How to View and Use Google Photos on Roku

Gone are the days when you had to have a good camera to take photos and then have them in hard copy. Technology has really changed how we take, store and share photos. Nowadays, you can do all this on your phone by yourself.

Our phones come with inbuilt cameras allowing us to relive our greatest moments in life by taking photos & videos as well as keeping the ones that we treasure the most. We also get to share these moments with family & friends as well as storing them for future remembrance. To save on memory on our phones, we can store these photos in the cloud as access them on any device from anywhere. Google Photos is one such cloud storage app that automatically backs our photos and video clips as is even easier given that most of us use Gmail. To make it even better, with Google Photos, you can even view your photos and videos on a larger screen like your TV’s. But, is it possible to use Google Photos on Roku?

To view and use Google Photos on Roku, unfortunately, is not possible, there’s no official or third-party app on Roku to enable you to view and use Google Photos. However, if you are ready to use Google Photos on your Roku device, then we will show you alternative ways and walk you through them.

Steps to view and use Google Photos on Roku

Despite the Roku Channel Store containing various apps, it lacks support for Google Photos. There’s no official Google Photos app in the store or the option to side-load a 3rd-party app. Luckily, there are other ways to go about this depending on the kind of device that you are using. Let’s get into the steps.

Mirroring Google Photos on Roku 


The first way to view and use the Google Photo’s app on your Roku device is by mirroring your Android device to the Roku device on your TV screen. Firstly, connect the Roku device and your Android device to the same wireless network for this method to work. Make sure that you have the Google Photos app installed on your Android device. If it isn’t, go to the Google Play Store and install it. On your phone, open settings and select the ‘Connection and sharing’ option. Next, find and tap on the ‘Cast’ button then enable the cast option. Wait for it to search for available devices nearby. From the results, select your Roku device’s name and wait for it to connect. Once the connection has been successful, your Android device’s screen will appear on your TV screen connected to the Roku device. Now, to view and use the app on your Roku, open the Google Photos app on your Android and operate it from there while viewing it on your TV screen. Note that by using this method, you can only view the Android device’s content on Roku but can’t sync the photos or videos directly on the Roku device.


Another way to mirror is by using a Windows PC. First, make sure that you connect the Windows PC and your Roku device to the same wireless network. This ensures that they are both on the same network and networked. Next, open a web browser on the Windows PC, and in the address bar, copy and paste this link. To enable screen mirroring on Roku, go to Settings on your Roku device, select ‘System’ and click on the ‘Enable screen mirroring’ option to enable it. On your Windows PC, navigate to the bottom-right corner and click on the notification icon that looks like a messaging app icon. From the menu list that appears, find the option labeled ‘Project’ and click on it to continue. On the pane that appears, select Connect to a wireless display’ to begin the process of adding Roku. From the list of devices, locate your Roku device and select it to add it to your Windows PC. Wait for a few seconds for Windows to automatically add it. With the device connected, it’s time to cast. To cast, open the list again and click on ‘Project’. On the next screen, you should see your Roku device, click on it to proceed. Next, a ‘Screen mirroring’ splash screen will appear on your Roku, and your Windows PC should now be displayed on your TV screen. You can now open the Google Photos app on your PC and view your photos & videos.

Mirroring steps in pictures

Go to the connections menu on your Android and search for Multi-screen, Cast, or Smart view

google photos 

Toggle the button to turn it on

How to View and Use Google Photos on Roku

Open Google photos on your phone and start sharing

How to view and use Google Photos on Roku: A snap shot

Setup process
Action required
Mirroring via Android device
–          An Android device that supports casting

–          A Roku device nearby

–          A Wi-Fi network

–          Connect both the Android and Roku devices to the same Wi-Fi network and cast

Mirroring using a Windows PC
–          8.1 or higher Windows PC

–          Roku device

–          Wi-Fi network

–          Connect both the Windows PC and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network

Final Thoughts

Google Photos is one of the best photo apps and is available on most platforms including Amazon Fire TV and Firestick. Unlike these two platforms, unfortunately, you can’t side-load a third-party application on Roku. However, this shouldn’t stop you from viewing and using the app on Roku. With a good smartphone or Windows PC, you should be able to cast or mirror the app on your Roku.


How can I troubleshoot my Roku device screen mirroring issue?

You can solve this issue by going to settings and removing all blocked & allowed devices on your Roku, or restarting your Roku device, or disable and enable Wi-Fi on your phone.

What’s the difference between mirroring and casting?

When you cast a device’s display to another display, you can still use your device whether a phone or tablet without interrupting the content being displayed like a video.

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