TP Link AC750 vs. Netgear N300 – Which one should you get?

One of the most crucial elements in your connectivity set-up is the Wi-Fi router extender you settle for. TP Link AC750 and Netgear N300 are both quality options- with the TP Link AC750 shining out because of its high performance and compatibility with the latest Wi-Fi standards.

When choosing a Wi-Fi router for your home or office space, you need to look at a number of features. For example, you need to scrutinize the speeds and range offered by a router extender as well as its chipset. Given that some of these aspects are technical, it can be quite the hassle to find the most suitable Wi-Fi router extender for you. This guide has been created to make your purchasing process easier.

It does this by giving a comparison overview of TP Link AC750 and NETGEAR N300, the two top contenders for best Wi-Fi router extenders. For TP Link AC750, it is designed to deliver on fast and wide coverage. Netgear N300 on the other hand is highly lauded for its additional accessories like the Netgear Genie app as well as ramped up security features. To help you pick between the two, you should know how well each perform individually.

What are the differences between the TP Link AC750 and NetgearN300? 

TP Link AC750 (Winner) 
Netgear N300
MU-MIMO &Beamforming+
Qualcomm QCA9531, supports 802.11ac, 580MHz processor, 64MB RAM and 8MB flash memory
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531, 650MHz processor, 32MB RAM and 4MB flash memory
Speed  (Long range)
Combined speeds up to 750Mbps
Up to 300Mbps
2 external

TP Link AC750 vs. NetgearN300 – How do they compare?


TP LINK AC750 is designed with the latest router technology. It supports the new generation of Wi-Fi (802.11ac standard) which assures you of its high performance. TP Link AC750 is also designed with dual-band technology and external antennas that are omnidirectional. They provide good and stable Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. It is also IPv6 supported adding to its tech-specs.

The only downer is that TP Link AC750 does not come loaded with MU-MIMO or Beamforming technology.

Netgear N300 is also designed with the latest advancements in the router industry. First, it is compatible with 802.11n which quite fast. It only falls out to 802.11ac which is the latest and fastest network standard. Netgear N300 is also designed with impressive security technology like the SPI and NAT firewall. All you need to do is keep antivirus software handy. In case of any mishaps, Netgear offers 90 day technical support.


TP Link AC750 can offer stable coverage for up to 1,200 square feet with more than 20 devices connected to it. For Netgear N300 on the flipside, it can offer up to 1,600 square feet depending on the range you are at with the router. Netgear N300 also offers this wide coverage with all kinds of house designs and sizes as well as those constructed with heavy materials and walls. This router eliminates the need of range extenders.

Additional Features

For TP Link AC750 it has several added accessories. First, it has parental control options in that you can monitor your children as well as create restricted access guidelines. This helps in filtering out inappropriate websites. Another additional feature you get with TP Link AC750 is the option of setting up a guest network for all visitors in your home or office space. Also keep in mind that this router requires an external supply of power (1.5A/12VDC).

Netgear N300 also has its fair share of additional accessories. First, it comes with a centralized parental control system that works with all connected devices. If you have a parent and you wish to limit the time they spend online, this is made possible with the Netgear N300. Another additional accessory is the Network Genie app that makes it easy to monitor, control and even repair any cyber threat attack. To add, this router is backed by the Netgear lifetime warranty and it is also secure to assure you of the highest protection at all times.

Structure and Design

TP Link AC750 is also rather compact sized as it measures 9.1 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches. It comes with design specs like the Ethernet and USB ports as well. This means that you can share a storage drive with any device connected to the network. Such a design comes in handy as you can also share a printer with multiple connected devices through the USB port.

Netgear N300 on the other hand is just as compact sized with the weight of 0.88lbs and dimensions of 7 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches. This enables you to keep this router away from sight if you like hiding away your connectivity devices. This router also comes with configurable LED lighting that provides visual lighting in the guest network. N300’s lights also mean a variety of things. For example, a solid orange color on your router indicates that the machine has simply been turned on. A blinking orange color on the flipside means that a certain firmware update is being installed. Blinking green color indicates that there is something corrupt with the firmware.

Performance in speed tests

Beyond their theoretical speeds, there is need to know how these range extenders perform on speed tests. For TP Link AC750 the 2.4GHz band can deliver on 77Mbps when within close proximity. At 25 feet, TP Link AC750 can manage 35Mbps. Netgear N300 on the other hand bottles at around 300Mbps for small to medium sized homes.

TP Link AC750 vs. Netgear N300 – A Comparison Overview

TP Link AC750

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TP Link AC750 is a dual-band router that has quite a few things going for it. First, it supports 802.11ac network standard which is the latest advancement in Wi-Fi technology. This means that you are assured of faster and more reliable speeds.

