How to set a password for your hotspot

Turning your mobile phone into a hotspot definitely comes in handy when you are in a tight spot. But how can you secure your hotspot connection from unauthorized access?

When your main internet connection goes down, setting up your mobile hotspot is an easy way to share your internet connection with another device, like a tablet, laptop, or another phone. Both modern Android phones and iPhones can be transformed into a modem or router with their mobile hotspot capabilities.

When configuring your mobile hotspot, it is vital to set up a viable hotspot password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data connection. Securing your mobile hotspot with a password also helps monitor the rate of data usage by the connected devices. Otherwise, you will end up subscribing to multiple data plans within one month. Depending on the type of phone and its operating system, there are varying ways to set up a password for your mobile hotspot. Most Android devices have the same procedure, but different Android versions have different wordings, and the same goes for iPhone versions. So, how do you set a password for your mobile hotspot?

Setting up a password for your iPhone hotspot

When configuring your password for your hotspot on your iPhone, navigate to the Settings option on your iPhone menu. Open the Personal Hotspot option and toggle it on. Once you choose the type of hotspot you prefer, between USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, you will find a password option by scrolling down, which allows you to set it to your preferred SSID name and password.

Setting up a password for Android hotspot

Setting up a password for Android hotspot

Depending on the Android version you have, you can set up your hotspot password by tapping the Settings icon on your menu. Navigate to the Wireless &Networks option and open More. Select Tethering and Potable Hotspot and flip the switch that turns on the Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot. Once it is on, you will find the option to configure your Wi-Fi hotspot by choosing its security level, SSID name, and password. If you have a Samsung phone, the mobile hotspot settings are under the connection settings after opening the Settings icon on the menu.

How to set a password
Iphones (v. 4.1 or newer)
Open Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot

Upon configuring your preferred network option, you can proceed to create a SSID name and password

Android phones
Open Settings>Mobile Hotspot & Tethering>Mobile Hotspot

You will find the option to set your network name and password once you create a hotspot through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a USB cable

How to choose a secure password for your mobile hotspot

As discussed earlier, setting up a password for your hotspot prevents unauthorized users from stealing your bandwidth. As a result, only users with the password can connect to your hotspot and access the internet using your cellular data.

Mobile hotspots create a two-way system where the device that shares its internet gains access to the information from its connected devices, and vice versa, making both devices vulnerable to attacks. Likewise, if you share your password with too many people, you increase the chances of security breaches and hacking.

Generally, it is advisable to regularly change your passwords from time to time to ensure the security of your network and data. Similarly, you should not set up an easy-to-guess password using the hit and trial method. Here are some guidelines for choosing a secure password for your mobile hotspot.

Create an alphanumeric password

Creating a password that consists of both letters and numbers makes it difficult for hackers to access your hotspot. Try forming a password with at least eight characters with a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

Avoid easy guess passwords

Generally, people are dreadful at picking passwords. According to a massive analysis in 2016, the most popularly used password was 123456, which contributed to major data breaches that involved leaking the personal details of many people across the globe.

As a result, you should avoid using weak passwords or sharing similar passwords for various accounts. Despite long passwords being hard to remember, they ensure the safety of your network and confidential data on your devices. Use a password manager application to help keep track of the different passwords you choose to set up. Similarly, you should avoid setting your password as your birth date, pet’s name, car’s/bike’s number plate, phone number, or house number.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network Vs File Transfer Private

A VPN creates a private channel between your connected devices and your internet-sharing device with a VPN server. It allows the encryption of your traffic from possible snoops, including the operator of the server and your ISP.

Conduct thorough research of available VPN services and pick the best one for your connectivity needs. A premium VPN service allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously to your mobile hotspot without comprising the safety of your network or data.

Update your phone’s antivirus software

If you use your phone as a mobile hotspot often, you should invest in updating your phone’s antivirus periodically to protect your device from malware and viruses. Contrary to popular belief, antivirus software is not only for desktops and PCs. Nowadays, hackers have found a weak link due to the smartphone’s nonexistent security protocols. As a result, they are gradually shifting their focus from computers to mobile phones. Therefore, it is essential to update your antivirus software often before creating a mobile hotspot on your Android phone or iPhone.


Despite mobile hotspots being easy and convenient to use, using simple passwords are a hacker’s delight. Therefore, ensure that your hotspot has a strong password to keep spies at bay and guarantee data security on your devices.

Frequently Used Questions

How do I find the set password on my Android phone?

You can find the password of your mobile hotspot by opening Settings >Wireless &Networks>More>Tethering &Portable Hotspot>Wi-Fi hotspot settings and user management> Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. A pop-up window will appear with the hotspot’s name, security, password, and other settings. Click on the box that indicates Show Password.

How do I lock my hotspot?

Access your hotspot settings by opening Settings> Wireless & Networks>Tethering and Portable Hotspot. Check the box that indicates Allowed devices only.

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