Tp-Link AC1750 VS TP-Link AC1900

Tp-Link AC1750 VS TP-Link AC1900

Whenever you are in the market looking to purchase a brand new product, there is always a kind of dilemma that consumers go through. A lot of consumers wonder, should they spend more money and purchase a high-end product or should they try and save some money by purchasing another version? Experts have always advised, that when it comes to internet routers, you should definitely purchase the best that there is. The product is guaranteed to serve you well and last even longer.

It comes as no surprise that the AC1750, as well as the AC1900, are two of the most common routers in today’s market. Both routers provide users with highly advanced speeds, a great number of functions and features as well as a lot of reliability. Trying to choose between both routers is undoubtedly quite difficult for a number of users. The truth is a number of users do not really understand the main differences between both routers. In this article, we review both routers highlighting their differences as well as their advantages. This review will allow you to make the best-informed decision when it comes to purchasing your internet router.

What is the Difference between the Tp-Link AC1750 VS TP-Link AC1900

The AC1750 from TP-Link
The AC1900 from TP-Link
Upload Speed – 315 Mbps

Download Speed – 120 Mbps

Upload Speed – 315 Mbps

Download Speed – 30 Mbps

880 Mhz Media Tek chip
880 Mhz Media Tek chip
Wi-Fi Band
Dual Band
Dual Band
Encryption Algorithm
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The AC1750 vs the AC1900- How do they compare?

The Transfer Speed

When it comes to comparing both the AC1750 router as well as the AC1900 router, you will notice that the biggest difference is the internet speed. To allow for the transfer of data, the AC1750 router, as well as the AC1900 router, make use of the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band. The 2.4GHz band transfers a maximum of 1300Mbps. A ton of home devices, as well as older devices, make use of the 2.4GHz band, however, it is the 5GHz band that actually hastens the whole process.

The 5GHz band is actually used by a lot of modern appliances such as laptops, cell phones, desktop computers, and many smart home appliances. Such devices require high internet transfer speeds. The AC1750 can only transfer data at 450Mbps, unlike the AC1900 that can transfer data at 600Mbps.

As the years go by, technology continues to advance. The number of technological devices in our home continues to expand and we all require a router that can handle a larger amount of data transfer.

While making use of a bandwidth of 5GHz an AC 1900 router can operate at 1.3 Gbps in just one second. The router can also perform at a speed of 600mbps if it operates at a band frequency of 2.4GHZ.

The AC1750 router can perform at a maximum speed of 1,300Mbps if it operates on a bandwidth of 5GHz. This means that the AC1900 routers are so much faster than the AC1750 routers. This is mainly because the AC 1900 router makes more use of the wireless channels that are on the bandwidths frequency than the AC1750 routers.

Automatic IP Address

If you are looking to purchase a router with an automatic IP address, then the AC1750 is exactly what you need. This router is the most ideal as it permits your local area network computer to access a one of a kind address as soon as your DHCP fails to do so. The AC1900, unfortunately, cannot do this.

Dynamic Routing

The AC1750 router supports dynamic routing. This is very important, especially when trying to configure a number of routers to allow them to automatically work with the best routes and networks. Dynamic routing also permits the router to share information. The AC1900 router, however, does not support this function.

The Enabled Network Time Protocol

The AC1750 supports network time protocol. This feature helps in ensuring that many different appliances will exhibit all at a similar time if the appliances are used by a similar router.

The DOS Protection Feature

DOS is an abbreviation of the word Denial of Service. This feature comes in really handy. The AC1900 routers have a DOS Protection feature that is not present in AC1750 routers. This means that some of the AC1750 routers do not have the capability to safeguard themselves from the content that could come from attacks. DOS protection functions by slowing down overall traffic that is evident in the server requests of the router. Slowing down traffic causes an extended interruption that prevents any kind of attack.

The Speed Test

The Tp-Link AC1750 router provides users with internet speed of 600Mbps. This is quite ideal for users who handle only light activities especially when making use of much older N and G electronics are being used. The router’s 5 GHz internet band provides users with internet speed of 1300Mbps. This is the best especially for users who are making use of heavy activities on the internet such as video streaming and online gaming. When using the TP-Link AC1900 and you have set up your device 5 ft away from the router, you get to enjoy fast download speeds of 64.97 Mbps and great upload speeds of 96.35Mbps.

The Tp-Link AC1750 vs The TP-Link AC1900 – A Comparison Overview

The AC1750 from TP-Link

For a very long time, the Archer C7 AC1750 from TP-Link was one of the most ideal selections if you are looking for an internet router with great range and amazing performance. This router is the best for an average home. The router operates on a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz giving you an accumulated theoretical internet speed of 1,750Mbps.

The Archer AC1750 is designed with a basic black body and it has three antennas that can be adjusted. At the front of the router, there is a row of LED status lights. The router is quite small and light in size which is great as you can easily place it under your furniture, or on the table or even on the shelf. It also has a mounting bracket, ideal for anyone who is looking to hang the router on the wall. The antennas on the router can be adjusted to face in any direction. This is if the user is looking to get extra potential range, however, these antennas cannot be easily removed.

On the backside of the router, you will see the power switch, the reset toggle, as well as the WPS button. There are also four LAN ports used to connect wired appliances, a 2.0 USB-A port, and a WAN port that is used to attach your modem. The 2.0 USB-A port comes in handy when connecting your printer. You can also attach a USB drive filled with different media files into your router. The interior of this router has a CPU of 750 MHz processing speed.

