Is Cat8 worth it?

Despite advanced technology, wired internet connections are still relevant in society. Ethernet networking offers a faster approach to home networking compared to wifi. Such cables can help you move data throughout an apartment fast.

Though there are different types of Ethernet cables, you should consider buying Cat8 since it is worth it. This is an advanced copper Ethernet cable that IT managers use due to its high performance and excellent speed. Find out why you should consider this Ethernet cable.

Introduction to Cat8 Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables are essential since they can help you connect different electronic devices to a router or modem. Many offices choose Ethernet cables since they can offer consistent connection speeds and reduce lag. These cables have come a long way. The market offers eight types of cabling from cat1 to cat8.

Though more Ethernet cables keep on being introduced, the need for higher frequencies, which can carry more data, has remained constant. Excellent Ethernet cables should also offer enhanced shielding and insulation to minimize interference. This is what you should expect from Cat8 Ethernet cable.

Cat8 is superior to other Ethernet cables that have been used in the past. It offers higher data transfer speeds compared to both Cat6 and Cat7 cables. This Ethernet cable makes use of RJ45 connectors. One of the aspects that make this Ethernet cable worth is its shielding. This STP cable is made up of conductive material that protects internal conductors for interference.

Cat8 Ethernet cable

The shielding, therefore, leads to a few errors and faster data transmission. Using it can prevent you from experiencing lag issues that are common with wireless connections. It is made using PVC material that prevents it from wear and extends its life span. You can therefore use this Ethernet cable for years without the need to replace it. The manufacturer also offers an impressive warranty for the cable.

This Ethernet cable is also better than the rest since every twisted pair is further wrapped in foil to eliminate crosstalk. It, therefore, makes it a heavy gauge cable that is rigid. You may, however, find it a bit difficult to install it in tight spaces.

What makes Cat8 worth it?

One of the things that you should check when purchasing an Ethernet cable is the data transfer speed. This is a crucial element that can determine the worth of an Ethernet cable. Compared to any other Ethernet cable, Cat8 is the most valuable since it is the fastest.  It offers a maximum data transfer speed of 40 Gbps.

Compared to other Ethernet cables, Cat8 is four times faster than most of them. Apart from the speed, this Ethernet cable also offers maximum bandwidth support of 2 GHz. This also makes it better than regular Ethernet cables. The cable can, therefore, offer enhanced signal quality and minimize latency.

This Ethernet cable also supports PoE technology. This technology facilitates the delivery of data and power over one cable. It, therefore, eliminates the need for numerous power cords. Using Cat8 Ethernet cable can thus help IT managers save space in server rooms that are quite crowded. Since this Ethernet cable uses advanced technology, it is more stable than Cat7.

Since the maximum range of this Ethernet cable is 30 m, it can reach different devices such as wireless access points when they far from the AC power source. Some people find the cable length to be a bit limiting compared to other Ethernet cables.

Here are the specifications of Cat8 Ethernet cable compared to others

Type of Ethernet cable
250 MHz
600 MHz
2000 MHz
Maximum speed
1 Gbps
10 Gbps
40 Gbps
Maximum cable length
100 m
100 m
30 m

Where is Cat8 Ethernet cable used?

Cat8 Ethernet cable used

Since Cat8 can deliver enhanced performance, it is ideal for server rooms and data centers. Such areas use 40GBase-T and 25GBase-T networks and therefore need this Ethernet cable. Cat8 also features RJ45 ends that can connect regular network equipment such as routers and switches. The manufacturer of this Ethernet cable constructs it so that the cable’s wires are shielded to minimize near-end crosstalk.

Though Cat8 Ethernet cable was designed for data centers, some people prefer using it in a home network. If you choose this for your home, you should get an expert who can help you with the installation since it can be challenging. Alternatively, you should consider Cat6 Ethernet cable for a home network. This Ethernet cable is ideal for cable modems, network adapters, and hubs. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • It is a shielded Ethernet cable
  • Can manage the bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz
  • Excellent data rates
  • It is compatible with other Ethernet cables.
  • Features durable housing material


  • Has a price tag
  • The cabling length is a bit limiting


Most wifi routers contain Ethernet ports that are rarely used. Getting a good Ethernet cable to connect to the router can help you enjoy faster data transfer. The right Ethernet cable can surpass wifi abilities. If you are searching for a quality Ethernet cable that you can use in a server room, you should consider Cat8.

This copper Ether cable is worth it since it offers faster data transfer speeds and enhanced shielding to reduce interference. It also performs better than regular Ethernet cables due to the use of PoEtechnology and offers excellent bandwidth support. It is also made with high-quality materials that prevent it from aging and make it corrosion resistant. Though the cost of this Ethernet cable is higher than others, its high level of performance makes it more valuable.


Why is Cat8 Ethernet cable shielded?

Aluminum foil is used to shield this Ethernet cable to reduce interference. The shielding also prevents signal loss to ensure that you can enjoy a stable internet connection.

Can you use Cat8 Ethernet cable for gaming?

Yes. This Ethernet cable offers excellent speeds and a reliable internet connection needed for gaming. It is also compatible with Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.

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