Orbi wifi 6 vs. Velop wifi 6 – How a quality mesh network system can simplify internet use

Wifi mesh systems that use wifi 6 technology are known to be more advanced than the rest. If you are willing to invest in such, you should first compare models such as Orbi wifi 6 Velop wifi 6. Learn more!

Our family likes entertaining guests a lot. We were thinking of great ways to entertain our friends during their frequent visits. Since everybody likes spending some time on the internet, we decided to check out mesh network systems. Systems such as orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6 seemed to be promising. Since they both had a high price tag, we had to compare them to find one that could fulfill our needs. This is what we discovered.

What are the differences between Orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6?

Orbi wifi 6
Velop wifi 6 (Winner)
Network coverage
5, 000 sq. ft.
6000 sq. ft.
Download speed-120 Mbps

Upload speed-20 Mbps

Download speed-143 Mbps

Upload speed-21 Mbps

USB connectivity
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Orbi wifi 6 vs. Velop wifi 6-How do they compare?

Network coverage

The size of your home should help you determine the right form of mesh system you need. When you have a huge home, you should go for a mesh unit that can offer excellent internet coverage. In this case, Velop wifi 6 has a better network coverage compared to Orbi wifi 6.


If you are not new to mesh networks, you probably know that those based on wifi 6 technology come with a high price tag. You should, therefore, ensure that you get a unit that is equipped with all the right features to get value for your money. Though both Orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6 are great units, Orbi wifi 6 lacks some basic features such as parental controls, QoS settings, device prioritization, and USB connectivity. All these features are, however, present in Velop wifi 6, making it more equipped.


Both Orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6 deliver great performance. The maximum speed rates of Orbi wifi 6 is 2400 Mbps on the 2 5GHz bands and 1200 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. Velop wifi 6, on the other hand, can reach a maximum speed of 2402 Mbps on the 5GHz band and 1733 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. During testing, Orbi wifi 6 recorded a speed of 666 Mbps on a range of 75 feet while Velop wifi 6 registered a speed of 800 Mbps at a distance of 70 feet.

Orbi wifi 6 vs. Velop wifi 6-A comparison overview

Orbi wifi 6

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (RBK852) – Router with 1 Satellite Extender | Coverage Up to 5,000 Sq Ft and 60+ Devices | 11AX Mesh AX6000 Wi-Fi (Up to 6Gbps)
  • NO MORE DEAD ZONES: Whole home mesh WiFi coverage up to 5,000 square feet and 60 devices Mesh technology...
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Most of the experienced users of mesh networks like experimenting with different models. Choosing one that is based on the wifi 6 technology can help you enjoy solid connectivity. This is a clear definition of what you get from choosing Orbi wifi 6. This is a two-piece mesh wifi system that is designed for large houses.

You can manage most of its functionalities and set it up through the mobile app. Even though we were impressed by the performance of this system, the lack of some useful features was disappointing. For instance, it does not offer device prioritization, USB connectivity, or online security. The two large nodes of this mesh wifi system communicate with one another using mesh technology.

Orbi wifi 6 can offer wifi coverage of up to 5,000 sq. ft. Its nodes come in a white and silver finish. You will also notice the status LED that is found at the base of the individual units. On the nodes, there are at least 4 LAN ports as well as a single WAN port.

This is a tri-band router that comes with one 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands. It is a high performing mesh network system that supports simultaneous data streaming, WPA3 encryption, and beamforming. Unfortunately, this unit fails to offer basic parental controls to help you regulate what sites your young internet users can access.