This modem performs perfectly, especially for those living in a home of regular size. Users are guaranteed that they will never experience any kind of poor signal or unexpected internet drops unless you are not within the wi-fi range.

The 2.4 GHz radio as well as the 5 GHz radio are manufactured on different SSIDs. This means that there is no band steering. If you are working with your device that is connected to the 5GHz bandwidth and you move away from the range, your appliances will automatically be turned over to the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. Even as your devices automatically move from one bandwidth to the next, there will not be any glitches in the wi-fi performance.

The Archer AC1750 is a solid router. The internet connection to all devices is quite strong and users are guaranteed that the signal will not drop at any time. The speed delivered especially on the 5 GHz band is very impressive even when you are much further away from the router.

If you are not looking to process a whole lot of internet data in your home or office place, then this is the most ideal router. This is a router that you can depend on if you are looking to process an average amount of data. It is also very affordable and easy to set up.

The Pros

  • The router is very affordable
  • The setup process is so easy and it will only take a few minutes.
  • You can depend on the internet connection of this router
  • The router comes with four LAN ports
  • Users are provided with support 24/7 and the warranty is for two years.

The Cons

  • The 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band have separate SSIDs.
  • When you move further away from the internet range, you will notice a drop in internet performance.
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The AC1900 from TP-Link

This router is very swift and easy to use. When considering the performance while at a close range as well as the swift responsiveness when changes are made to the interface, you will definitely be impressed. The router is really tall and it has a very unique and classy design. The front side is so smooth. The exterior has a glossy white look and the silver-painted stand is very elegant. At the back, there are three aerials that stick out from the top. The LED lights are not too strong and after a number of tests, experts discovered that the modem is very reliable.

The AC1900 modem is very affordable. When observing this router from the outside, you may think it is yet another average router that can simply get the job done, but it is so much more than this. This router is quite valuable. When it comes to performance, this router is one of a kind.

The router is designed with additional features, like the USB support feature that is ideal for sharing four gigabit Ethernet ports, hard drives and printers.  The aerials can be removed. They are strong enough and it is so easy to position these aerials. The lights found at the front of the router are used to notify the user about the power as well as the internet connection. The lights are all different colors making it easier for the user to identify the light.

At the back of this router, there is the 2.0 USB port, the reset button, the WPS and the Ethernet socket. There are an additional four gigabit Ethernet ports where you source the network. There is also the switch and the power button.

The side of the router is designed with a 3.0 USB port. The port is quite ideal allowing you to share files from a USB drive. On the rear side, there is a 2.0 USB port that is the best for sharing printers. The greatest thing about this router is obviously its AC1900 internet capability. From the 2.4GHz bandwidth, users get access to internet speed of 600Mbit/s and on the 5GHz bandwidth, users get access to 1,300Mbit/s.

The router is constructed with three aerials which are great providing the user with more ideal beamforming features and throughput rates ideal for a number of devices. The software is very nice and easy to use. The parental control features, as well as the wireless settings, are so easy to use and manage. It is quite ideal even for those who are not tech-savvy.

The performance of the Archer AC1900 is quite impressive.  Once you have moved a great distance from the router, you will notice that the drop off is not as dramatic. It performs perfectly on the 5GHz bandwidth. USB performance is also really fast. With this router, you will notice that the internet connection always remains solid, unlike many of its counterparts.

If you are looking to purchase a router with high specs, however, you do not necessarily want to bend your pocket, this router is an ideal choice. The internet speed is quite fast, it is reliable and it is also very affordable.

The Pros

  • The wi-fi speed is really great even when you have connected your device at a much longer range.
  • It is so easy to set up the device and using it all the advanced features is also very easy.
  • It is a very reliable router
  • The router is very affordable especially when you compare the price with the great number of advanced features that you will get to use.

The Cons

  • The router is designed with only one 3.0 USB port
  • The router cannot be mounted on the wall, neither can you place it in a flat position
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The Conclusion

As mentioned earlier. both the AC1750 and the AC1900 are very good investments. Both routers are of high value and are very reliable. However, it goes without saying, the AC1900 is the most ideal choice. The router is faster and it is designed with more advanced features that you will definitely not find in an AC1750 router. TheAC1900 is actually the best if you are looking to transfer more data at a higher speed or add a router that is of higher power into your home

The Final Verdict. So which one is better? The Tp-Link AC1750 or the TP-Link AC1900

When it comes to comparing the AC1750 to the AC1900 router, you will realize that The AC1900 from TP-Link router is packed with a series of great features that give the router an edge over other contemporary routers. The speed of the router is reliable and the choice and it is designed to meet your needs. It does not matter if your internet connection is private or public the AC1900 is guaranteed to serve you perfectly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the meaning of the term Signal Rate?

The signal rate is used to refer to the maximum link speed that your router can releases. It is used to refer to the connection speed of the internal WLAN that is between the router and your computer. This is not internet speed.

  1. What does Internet Speed depend on?

Your actual internet speed depends on a number of factors, that include, the speed that you pay for, the router’s capability, your router’s connection type, the load on the network of the provider as well as the different kinds of cables that have been used. Different routers are designed with different capabilities allowing you to handle internet data.

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