Secondly, TP Link AC750 has rather decent performance when it comes to its speeds. The 2.4GHz band can deliver 300Mbps and the second band up to 433Mbps meaning combined speeds of 733Mbps are available for all kinds of tasks. While this might not be as high as other high-end routers, it is still enough for most needs. The dual-bands also work concurrently such that you experience minimal buffering and lag. This means that you can stream HD videos and play online games simultaneously on the network.

Thirdly, another quality feature of TP Link AC750 is the features it is designed with. For example, it has 2 external antennas that are easily detachable. These antennas ensure that you get stable and wide coverage as well as the antenna is able to provide omnidirectional signals. Therefore, no matter how far you are from the router, TP Link AC750 is equipped to provide wireless coverage just about anywhere in your home or office space. To add, this router also has Gigabit ports that ensure you enjoy fast data transfer speeds even through wired connections. It has 4 Gigabit LAN ports and 1 Gigabit  WAN port that are arguably faster than regular Ethernet ports.

This router also comes with additional features like parental control options and a guest network. Through the TP Link app, you can exercise control over how your children get to use the Wi-Fi connection. For example, you can filter out inappropriate websites or create restricted access protocols so as to protect your children from certain sites. The app also allows you to set up a guest network for all the visitors you get in your home or office space. This makes it easier for them to get online and it also protects your network from any malicious content.

To add, TP Link AC750 is ramped up with security features. It has a firewall security that entails Firewall IP address filtering, DoS, SPI ad IP Address binding. It also supports IPv6 and IPv4 for secure connections.

Like all other products, TP Link AC750 has a few drawbacks of its own. First, it does not support MU-MIMO (multiple-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) or Beamforming+. This technology when fitted in networking devices boosts the performance by allowing for simultaneous connection. This is because they simply work by ensuring each device is prioritized on and that you are placed on the fast channel at all times. TP Link AC750 also has a rather slow LAN port and 5GHz performance tends to go down after some time.


  • Easy to install and set-up in your home or office
  • Good value for money and reasonably priced
  • 4GHz band delivers on a steady and solid performance at all times


  • Does not come with MU-MIMO or Beamforming+
  • LAN port is quite slow

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Netgear N300

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Netgear N300 is a premium quality router that has a lot going for it. First, it comes with a Netgear Lifetime warranty which assures you of the kind of product you are getting. Some users have often complained about the technical support they received from Netgear but this warranty is enough to keep you covered if you run into any issues.

Secondly, Netgear N300 is a good option because of its structure and design. It is a rather small sized router that can be wall-mounted. It also uses only one plug meaning it does not take up too much space. With the weight of 98g and dimensions of 67 x 55 x 34mm it is quite the compact sized extender.

Another quality feature of the Netgear N300 is that you can use the Netgear Genie app with it. This app makes it easier to monitor your network status as well as do repairs on what might have gone wrong. This comes in handy especially if you have a little tech know-how so as to control and manage how your network runs. It is easy to use.

Netgear N300 also comes with live parental control options meaning you can also control how all the connected devices get to access your network. These parental control options can come in handy especially if you have children. You can filter out inappropriate websites as well as set online time limits so that your children are not on the internet the whole day.

One additional feature with Netgear N300 is that you can use the Netgear Genie app. This is an easy to operate app that comes with all the extra perks. For instance, you can monitor as well as repair your network in case you run into any issues.

The only drawback with Netgear N300 is that it is rather difficult to configure for people who are not tech-savvy.


  • Supports a wide range of systems including Windows 8
  • One can use the Netgear Genie App to monitor your network status
  • Comes with the Netgear Lifetime Warranty
  • Fast downloads and online gaming with speeds up to 300 Mbps


  • A bit difficult to use and configure for people who are not tech-savvy

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This article has analyzed TP Link AC750 and Netgear N300 that are two quality range extenders. For TP Link AC750 it shines out because of its compatibility with wireless devices as well as its hardware specs like the Ethernet port and external antennas. Wherever you install it, this extender extends the coverage you get. Netgear N300 on the other hand also improves your Wi-Fi network and inexpensively so.

Verdict: So which is better between TP Link AC750 and Netgear N300?

When it comes down to it, the TP Link AC750 narrowly wins out because of its technology (dual-band) as well as the wide range you get with it.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How many connected/wireless devices can be supported by these routers?

Ordinarily, all routers and extenders can have a pool of around 200 IP addresses which theoretically means the connection of more than a hundred devices in one network segment. However, each extender has its own limitations on how well it can handle simultaneous connections when there are many devices connected to the network.

  1. How do firmware updates work for both these routers?

Having the latest firmware loaded in your router will ensure you experience the best performance that is reliable and steady. For both TP Link and Netgear, the routers will keep updating themselves regularly. In case of any issues, you can troubleshoot through the apps. 

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