 100GB


In case you run into any issues using your WD My Cloud Home, you can follow the methods above to easily fix it. To add, I would recommend you get a public cloud back up to avoid any issues in future. You can connect the public could backup using a cBackupper to the WD My cloud home for free and you are good to go.


Can you use WD without internet?

You can transfer the data to the cloud without the internet connection but the files stored in the cloud will not be accessed without.

Does WD frequently require updates?

The cause of some NAS failures are due to failed installation of updates. So be sure to update your WD by automatic synchronization with the internet.

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