Is 10Mbps Fast Enough for Streaming?

Streaming videos tends to eat up a lot of bandwidth especially when there are simultaneous streams which may pony up for higher speeds. From 3Mbps to Gigabit speeds, here is all you need to know about premium quality streaming.

First of all, one thing I can assure you isthat 10mbps is able to handle all kinds of activities from web surfing to simultaneous high definition streaming. So, while nobody would want slow internet going for faster speeds can also be quite expensive. Finding that sweet spot between buffering internet and a quality priced package can be quite hard. Can 10Mbps be that sweet spot?

Is 10Mbps really enough for streaming?Yes, it is enough. However, there are some drawbacks to it. For example, while 10Mbps is fast, this is especially when you are living alone.When you are sharing the bandwidth with somebody or when you are having visitors at home, 10Mbps might not be as blazing.

What internet speed exactly do I need?This can be quite a hard question to answer since the internet connectivity can sometimes be fast with blazing speeds, other times the connection can become a bit slow depending on very many factors from the weather to your router. Do note that when we talk about internet speed we are talking about the download speeds which determine how clear videos can display as well as data transmission through channels.

Here are other things you need to know when trying to find out which internet speed you need:

To begin with, before choosing your speed, you need to understand bandwidths

Generally, bandwidth refers to the maximum rate or speed at which one can download data from the internet. Let’s take it this way, think of a water hose and you need to fill a huge tank of about 100 gallons. If you have a small sized hose it is bound to churn out less gallons and take longer to fill the tank compared to a large sized hose that puts out up to 5 gallons a second filling the tank in a few minutes.

In short, bandwidth is just like the size of a hose given that the bigger the bandwidth the more the data you can download. If you have 3 people using the same network, with one person downloading video games, another person streaming movies and the other probably refreshing Instagram posts, then you will need enough bandwidth to keep everyone happy.

Premium quality streaming in itself depends on good bandwidth. Netflix for example recommends a steady connection between 3mbps to 5mbps for a quality stream. Streaming 4K videos on the computer requires at least 25Mbps connection. For online video gaming on the other hand, itdoes not require lots of bandwidth but downloading the video games and other huge files require not less than 10Mbps.

So, does the bandwidth you get with 10Mbps measure up?

The bandwidth you are subscribed to is shared among all the deviceson your connection so basically the amount of bandwidth you require for enjoyable performance depends on how you use the internet. If you are alone and you are just into general web surfing, checking emailsand social media well you won’t need more than 2Mbps for sure.

The table below will show you the bandwidth estimates the bandwidth performance assuming there is only one user performing one activity at a time. If you have more than one user or multiple,then you might have to bump up to a larger bandwidth connection.

If you want…
Recommended speed
General browsing, social media and emails
1 Mbps
Online  gaming
1-3 Mbps
Video meetings and Classes
1-4 Mbps
Standard definition gaming and video streaming
3-4 Mbps
High definition gaming and video streaming
Frequent heavy file downloading
Not less than 50 Mbps

Also keep in mind: You have to ensure that thelatency is always stableand also keep in mind that the internet speed you subscribed is not always the speed you get.You can do free speed tests online to monitor your network.

Finally, if you live in or around the metropolitan area, then you will likely get lightning speed internet provided by cable companies. Cable and fiber internet connection are faster compared to phone digital subscriber line (DSL service). This is because DSL services render their internet service using satellite so they can get affected by windy and rainy weather and lead to unstable connections.

For streaming in rural areas, it is a tad different. While fixed wireless internet connection is better for streaming than satellite connection, it is all pegged on whether it is available in your area. For most rural parts of the country, satellite is more accessible as all you need is a clear view of the sky and a place to mount your dish. Worry not though because satellite connections can still deliver more than 10Mbps.

So which are the best speeds for streaming?

Generally, to stream most videos in standard definition you will just need around 3Mbps. 4K definition is a very heavy data download and you’ll need about 25 Mbps to stream on Ultra High definition devices.This also applies to 4K gaming as well. Gaming with High definition needs a minimum speed of 4-8 Mbpsbut for a great gaming experience, 10-25Mbps tends to be the best selection. Therefore, 10Mbps should be good enough for streaming.


Well,10 Mbps internet speed allows you to carry out various tasks like uploading and downloading files, operating various devices and most importantly streaming. 6-10 Mbps will give you a web surfing experience quick enough to stream a 1080p.

Simply put, anywhere from 10Mbps is more appropriate for someone who wants a reliable connection to stream content and download.


What is a perfect family internet speed?

A great internet speed that will serve the whole family flawlessly is 25 Mbps and above.

How can you make you internet speed faster?

The cheapest practical way to stop the slow buffering is either by considering the data cap or check if the router is running well. In most cases the router can have a malfunction causing low speeds.

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