Feel free to use the internet speed tab for you to measure the speed rates of your unit. We liked how Orbi wifi 6 supports Goggle and Alexa voice commands. The installation of this unit is also not complicated


  • It offers four LAN ports
  • Great performance
  • Easy to install
  • MU-MIMO support


  • No QoS options
  • It lacks malware protection

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Velop wifi 6

Linksys MX10600 Velop Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router (Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System for Whole-Home Wi-Fi Mesh Network) MX10 Velop AX (2-Pack, White)
  • Mesh Wi-Fi router provides next-gen Wi-Fi 6 speeds and whole-home mesh coverage
  • Bandwidth for 50+ wireless devices and coverage for homes up to 6000 square feet

Get speedy wireless connectivity by choosing this highly equipped system. This is a two-piece wifi 6 device that can give you extended coverage throughout the different corners of your home. The unit makes use of advanced wireless technologies that eliminate any wifi dead zones even in a large house. The tri-band unit comes with a dynamic backhaul and two big nodes.

This can provide wifi coverage of up to 6000 sq. ft. Each of the nodes can offer internet coverage of 3000 sq. ft. On the nodes, you should also notice different ports, including a USB port and 4 LAN ports. Unlike most of the mesh network systems, Velop wifi 6 comes in the form of 2 nodules that are tall and wide.

Though some people view them as bulky, they perform as expected. Each of the nodes also contains an LED that glows differently depending on the strength of your network. For instance, when connected, the node glows blue. Red indicates signal loss, while yellow shows that it is out of range. During the set-up, the nodes display a purple color.

The manufacturer of Velop wifi packs the nodes with some high-end components such as 512 MB memory, eight antennas, RAM of 1 GB. These nodes are designed to support wifi 6 technology, which includes WPA3 encryption. You should also expect functionalities such as signal beamforming and simultaneous data streaming from Velop wifi 6. You will also like the different features included in this mesh system, such as basic parental controls. Unfortunately, Velop wifi 6 fails to offer protection against malware and viruses.

Feel free to manage this mesh unit through a mobile app or web console. The dashboard screen of the app contains the name of your home network. You can change this if you wish to give it a unique name. It also allows you to add different devices to your home wifi. Make use of the guest networking tab if you would like your visitors to browse from your home.

If you wish to monitor the internet activities of other internet users such as kids at home, you will appreciate the solid parental controls included in this system. This allows you to block certain sites or even pause network access on specific devices. The unit even allows you to assign bandwidth priority for three devices through the device prioritization feature. Apart from the numerous functionalities, we also liked the simple installation process of Velop wifi 6.


  • Delivers impressive performance
  • Installation is a breeze
  • The nodes come with four Ethernet ports


  • It does not offer malware protection

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Mesh wifi systems keep on getting better each day. The latest models make use of wifi 6 technology, which makes them more powerful. Whether you have a large home, these systems can be of great help. Some of the well-known brands that have adopted this form of technology include Orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6. We have reviewed both of them to help you find out how they compare.

Verdict: So, which is better? Orbi wifi 6 or Velop wifi 6

It took us some time to compare Orbi wifi 6 versus Velop wifi 6. Our efforts were, however, worth it since we discovered a lot about them. The two mesh networks are similar since they both come with two massive nodes and use wifi 6 technology. Even though both Orbi wifi 6 and Velop wifi 6 have great speed rates, they differ when it comes to their features.

Orbi wifi 6 lacks some of the basic features you expect from a great unit. For instance, the lack of parental controls discouraged us from choosing this unit since it means that we could not regulate what our children consume online.  We also discovered that the nodes of Orbi wifi 6 did not have any USB ports making it hard to connect our printer. The maximum network coverage was also not sufficient for our large home.

Velop wifi 6, on the other hand, not only includes all those features absent in its counterpart but also delivers better throughput performance. We also liked the inclusion of device prioritization functionality, guest networking, and user-friendly app. This made us conclude that Velop wifi 6 is a better mesh network compared to Orbi wifi 6.


  1. What is the function of the device prioritization feature in a mesh network?

This feature is important since it can help you prioritize network traffic to the most crucial devices such as Apple TV or a gaming console.

  1. Why should you choose a mesh network that is based on wifi 6 technology?

Such a system can give you better performance compared to a conventional router.

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