How to tether iPhone to Samsung

You’ll agree with me that Wi-Fi is one most accessible ways to connect your mobile device to the internet right now. It is also readily available nowadays which also helps iPhone users save on battery as compared to using mobile data.

I mean, you could even stop over at a coffee shop and still browse through the internet comfortably as you enjoy your cup of cappuccino.  This is because most coffee shops and restaurants nowadays also offer Wi-Fi which you can easily connect your iPhone to and continue streaming through the internet. All you have to do is simply request for their Wi-Fi user name and password and you will be good to go.

However, there may be instances where you will go somewhere where they don’t have any Wi-Fi network connection. Initially this may have been a serious problem that would easily frustrate you but thanks to technology this is not a problem anymore. This is because you can easily use your other phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and still continue browsing through the internet normally.

Samsung devices have one of the most reliable Wi-Fi hotspot features that you can easily tether your iPhone to. It is one of the simplest tasks to perform as all you have to do is first go to the settings app. Once you are there, you click on “Connections” then “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering”. After you have done this you then click on “Mobile Hotspot” and turn it on. Then head to settings on your iPhone, click on Wi-Fi and connect it to the Samsung Wi-Fi hotspot.

It is also important to note that you can easily change the password and username of your mobile hotspot if you want privacy. In addition to this, you should also ensure that your mobile data is on so that it can be able to be visible on the Wi-Fi networks that will show on your iPhone device. However, your Samsung may consume a lot more data when you use the Wi-Fi hotspot. Therefore, you should be very careful and keep an eyes on the amount of data you are using especially if you are doing activities such as streaming videos on YouTube.

Tethering will also make your Samsung device consume a lot more battery than usual so you should ensure that you are close to a power source just in case your battery runs out of charge. On the bright side, you will use less battery charge on your iPhone when you connect it to the Samsung Wi-Fi hotspot as compared to using mobile data.

3G & 4G network
Compatible ( Older models may not support 4G, however, they are compatible with 3G network)
Compatible (iPhone 6 and later models are compatible with 4G Network)
Battery saving mode during tethering
Battery life during tethering
5 hours – 13hours ( Depends on the model of Samsung phone or tablet that you are using)
4 hours- 10 hours ( this also depends on the model of iPhone you are using)

Steps to follow when you tether iPhone to Samsung

Switch on the mobile data on your Samsung device

For sure, you can’t be able to use the internet provided by your mobile carrier if your mobile data is off. Therefore, you should ensure that the mobile data on your Samsung device is on so that it can be able to connect to the internet. Tethering basically involves sharing the data between two devices that is being transmitted from the mobile carrier to one of the devices directly. And in this case it is the Samsung which you shall be using as the Wi-Fi hotspot and your iPhone.

It is also important to note that the Mobile hotspot icon won’t be available for selection on the menu bar if you haven’t switched on mobile data on your Samsung device.

Switch on Wi-Fi hotspot on the Samsung device

mobile data on your Samsung device

Now there are two ways of switching on the Wi-Fi hotspot on Samsung devices. The first and easiest way is by simply sliding down the menu bar and clicking on the Wi-Fi hotspot icon. Once you have done this you will notice the icon will lighten up which is an indication that the Wi-Fi hotspot is ready for use. The other way of doing this is a longer route but still works anyway.

You can also open the settings app then head to Connections and click on Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. Once you have done this, you then click on Mobile Hotspot and turn it on. One advantage about setting the Wi-Fi hotspot through the settings app is that you can also change your hotspot password if you feel it’s necessary.

Connect your iPhone to the Samsung Wi-Fi hotspot

Once you have done all these processes, you are required to connect your iPhone to the Samsung Wi-Fi hotspot. You simply head to your settings app, click on Wi-Fi and connect your iPhone to the Samsung Wi-Fi hotspot that pops up on your suggested networks.


Without doubt, tethering is one of the most convenient features equipped in mobile phone devices today. Samsung devices enable you to connect your iPhone and enjoy Wi-Fi connection throughout which is very ideal. This is because you will always have Wi-Fi on the go every single time you need to connect your iPhone to the internet.


Can I connect my iPhone to a Samsung tablet and use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Yes you can. Samsung tablets use similar software interfaces with Samsung phones therefore you will basically go through the same process in order to use their Wi-Fi hotspot.

Are the internet speeds fast enough to support internet browsing on my iPhone when I tether it to a Samsung device?

The internet speeds will be good enough for heavy browsing so long as the mobile carrier you are using provides reliable network connection as well. However, connecting multiple devices may slow down the internet speeds you receive on your device.

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